SurveyMonkey Alternative

SurveyMonkey Alternatives

First of all, we at BlockSurvey love SurveyMonkey ❤️. They are the first ones to take surveys digital( and we have to admit, we have used it few times).

What is SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular and well-known online survey tools, providing not only customizable survey building, but also a variety of add-ons for the analysis and reporting of response results.

What is BlockSurvey?

Similar to SurveyMonkey, BlockSurvey is a privacy focused survey tool. It runs on Blockchain for data privacy and security. We are focused providing data ownership and security to individuals and businesses who value data. Curious to know how BlockSurvey works? Check here.

Blocksurvey Blockchain
Blockchain for data privacy and security

Why do individuals and businesses want to use BlockSurvey as a online survey tool?

SurveyMonkey has a huge audience and they are the first ones in this space. It offers a ton of features that its users widely appreciated. However, many of its best features are hidden beneath and it overwhelms an average user. Of course, there are always upsides and downsides on using SurveyMonkey. For instance, the data you collect on their platform is not truly owned by you. They are not end-end encrypted using your keys.

Why use BlockSurvey as a online survey tool?

There are some differences between SurveyMonkey and BlockSurvey. We are zero knowledge platform, meaning you will truly own your data. Only you can see the data you collect and not anyone. Not even BlockSurvey. We are also a younger company when it comes to our brand awareness. However, it is growing online everyday among the privacy and security focused community.

We are, however, a lot more flexible in pricing. We aren't charging too much or too less. But just priced right. We want to make online survey tool easily affordable. This is possible because of our decentralized tech infrastructure.

We would love to help you to create your online survey for free. Feel free to reach out to us.