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Secure software solution for human resource executives from small, medium, and enterprise companies to collect survey data.

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Generate questions easily

Generate questions easily

We understand how frustrating it is to ask the right questions. Thanks to the AI generation module, BlockSurvey does that for you, generating questions for your prospective respondents.

Make decisions faster

Improve decision-making using sophisticated analytics of the employee data gathered using perception surveys.

Make decisions faster
Brand your survey

Brand your survey

Share employee surveys with white-label software feature, using your custom domain name and earn the trust of your employees.

Create the best employee experience with advanced features

We know how HR departments care about their employees. Connect with your employees fast and securely with our secure survey software solution.

  1. End-to-end encrypted

    Our surveys are end-to-end encrypted and are controlled by third-generation web technology (web3) blockchain. Run sensitive surveys like burnout, culture, and diversity & inclusion.

  2. Anonymous surveys

    There are no ads, trackers, or IP collection. This secure platform provides a safe environment for employees to provide honest feedback.

  3. Multiple Language Support

    BlockSurvey supports languages like English, Spanish, French, German, and many other languages. It supports right-to-left written languages like Hebrew, Urdu & Arabic.

  4. Teamwork

    The team workspace solution facilitates collaboration between HR executives. This solution makes it easy for HR executives to keep track of employee perception.

  5. Embedded Surveys

    Get more employee responses by embedding your secure surveys onto your company website. Surveys can also be widgets on your homepage or landing page.

  6. Skip Logic

    Skip logic helps in controlling the questionnaire flow of the survey based on the answer from respondents. Not everyone has to answer all the questions. This helps in improving the response rate and completion rate of the employees.

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

Join 500+ members who use BlockSurvey to protect their respondents' data and privacy

2 months free
Collect your first 30 responses for free with end-to-end encryption.
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3 forms/surveys
Up to 30 responses
Up to 10,000 AI credits
No time limit on the trial
Unlimited forms/surveys with 500 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Up to 500 responses/mo
Up to 25,000 AI credits/mo
Logic Jumps, Skip Logic
Variables and Assignments
Question and Answer Piping
Custom Feedback
Email support within 48h
Unlimited forms/surveys with 3,000 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Everything in Standard +
Up to 3,000 responses/mo
Up to 50,000 AI credits/mo
Remove BlockSurvey branding
Buy Custom Domain(Add On)
HIPAA Compliance(BAA Issued)
Email support within 24h
Unlimited forms/surveys with 15,000 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Everything in Premium +
Up to 15,000 responses/mo
Up to 100,000 AI credits/mo
Up to 3 custom domains. e.g.,
Team workspace
Token gating (Based on NFT/FT holdings)
Email support within 8h


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Frequently asked questions

What makes BlockSurvey secure for HR?

BlockSurvey is controlled by blockchain, hence the name “BlockSurvey.” BlockSurvey is a web3 and decentralized application, commonly called a DApp. By definition, this makes BlockSurvey secure HR survey software. How secure, you ask? If you lost your password, we can’t even retrieve it for you; you completely own your data.

For which HR operation, a survey is useful?

Conducting employee feedback is a very important HR operation that would benefit from the help of surveys.

Does the software have premade survey templates for HRs?

HR departments can repurpose the employee experience and employee form templates created by experts.

What are some of the features of BlockSurvey software?

End-to-end encryption, Custom domain, Branding, Embeds, Widgets, Application Integrations, Right-to-left language support, skip logic, advanced analytics, AI question generation, team workspace, email autoresponders, easy payments, and pre-made templates are some features of BlockSurvey created by keeping the best interest of the respondents in mind.

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

Using BlockSurvey to protect their respondents' privacy, increase their survey completion rates, get better community feedback, and build better organizations.

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