Therapist-friendly secure forms, surveys, and assessments

Focus on your therapy. Don't worry about customer privacy, data breaches, or data leaks. You are in good hands.

Therapist-friendly secure forms, surveys, and assessments
Ready-to-use forms, surveys and assessments

Ready-to-use forms, surveys and assessments

100+ therapist forms, surveys, assessments. Also 40+ standardized mental health assessment scales, and DSM-based questionnaires to help you start fast.

Create self-assessments for your clients

BlockSurvey is an online self-assessment tool for therapists that is safe, secure and easy to use.

Create self-assessments for your clients
Deliver confidential experience to your clients

Deliver confidential experience to your clients

Create a holistic & client-centric approach through our privacy-focused forms, surveys, assessments.


Learn how the the most secure mental health survey tool helped Alyson

Secure forms, surveys, and assessments for therapists

It is important to secure data during therapy. You don't need to worry. You are at the right place.

  1. Builds Trust

    Secure clients' data during assessments, interviews, and feedback to build trust.

  2. Client privacy

    Make sure your clients feel safe to talk about sensitive matters such as trauma and addiction with the help our secure data collection platform.

  3. Don’t worry

    Let your client’s wellness be the priority without any worries about data breaches, leaks.

Frequently asked questions

What are the kinds of therapists can use BlockSurvey?

Therapists focusing on addiction, trauma, family, child, forensic, sexual, mental wellness and many such sensitive areas can use BlockSurvey for safe and secure data collection.

Why is data security very important for therapists?

Therapists get sensitive data from clients every day. The client has trusted the therapist with their sensitive, private and confidential data. It becomes a necessity for therapists to protect the client’s data and privacy.

What are the benefits of using BlockSurvey as a therapist?

With BlockSurvey the clients' data is end to end encrypted by default. Only you can see the data and not anyone, including BlockSurvey. You are in custody of your data all the time. As a therapist you are anonymous to BlockSurvey. We don’t know what assessments or forms or survey you are running. BlockSurvey is non-intrusive and has zero knowledge on your data.

Do you have pre-made forms, surveys and assessments focused therapists?

Experts from BlockSurvey have created templates related to mental health. Therapists can select a template and start using that to collect data and take action to improve mental wellness.

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