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BlockSurvey is a web survey tool that helps you collect Customer Feedback with more flexibility and more power. It also has specific tools to build churn surveys quickly. This type of survey doesn't only give insights into why customers leave, it can also help you find points in the sales funnel where potential customers drop off, and where your sales team should focus their activity for better results. Before we start to build our first churn survey, let's understand the churn survey in detail and how to prevent customer churn.

What is a churn survey?

Churn surveys extract feedback from your customers and users canceling or depreciating service with your business, giving an excellent chance to further discover areas that might easily help one improve more to prevent more "churn." They are also called as retention surveys, and Cancellation surveys .

Churn Surveys get sent out automatically when a customer drops their contract or subscription with a specific company. The minute the customer cancels, an email is triggered by our marketing team's software, Autopilot, and the client (or ex-client, to be exact) receives the survey, secured in an email. Or you can integrate a survey widget during the time of cancellation if it is a digital product.

Now that we know the basics let's dive in to know a lot more about the churn survey!

How to create a churn survey?

It's straightforward to make a churn survey! All you gotta do is follow some elementary steps to get your survey!

  1. Ask one question at a time keeping in mind that the question needs to be very specific and to the point on why the customer is canceling or terminating.
  2. Link this survey to your web app if it is a digital product.
  3. Once you're done with it, make some integrations to receive alerts when the survey gets the submission.
  4. Analyze the data collected and see room for improvements to reduce churn.

And voila! You're done.

Wait, if you want to just get started in under a minute, use our churn survey template.

You can pick this is up from our 'Templates' for free. Just modify it to suit your business.

What are the churn survey questions?

Sadly conducting a churn survey means, that your customer is not too happy with your product and chose to discontinue the collaboration with you. But there's always room for improvement and it's never too late! Make sure whatever questions you're about to ask are to the point and very much related to the topic.

Always provide your customer with different choices, you make it simpler for them to make the best choices and to answer in the fastest way.

  • Have an empathetic opening / welcome message.

  • Why have you decided to cancel your subscription?
    • I don't need at the moment. I will be back!
    • It doesn't meet my needs - missing features
    • I didn't find it easy to use
    • It was expensive
    • I found an alternative
    • I no longer need it
    • Too many technical issues(bugs,glitches)
  • How likely are you to return?
    • A opinion scale with a rating from 1 to 10.

For a tear down in detail, you can watch Hannah Shamji's Churn Survey deep dive on youtube.

Do churn surveys help in preventing churn?

This might come off as a surprise, but surveys do actually helps in preventing churn and helps in lowering the churn rate! But only if it's done correctly. Surveys are an efficient and useful tool for convincing your user and clients that you care about them and that you’re constantly working for the betterment of the product, and that you’re considering their answers sincerely.

But you've to understand something, each business has its characteristics and each survey is bound to be different. So if you want your surveys to prevent churning you've to make sure your questions are very personalized and the methodology behind the survey is very to the point for best results.

How to reduce churn?

There's a solution to every problem. After reading so far, now that you are aware and have some background information about churn surveys, let's see how to reduce your churn!

  • Find out the reason why your users are canceling: The major thing you require to do to reduce churn is to find out why your users are canceling. And what better way than to just ask! Also, keep in your mind that your cancellation flow needs to include a short survey where you ask users the reason behind their cancelation.
  • Provide your users with additional service plans: When you're working to reduce the churn rate, it always helps to do something a bit extra for your loyal users. What could be added that they might find helpful and beneficial in addition to your service? Perhaps you could give them options of different tutorials or tips on how to use a specific tool. They might as well profit from an online interactive chat helpline. It's all about customers' satisfaction.
  • Offer incentives and set up new goals: The best way to make your service more interactive is to set up breakthroughs and milestones simultaneously. This will motivate and even encourage your users to take the subsequent step and renew their contract, and hence will help you in reducing the churn rate. Also, make it a priority to appreciate your loyal customers who are still with your company for a long time. Give them incentives like discounts or maybe a free 1-month upgrade of service after a specific timeframe.
  • Enhance your customer service: Last but not least, improving your customer service. If you want to reduce the churn rate, you'll have to provide outstanding service that makes existing users feel treasured and valued. You cannot get in touch with them only when they're renewing their contracts, this harms the company and further hampers your companies future potentiality.

These are the four major hacks one can focus on if you want to reduce the churn rate and it works like magic, and we can assure you, you won't be disappointed with the results!

BlockSurvey: Create Churn Survey

Even though a churn survey indicates you've lost a user doesn't let that get you and your company's spirit down! Here's why churn surveys help your company grow, they obtain feedback from users canceling or minimizing service with your firm. But this provides you with an excellent opportunity to explore and discover areas that could stand development and further improvement and hence prevent more churn in the future.

BlockSurvey is a great way to help you carry out effective churn surveys for different services/products you offer. Get started to create your first Churn survey using BlockSurvey templates. Sign up below to get started.

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