image compression

BlockSurvey's free image compression is a privacy-focused tool. Simply upload your image
and image compression tool will work out the magic for you.

or drag and drop an image
It works for JPG, JPEG and PNG formats

Know how the privacy-focused
image compression works

Space is finite, our imagination is infinite. So we've built the best privacy-focused image compression tool out there in which the compression happens at the browser/client side itself and not in any server i.e. your images doesn't leave your machines.

Step 1 : Upload image files

Upload the image files you would like to compress.

Step 2 : Process files using browser image compression

The uploaded images are fed to the browser-image-compression module which processes them and returns the compressed images.

Step 3 : Download Compressed Images

Download the compressed images. You can also clear the list and go for fresh set of uploads.

Frequently asked questions

What is Image Compression?

Image compression is a process for optimizing images by encoding or converting a graphics file in a way that it will consume less storage space than the original one. It is a type of technique to compress image, using an image compressor tool without influencing or degrading the image quality to a greater extent.

What is the need for Image Compression?

Image Compression helps in website optimization i.e. reducing the time taken to load a website,it helps in cases where while uploading image, file size is restricted by certain types of servers, and finally it helps in reducing the storage impact on your hard drive.

Is it safe to use a free image compression tool?

All compression takes place in the browser itself and no data is taken to our servers for any kind of processing.

How many images can I compress at a time?

We allow multiple images to be uploaded and compressed in a single go.

Is this image compression tool a honey pot?

Here at BlockSurvey, we give at most importance to privacy which is consistent with our vision of a world having a decentralized internet space. As already mentioned above, the tool does not collect and store any form of data given to it. It simply acts as a platform for people to enter their images and get them compressed.

Why is it free?

The product is built from already existing open source code with slight tweaks by us. It was primarily built for compressing images in our own product i.e. BlockSurvey and at a certain point we had this idea of sharing the benefits accruing from this project with the rest of the world.

What are the modules used to build this?

The tool uses a npm module called browser-image-compression

How does image compression tool work?

The tool reads the data from the HTML file reader API and uses the browser-image-compression module to process it. The browser-image-compression module creates an HTML canvas element and draws the image on it and gets the scaled down data back from the canvas. The returned dataURI is read, decoded from Base64 and displayed to the user.

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