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Jun 26, 2024 · 2 mins read

If you’ve been looking for a skip logic survey, you’ve probably come to the right place. Skip logic surveys, when done right, can increase your survey completion rates by as much as 375%.

What is Skip Logic?

Skip logic is a great function that allows you to adjust what question should be shown next based on the respondent's current question's answer. Skip logic formulates a customized path throughout the survey that changes based entirely upon the respondent's answers. This feature is also known as "conditional branching," "conditional logic," "branch logic," or "jump logic."

Regular Survey Flow Vs. Skip Logic

In a typical survey, questions are presented one after the other. The order is the same for all respondents, but it is changeable. Skip logic is a condition on question order that allows you to set a condition. You may specify which question occurs next based on how the previous one was answered. Skip logic allows you to move from static surveys to more user-friendly surveys. Because of the customizations, it also makes the survey easier to complete.

Skip logic surveys are a great way of cutting down the time it takes to complete a survey. When you think about it, not everyone will answer every question - as a result, having skip logic will mean the difference between a high response rate and a low response rate. However, sometimes things can get out of hand, and a few too many people can skip important questions, which would make the results unreliable. This goes for normal surveys as well as skip logic surveys.

Here is an example of skip logic survey. Try answering 'no' for the first time and then 'yes' the second time.

Various forms of Skip Logic

Everyone knows that Skip Logic is a major feature in creating questionnaires on surveys. However, very few seem to know about the types of skip logic in surveys.

  • Conditional branching: It is used when a condition must be fulfilled when filling out the survey. The logic rules are applied during the questionnaire design process. It allows respondents to skip from one question to the next without having to see irrelevant questions.
  • Unconditional branching: This form of logic is typically used as a default logic. For example, regardless of their responses, all respondents would see a "Next Question" if not answered.
  • Close or End: The system will direct respondents to the survey's close or thank you page, and the response will be identified as a completion.
  • Chain multiple surveys: Use this to link multiple surveys in the same survey. You can direct 'redirect on submit to open up the next survey. The whole experience is dynamic, and the respondents would be unaware that they have been transferred to a new survey. This is primarily used by market researchers while distributing surveys through Survey panel.

What are the advantages of using Skip Logic?

With an ever-increasing need for online forms and surveys, including multiple-choice questions and single-row rating scale questions, evaluate respondents’ answer choice and feedback in a more accurate manner. Hence, the relevant question comes up, what's the advantage of using skip logic?

  • Limits the number of questions to be answered in your online surveys.
  • Excludes questions that will add no advantage to your desired results.
  • It makes the online surveys much quicker to answer for respondents.
  • Can help achieve greater and better completion rates.
  • Collects relevant questions and results for more accurate analysis.
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Skip Logic in BlockSurvey

Before we jump into whether BlockSurvey supports Skip Logic, let’s get to know a little bit about our company BlockSurvey! BlockSurvey is an online survey tool with a major focus on data privacy and security. BlockSurvey is very simple and effective for creating surveys for any work, be it for school work or students, personal, or business.

Now, back to the main question, does BlockSurvey supports Skip Logic?

Yes. BlockSurvey indeed supports Skip logic. Like we have already discussed, Skip Logic lets you create your very own dynamic surveys that alter what the respondent sees and what happens based on their response.

Typically, you get to enjoy and create various effects and actions triggered by various survey responses and survey options. Skip logic approves and lets a respondent jump to a given question based on answers given.

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If you're wondering why do we in BlockSurvey treasure Skip logic survey so much? The answer is simple. The skip logic survey helps to build intelligence, like discussions or conversations. It gives authority over questions asked based on answers, making the survey experience brilliant for the customers using it!

Hey! Now that you’re aware we absolutely love and support Skip Logic, how about giving it a try for yourself? It’s effortless. All you gotta do is head to our BlockSurvey’s website and create a skip logic survey. Our skip logic survey template helps you get started in a jiffy.

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