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Create token-gated forms and surveys, enabling feedback, whitelist, allowlist, waitlist, airdrops, and verified wallet address collection, all in one platform with end-to-end encryption.

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How it works

Create Your First Web 3 Forms & Surveys

It takes only a few clicks to create your first BlockSurvey. Start from scratch or use our 1000+ pre-built templates. Add your logo & brand colors for consistency, and voila - you’re can send your first BlockSurvey.

Create Your First Web 3 Forms & Surveys

Own Your Data

You truly own the data you collect. Only you can unlock your data to see the collected data. Not anyone. Not even BlockSurvey. You own all your key ideas and insights from data to grow your company. Includes pivot tables, word cloud, and sentiment analysis.

Own Your Data

Token gated forms & surveys

With BlockSurvey, integrate the power of Web3 into your data collection. Our platform allows you to create forms and surveys accessible only to holders of specific tokens, ensuring a targeted and authentic response group. Whether you're using fungible or non-fungible tokens, BlockSurvey's seamless gating mechanism ensures that only those who meet your set criteria can participate. Dive into a new dimension of decentralized and exclusive web 3 focused data collection using BlockSurvey. Learn more

Token gated forms & surveys

Collect Verified Social Identities

Verified social identities are a critical component for Web 3 companies looking to establish trust and authenticity within communities. BlockSurvey offers a seamless solution for this, allowing users to collect verified social identities on forms & surveys. This feature is available for platforms like X(Twitter), Discord, Github, Google, LinkedIn.

This is particularly valuable for tasks such as distributing airdrops, managing whitelist entries, and collecting information for exclusive community access.

Collect Verified Social Identities

Respect your audience’s privacy

Using BlockSurvey, your audiences are protected from Big Tech analytics and trackers. There are no ads, and no trackers. They are anonymous to the platform.

Respect your audience’s privacy

Form & Surveys made with a focus on Web 3 Companies

We are constantly adding new features to ensure that our surveys are the best they can be.

  1. End-to-end encrypted

    Our forms & surveys are end-to-end encrypted and are powered by third-generation web technology (web3) blockchain.

  2. Token gated forms & surveys

    Use BlockSurvey to collect waitlists, whitelists, and community feedback with gated forms & surveys. Collect wallet addresses in a single click. Prevents spam and collects authentic data. Supports BTC, ETH, Solana, and many more. Learn more

  3. Social Identity Verification

    BlockSurvey simplifies collecting verified social identities on forms & surveys, supporting Twitter, Discord, Github, Google, LinkedIn, enabling trust for Web 3 tasks like airdrops, whitelist management, and exclusive community access.

  4. Complete Branding - Whitelabel

    The built-in data analytics helps you analyze your data and find employee perceptions. Utilize BlockSurvey’s analytics feature that helps you make insightful, data-driven decisions quickly. Learn more

  5. Advanced Analytics

    Are you stuck in making decisions? You can use advanced analytics to visualize data from different perspectives and make precise decisions based on survey results.

  6. Make it anonymous

    Create anonymous surveys with BlockSurvey to gain trust and ensure the privacy of your respondents. Learn more

Choose a plan that's right for you

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2 months free
Collect your first 20 responses for free with end-to-end encryption.
Billed monthly

3 forms/surveys
Up to 20 responses
Up to 10,000 AI credits
No time limit on the trial
Unlimited forms/surveys with 500 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Up to 500 responses/mo
Up to 25,000 AI credits/mo
Logic Jumps, Skip Logic
Variables and Assignments
Question and Answer Piping
Custom Feedback
Email support within 48h
Unlimited forms/surveys with 3,000 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Everything in Standard +
Up to 3,000 responses/mo
Up to 50,000 AI credits/mo
Remove BlockSurvey branding
Buy Custom Domain(Add On)
HIPAA Compliance(BAA Issued)
Email support within 24h
Unlimited forms/surveys with 15,000 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Everything in Premium +
Up to 15,000 responses/mo
Up to 100,000 AI credits/mo
Up to 3 custom domains. e.g., survey.abc.com
Team workspace
Token gating (Based on NFT/FT holdings)
Email support within 8h


Need help choosing the right plan to your organization?

Case Studies

How Yuga Labs collected feedback from 1,000 NFT holders? Success Story with BlockSurvey

Yuga Labs
Web 3
BlockSurvey enabled Yuga Labs to collect feedback from 1,000+ NFT holders with token-gating to drive unprecedented community engagement.
Jeff Nicholas

How BlockSurvey helped the Alex Lab Foundation with Privacy-focused Data Collection? A Success Story with BlockSurvey

Web 3
BlockSurvey's integration enabled the Alex Lab Foundation to revolutionize their data collection process in the Bitcoin DeFi space, ensuring user privacy while enhancing their strategic initiatives.
Hadan Esperidiao

How BlockSurvey helped 'Today the Game' with token-gated Fan Engagement? A Success Story with BlockSurvey

Today The Game
Web 3
BlockSurvey revolutionized 'Today the Game's' engagement, enabling targeted insights and data integrity, enhancing community relations, and laying groundwork for future initiatives.
David Magnier

How BlockSurvey helped Smartists Music Score Distribution with Token Gating? Success Story with BlockSurvey

Web 3
Georgina Mourinho and her studio leveraged BlockSurvey to transform feedback collection and creative collaboration, unlocking new possibilities in digital art and NFTs.
Georgina Mourinho


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A message from the founder

Hi, I'm Wilson, and I help Web3 companies gather valuable insights from their audience using anonymous forms and surveys.

As a Web3 founder myself, I understand how challenging it can be to collect data from your audience and communities while maintaining their privacy and security.

As you know the majority of form and survey tools out there are prone to data breaches, like it happened to Typeform in 2018.

That's why we created BlockSurvey, a decentralized platform designed to address these challenges and provide a privacy-focused solution for your data collection needs. With BlockSurvey, you can collect data securely without compromising on ease of use or data ownership.

Sign up today or request a demo to see how BlockSurvey can support you in building the next generation of Web3 products and communities. We're excited to be part of your journey!

Frequently asked questions

What is BlockSurvey and how does it relate to Web 3?

BlockSurvey is a privacy-focused survey and form creation platform that utilizes Web 3 technology to give users full ownership of their data. It offers features like gated forms, anonymous surveys, and decentralized infrastructure that make it a powerful tool for Web 3 companies.

What types of forms and surveys can I create with BlockSurvey?

With BlockSurvey, you can create a wide range of forms and surveys, including gated whitelist forms, waitlist forms, airdrop registration forms, feedback forms for DAOs, and more. You can also use pre-built templates or create your own custom forms from scratch.

How does BlockSurvey ensure the privacy and security of my data?

BlockSurvey is built on a decentralized infrastructure that ensures end-to-end encryption and data ownership. It uses advanced security measures like zero-knowledge proofs to keep your data safe and secure.

Can I use my own branding on BlockSurvey forms and surveys?

Yes, BlockSurvey offers a powerful branding kit that allows you to customize your forms and surveys with your own logos, colors, and fonts. Also, you can add your own custom domain to create a whitelabelled URL. This helps to create a cohesive brand experience for your audience.

How can I use BlockSurvey to improve completion rates for my forms and surveys?

BlockSurvey offers a variety of features that can help improve completion rates, such as conversational views, logic maps, and easy-to-answer question types. It also allows you to create engaging cover letters and customize the user experience to make it more interesting.

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