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White label surveys might just be the hottest trend in e-Marketing. It’s cutting edge, it’s fun, and it increases your conversion rates. White label surveys offer a boost to your online marketing campaigns. They are also resourceful in shape of increasing Customer Loyalty through improving survey responses and creating viral by reaching out to customers and fans. Let's understand the importance of it and you'll get to know how it will help you. Read further...

What is a White label survey?

A white label survey is one that is customized for your brand and branded to your organization. White label surveys let companies, consultants, and others leverage expert and professional surveys without the full price of creating them from the very beginning.

It is the most sought solution for organizations and enterprises. It is primarily used to keep branding intact across tools and services. Rather than using a third party or platform branding, using your brand builds confidence among customers. Think of that customer sharing data to your company and not to the platform provider.

For example, in surveys, you can host the Survey on your organization domain like "survey.organizationname.com," you can add your organization logo onto the end of the Survey, as well as add in a title such as "Survey by [your organization name]." This means you are the publisher of the survey instead of filling out a generic form on a website run by SurveyMonkey or any other platform provider.

Creating your white label on surveys is best for branding and promotion. It helps your company grow further and also presents the opportunity to collect better responses from participants.

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What's the difference between white label and private label?

The difference between white label and private label is really pretty subtle. That's why these words are so easily confused. A private label is a trademark, aka a brand sold solely in one retailer. Whereas white label is a nonexclusive product, which is sold to several retailers.

Benefits of White label surveys

There are several benefits when it comes to white labeling. Here are six benefits one enjoys when they switch to white labeling. And this is applicable to white label surveys as well.

  1. White labeling increases the visibility of your business. If the business you run expects you to offer various services or products from third parties, paying more for white labeling on all the products you offer is a great way to proliferate and spread your brand name without being obnoxious, improving and raising the public’s knowledge about your brand.
  2. White labeling strengthens and, at the same time, increases the loyalty of clients. The outsider items that you're white labeling and adding to your contribution are trustworthy and acceptable. Each time a customer utilizes your white marked item and sees your name appended, they will connect to it with accommodation and quality, and their steadfastness to your image will increase.
  3. White labeling helps you to take benefits of specialist work. Suppose outsider designers have the concentration and aptitude to improve an item. In that case, you can pay them for the white labeling advantage and appreciate using your image name on their quality work.
  4. White labeling provides your brand with a processed product. Most third-party have effectively gone through beta tests, updates, investigation, and numerous other calibrating measures. Instead of experiencing torments while dispatching your item, you can utilize a generally cleaned item with your name connected.
  5. White labeling saves you both your valuable time and money. Making your item without any preparation may seem like an extraordinary thought sooner or later, however except if you've done it (effectively) previously, you presumably don't know about all the energy and assets that go into making a unique item. Why sit around idly rehashing an already solved problem when you can white-label?
  6. It gives you the freedom of choice. White labeling opens up a universe of alternatives for your business. Run an eatery and need to offer your visitors a not-too-fancy wine? There are many grape plantations out there that couldn't imagine anything better than to have a standard mass purchaser, so you can single out from the numerous until you track down the ideal wine for your eatery. This is an illustration of a typical situation in each industry. Try not to sit around idly building up a solitary item when you browse numerous alternatives and can white name.
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What are the advantages of using White label surveys?

There are several added advantages of using White-Label Surveys, and the two major advantages are as follows:

  • Branding and Custom URL: If you want to build your brand name, white-label software providers allow a quick and effective way to get your name in front of potential customers. When the customers and potential viewers see your name on software, your business becomes reliable and stable. Also, it gets better feedback from customers. Credibility helps you develop and expand your business very fast.
  • Time saver!: White labeling or a white-labeled survey saves your time because the software can be used instantaneously. It has already been developed and tested. You just need to unpack it and get going.

BlockSurvey and White Label Survey Software

BlockSurvey is an online survey tool with the main focus on data privacy and security. Though that is the heart of it, BlockSurvey doesn't end there. BlockSurvey is a true white label survey software. Here is the list of white-label features.

  1. Custom company URL., e.g., survey.your-company-name.com
  2. Custom Link Previews for sharing on social media.
  3. Add your own fonts.
  4. Add your customized logo to the survey.
  5. Add your branding colors and style to match your brand.
  6. Add your email provider to send transactional emails.

Summary: White Label Surveys

White label surveys indeed is a great feature, it helps you and your company grow and flourish! We at BlockSurvey understand the value and we really want our customers to enjoy the white label survey feature!

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White Label Your Survey With Your Company URL and Logo FAQ

What is white labeling my survey?

White labeling allows you to add your company’s logo and URL to the survey, creating a custom branded survey experience for your respondents. This feature is available on all survey plans.

How do I white-label my survey?

To white label your survey, you'll need to upload your company logo and enter the URL of the page where you'd like respondents to be directed after they complete the survey. You can find these settings under the “Branding” tab in your survey’s Settings page.

How do I know if white labeling is enabled?

Once you’ve enabled white labeling, you’ll be able to preview the survey with your logo and URL included. If you do not see your logo and URL on the survey, white labeling is not enabled.

Why use White label surveys?

There are several reasons to use white label surveys, including: Brand consistency: White label surveys allow companies to maintain brand consistency across all of their customer or employee touchpoints. Enhanced credibility: When a survey is branded with a company's logo and messaging, it can enhance the credibility of the survey and increase response rates. Increased control: White label surveys give companies greater control over the look and feel of their surveys, as well as the data that is collected.

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