A survey platform that puts privacy first for the human resources

This is a great tool for companies that want to keep employees' survey data safe and secure. The employees can respond to surveys without worrying about their information being compromised.

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Enhanced employee engagement

Enhanced employee engagement

Your employees are always engaged with the company using these secure forms and surveys. This will allow you to collect feedback and ensure that your employees are always happy with their work.

Reduced risk of data breaches

This secure forms and surveys platform can help to reduce the risk of data breaches by providing a secure, end-to-end encrypted way for companies to collect sensitive information.

Reduced risk of data breaches
Increased organization efficiency

Increased organization efficiency

If you want to increase efficiency in your organization, consider using a secure forms and surveys platform. This platform can help you collect data from employees quickly and securely.

Fresh and innovative survey features for the modern world

We are constantly adding new features to ensure that our surveys are the best they can be.

  1. End-to-end encrypted

    BlockSurvey’s end-to-end encryption is a way to protect your data by ensuring that it can only be read by the intended recipient.

  2. Premade templates

    The templates provide data, structure, and layout for you to work with and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

  3. Accepts Signature

    The signature question type allows respondents to sign their responses electronically. This can be useful for forms that require a signature, such as contracts.

  4. Built-in analytics

    The built-in data analytics helps you analyze your data and find employee perceptions. Utilize BlockSurvey’s analytics feature that helps you make insightful, data-driven decisions quickly.

  5. Language support

    BlockSurvey not only supports many languages but also supports languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu, which are written from right to left.

  6. Custom domain

    The surveys need not be taken from the BlockSurvey website domain every time. Leverage the option of taking secure surveys from your custom company web domain.

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

Join 500+ members who use BlockSurvey to protect their respondents' data and privacy

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Everything in Standard +
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Up to 50,000 AI credits/mo
Remove BlockSurvey branding
HIPAA Compliance(BAA Issued)
Email support within 24h
Unlimited forms/surveys with 15,000 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Everything in Premium +
Up to 15,000 responses/mo
Up to 100,000 AI credits/mo
Up to 3 custom domains. e.g., survey.abc.com
Team workspace
Token gating (Based on NFT/FT holdings)
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Frequently asked questions

What human resources industry practices can BlockSurvey help me with?

BlockSurvey can help with secure forms and surveys for all aspects of the human resources industry, such as development, feedback, and employee relations.

Should I always create HR surveys from scratch?

You need not always create surveys from scratch. There are more than 1,000 premade templates available in the BlockSurvey template library. You can repurpose those templates to your needs. Or you can create your own from scratch. The choice is yours.

Can I collaborate with other HR executives?

Yes. You can collaborate with other HR executives with the team workspace space feature. You can create and share surveys in real-time with other HR executives.

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

Using BlockSurvey to protect their respondents' privacy, increase their survey completion rates, get better community feedback, and build better organizations.

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