Secure surveys for activists

Let the activist bring change to society. We can help activists secure their data collection with end-to-end encryption.

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Get public opinion

Get public opinion

Receive public opinion about a cause or an activist campaign with our secure data collection platform.

Target your efforts

Know where to target your efforts through our secure, private and end-to-end encrypted forms & survey platform.

Target your efforts
Show society you care

Show society you care

Use BlockSurvey and show society that you care for their data privacy. Care for your society by actively securing your data with BlockSurvey.

Secure outcomes, Useful Features

We want activists to worry about society, not about protecting the data.

  1. Honest Inputs

    Activists can work on real data to make the world a better place. Let people give transparent and honest inputs without bothering about data breaches.

  2. Fearless Feedback

    The respondents can share feedback without the fear of getting exploited for the data they share. BlockSurvey is respondent friendly.

  3. Non-Intrusive Platform

    We are not invasive or intrusive into your data. We do not run trackers or show you ads. You own your data completely.

  4. Team Workspace

    Activists can work with other activists using the team workspace feature. This will help them create forms and surveys collaboratively.

  5. Easy Donations

    Activists can accept donations easily using the readily available payment feature. The payment feature can be included in forms or surveys. No coding is required.

  6. Advanced Analytics

    Get decisive with real data, by viewing it from multiple perspectives. The advanced analytics feature helps you analyze the collected data with a presentable user interface.

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

Join 500+ members who use BlockSurvey to protect their respondents' data and privacy

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Collect your first 20 responses for free with end-to-end encryption.
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3 surveys
Up to 20 responses
No time limit on the trial
Unlimited surveys with 500 responses/mo
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Up to 500 responses/mo
Logic Jumps, Skip Logic
Variables and Assignments
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Custom Feedback
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Unlimited surveys with 3,000 responses/mo
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Everything in Standard +
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Remove BlockSurvey branding
GDPR Compliance(DPA Issued)
HIPAA Compliance(BAA Issued)
Email support within 24h
Unlimited surveys with 15,000 responses/mo
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Everything in Premium +
Up to 15,000 responses/mo
Up to 3 custom domains. e.g.,
Team workspace
Token gating (Based on NFT/FT holdings)
Email support within 8h


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Frequently asked questions

What can BlockSurvey do for you?

The platforms aid in secure data collection. You can create privacy-focused, end-to-end encrypted surveys and forms without the risk of any data breach or data leaks. BlockSurvey is the only secure survey platform with rich features and an intuitive user experience.

What kind of activists can use BlockSurvey?

BlockSurvey will be useful for all activists engaged in data collection for administration and research purposes. Human rights activists, social activists, environmental activists, climate activists, and LGBTQ activists are to name a few.

How do activists use BlockSurvey?

The activists make use of the secure nature of surveys while using BlockSurvey. In addition, they leverage features like skip-logic, right-to-left language support, custom domain, consistent branding, advanced analytics, and easy payments.

Why is BlockSurvey different?

While there are other survey platforms in the market offering to create surveys and forms, they are not completely secure. For example, TypeForm had a data breach in 2018. This data breach hit thousands of survey accounts. Other platforms are no different and are at risk of data breaches. BlockSurvey is a completely secure, web3, and decentralized platform controlled by BlockChain.

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

Using BlockSurvey to protect their respondents' privacy, increase their survey completion rates, get better community feedback, and build better organizations.

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