How your surveys and forms are private and secure?
BlockSurvey How-it-worksBlockSurvey How-it-works
The BlockSurvey UI is downloaded from the web server and is run on the client. There are no trackers, no cookies, and no fingerprints.
BlockSurvey uses Blockstack's Blockchain for Decentralized Identity/Account(DID). BlockSurvey uses Blockstack API for identity, auth and storage management. This is the core working system which enables true ownership of the identity and data for you.
Remember, you are in complete control of your identity and data all the time. This is your digital rights. You get a unique identity and a private storage(GAIA). You have your keys for your identity and storage. You own it and only you can access it.
As a data collector, you can create surveys and forms from scratch or use our templates to get started with. It's easy to create one.
By default all your surveys and forms are encrypted and stored privately in your storage.
Your surveys and forms are accesible by URL to public only when they are published. People having access to your URL alone can see it the quesetionnaire. Today, you can distribute them through many ways using BlockSurvey. Like Web URL, QR Code, Widgets. etc., you can also use your own domain to share for branding.
Surveys and forms have zero trackers, zero cookies and zero fingerprints. By this respondents or data providers can remain anonymous by default unless they choose to disclose their identity in the form voluntarily by filling it. Note: Never share personally identifiable information to unknown data collectors at any time. Take caution.
Data submitted by the respondents or data provider is encrypted using the your public key and sent to BlockSurvey's temporary data store for you to collect when you come back online.
All the data stored in BlockSurvey is encrypted using your keys. BlockSurvey has zero knowledge of your data and cannot understand any of it. Only your key can unlock to see it.
As a data collector, you will collect your data from BlockSurvey and store it in your private storage(GAIA). Once done, using your private key, you'll be able to decrypt the data and see in the form of results and analytics.