BlockSurvey vs Qualtrics

Find out why users prefer BlockSurvey over Qualtrics

Is your data feeling a bit exposed? Ready to prioritize privacy in your research? BlockSurvey delivers the ultimate privacy that your data deserves with cutting-edge AI in survey tech. Claim complete ownership of your data and your participant’s confidence without stretching the budget.

Why BlockSurvey is Your Perfect Qualtrics Alternative

Absolute Privacy with Zero Knowledge
Absolute Privacy with Zero Knowledge
BlockSurvey's privacy-focused design encrypts your data end-to-end, accessible only with your secret keys. No third parties, ads, or trackers.
AI-Powered Surveys: Save Time and Cost
AI-Powered Surveys: Save Time and Cost
Our AI crafts tailored surveys, capturing all necessary data. Get clear insights for informed decisions and stay on budget.
Best UI/UX- No Coding Needed
Best UI/UX- No Coding Needed
BlockSurvey offers an intuitive, no-code interface, making survey creation engaging and easy with our drag-and-drop builder.
Easy on the wallet
Easy on the wallet
BlockSurvey offers flexible, wallet-friendly plans with premium features at a fraction of Qualtrics' price, perfect for businesses and researchers.

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BlockSurvey vs Qualtrics: Feature Comparison

See how BlockSurvey stacks up against Qualtrics with this detailed feature comparison. Equip yourself with intuitive and AI-powered tool for easy survey creation with BlockSurvey.

Billed annually
Billed annually
Money-Back Guarantee
We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
AI-Powered Survey Analysis
Priced at a premium
Team Collaboration
Dedicated “Team workspace” for real-time collaboration
Limited team collaboration features
White Label
Token Gated Access
Social Identity Verification
Data Ownership
End to End Encryption

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Secure by Design - It's for Everyone

Security isn't an afterthought for us; it's a cornerstone. BlockSurvey meets and exceeds industry-leading standards, including ISO 27001, SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR, to keep your data safe.

BlockSurvey is a ISO 27001 certified companyBlockSurvey is a SOC 2 certified companyHIPPA-CompliantGDPR Compliant

Frequently asked questions

How can I switch from Qualtrics to BlockSurvey?

Switching from Qualtrics to BlockSurvey is simple and efficient. Export your existing surveys from Qualtrics and import them into BlockSurvey using their intuitive AI-powered tool. BlockSurvey's platform supports a seamless transition, allowing you to continue collecting data securely and reliably.

Is BlockSurvey suitable for businesses and enterprises?

Certainly. BlockSurvey serves businesses and enterprises of all sizes, offering scalable survey solutions with top-notch security and privacy features. Our platform handles complex survey requirements and guarantees compliance with data protection regulations

Are there any AI-powered features in BlockSurvey?

Yes, BlockSurvey includes AI-powered survey creation and survey analysis. Our AI features help streamline the survey creation process with smart suggestions and templates. We provide deep insights and actionable recommendations from survey results in no time, making data-driven decisions easier and faster.

Can I trust BlockSurvey with my sensitive data collection?

BlockSurvey leverages a cutting-edge, privacy-focused design system that uses Bitcoin wallets for identity management. This innovative method ensures that your data collection process is both secure and reliable.