Web3 forms & surveys for the Crypto Community Manager

Create airdrop, waitlist, whitelist, feedback, governance forms and surveys for NFTs, DAOs, De-Fi, and Web 3 Projects.

Web3 forms & surveys for the Crypto Community Manager
Increased security for your users data

Increased security for your users data

You stay in control of your users data. You truly own it. All your data collection is end to end encrypted and you are the custody of your data. BlockSurvey is a true Web3 data collection infrastructure that supports community managers.

Improved data quality

By using BlockSurvey's token-gated forms and surveys, you can eliminate data cleanups and checks.

Improved data quality
Greater efficiency

Greater efficiency

BlockSurvey enables community managers to be more efficient by automating and integrating data flows across products. BlockSurvey integrates with Zapier, Make to pipeline data for efficiency. This can free up time for community managers to focus on more important tasks.

Secure outcomes, Useful Features

Delivering secure outcomes while providing a wide range of useful features.

  1. Pre-made templates

    All your professional-looking pre-made crypto and blockchain forms & survey templates are in one place. The templates can be customized to fit your specific needs.

  2. Team friendly

    BlockSurvey’s collaboration feature using teamspace allows team members to design, manage, share, analyze data together.

  3. Token gating

    Gate your forms and surveys using BlockSurvey sign-in to answer feature. Today, we support email, BlockSurvey wallet, Hiro Wallet for gating. Use it to collect data for whitelists, airdrops and many more.

Frequently asked questions

What are some use cases I can use BlockSurvey for?

Airdrop forms, Waitlist forms, Whitelist forms, Crypto community moderation forms are few of the examples.

Can I create BlockSurvey on mobile?

Yes. You can use create surveys with this platform that is responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop. The platform is device-agnostic.

Can I try the free version before buying?

Yes. You can sign up and start using the free version to create 3 forms or surveys with 50 responses each. No credit card needed.

Do you have crypto-related premade forms?

Start using our premade professional-looking crypto community templates. If you need any other specific crypto template, we’ll be happy to help.

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