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Jul 13, 2023 · 2 mins read

Are your surveys secure and private? Is it safe from leaks and breaches? Luckily, for BlockSurvey users, the answer is 'YES.'

Concerns about data security and data protection among the general public are on the rise. And for survey respondents who share their data with marketing research firms or share feedback with their employers, it is no different.

Improving the security of your survey data and giving your respondents peace of mind can help you get better data and improve survey response rates. Look no further BlockSurvey is here to help.

BlockSurvey - A secure survey software:

BlockSurvey is a private and secure survey tool. It is the world's most secure survey tool, with features that support your participants' complete anonymity, privacy, and security. BlockSurvey protects your respondents and makes sure their data is never misused or compromised. And best of all, you can do it all without leaving a digital footprint!

Think about all of those essential survey questions that you have. Everything from employee satisfaction questions, customer surveys, mental health surveys, or any sensitive data collection. It is now possible with BlockSurvey in a secure, robust, and dynamic manner.

How BlockSurvey uses Blockchain for creating Secure Forms & Surveys

The word "Blockchain" has gone viral. With millions of people invested in cryptocurrencies, it seems like everyone is talking about Blockchain. There is no doubt blockchain technology has the potential to change the way businesses do things today. However, the most surprising part of this story is that there are barely any use cases where the surveys are done using blockchain technology. BlockSurvey does that today. BlockSurvey uses Stacks Blockchain, which is secured by Bitcoin to power up your surveys.

Secure forms & surveys are facilitated using two things from Blockchain.

  1. Decentralized Identity(DID) and Auth: The account you create with BlockSurvey is a Decentralized Identity bootstrapped from Bitcoin. You get a seed phrase on creating an account, which is your secret key to the account. This is only known to you and not BlockSurvey or anyone. Think of it like owning your house keys in the physical world but for the digital world. This is what drives the heart of security. Each time you log in, you are authenticated on Blockchain. No one can stop you.
  2. Decentralized Storage: All your data collected is encrypted using your public keys and is stored in the decentralized storage, and only your keys can unlock it. By giving you real ownership of your account/identity and data, you get your digital rights. This prevents data breaches, leaks, harvesting, and trust issues. We believe that using Blockchain to launch secure forms & surveys will change the way surveys are conducted and become an essential tool for every data collector.

What are some of the secure survey features with BlockSurvey?

  • Decentralized Identity and Auth: It's hard to think about a world without passwords. Yet, it's smarter, more secure, and ultimately the best practice to reduce our reliance on so many of them. The Internet was designed to be an open, interoperable space for data sharing to flow freely and openly. To achieve this goal, we had to develop a way to authenticate users — just how secure is that data anyway? This is where decentralized identity (DID) and auth comes in. BlockSurvey uses Stacks Auth to facilitate security.
Stacks Decentralized Auth
  • Decentralized Storage: Everyone knows that cloud storage is riskier than local storage. Storing files and photos on a cloud platform means you're putting them in someone else's hands. There are advantages to cloud storage but also risks that you should always be aware of. But there are also other alternatives to the standard cloud storage - decentralized storage, for example. BlockSurvey uses decentralized storage called Gaia to store your data. This is accessible only to you, and all your data is encrypted and stored. Only you have access to it. Not even BlockSurvey can access it.
  • Custom SSL: Why do we need a custom SSL? Setting up the custom SSL and HTTPS on your website is the first step to creating a secure connection between your Survey URL and the respondents. By default with BlockSurvey, all your URL's SSL enabled and served on HTTPS. What is HTTPS? HyperText Transfer Protocol Safe (HTTPS) is a secure variant of the HTTP protocol that transfers data between your browser and the website that you are linked to. HTTPS provides a protection layer by encrypting data transmitted over the Internet.
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  • Custom Domain: Why are custom domains so important? Like many new blogging platforms offering you host your blog on your domain, setting up an owned custom domain for your survey URLs in BlockSurvey assures customers that their information is safe and who they are dealing with. This is also called URL white-labeling in Surveys. By default, your custom domains are protected using dedicated SSL certificates from Let's encrypt.
  • Privacy: Secure survey links also maintain the anonymity of respondents. Secure links typically do not store IP or geolocation data making them attractive for many research projects, as success is dependent on the ability to assure survey respondents that their answers are anonymous. There are no trackers, analytics, cookies, or fingerprinting done. There is no IP address collection, and all your respondents are anonymous to you. They are thus enabling anonymous surveys. There are a variety of reasons to conduct surveys anonymously. Employee satisfaction survey, for example, offer employees a private safe space to provide feedback without the fear of being reprimanded for their honesty. Additional examples include conducting educational or medical research where privacy is required. There is also a very minimal store of user data with BlockSurvey. All your surveys by default are set to 'no-index.' By this, search engines can never index your surveys. None of the data is shared with BigTech. Check out for analytics here:
privacy focused surveys

Takeaway: The need for secure surveys

We believe that using Blockchain to launch secure surveys will change the way surveys are conducted and become an essential tool for every market researcher, no matter what their budget is. This new generation of software or internet applications is called Web 3.0, which is the future of the decentralized web, enabling trust, security, and privacy in all interactions. BlockSurvey is here to do that in the survey space.

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