Therapy got easier with this secure survey software solution

Looking for a secure survey software solution? This secure survey software solution makes therapy easier for both therapists and clients.

Therapy got easier with this secure survey software solution
Your privacy-focused survey solution

Your privacy-focused survey solution

End-to-End encrypted, secure therapy forms and surveys with the best security for your client's survey data. Only you can access your data with your secret key.

Avoid creating from scratch always

40 + ready-to-use standardized scales and questionnaires on Anxiety, Depression, Addiction disorder, and more.

Avoid creating from scratch always
Connect seamlessly across applications

Connect seamlessly across applications

Connect seamlessly with automation apps like Zapier or Integromat(now Make), and also send direct notifications to messaging platforms like slack or discord. You have the option of connecting to 500+ apps from BlockSurvey.


Learn how the the most secure mental health survey tool helped Alyson

Unlock the power of anonymous data collection with our enhanced features

Secure survey software solutions for therapy provides a wide range of features to ensure the security and privacy of client data.

  1. End-to-end encrypted

    End-to-end encrypted survey software solution for therapy provides a secure and private way to conduct surveys and collect client data. Your data is encrypted using your public key. Only you can access it.

  2. Built-in analytics

    Built-in analytics feature allows you to quickly and easily analyze survey results. This feature can help you to gain valuable insights into client feedback and behavior, identify trends and correlations, and make informed decisions about therapy.

  3. Teamwork

    The team workspace solution is designed to facilitate collaboration between therapists. This solution makes it easy for therapists to keep track of clients’ progress.

  4. Brand kit

    You can customize themes, colors, fonts, and logos to fit the therapists’ brand. This allows therapists to earn trust in their surveys.

  5. Embeds & Widgets

    This feature allows therapists to embed survey questions and widgets into web pages, making it easier to collect data from clients.

  6. Skip Logic

    The Skip logic feature allows users to direct clients to different questions or skip over questions based on the answers they provide. It helps therapists save time by allowing clients to quickly move through the survey and focus on the most important questions.

Frequently asked questions

Why is BlockSurvey the go-to survey software for therapy?

The stand-out feature that BlockSurvey brings is the security and protection of survey data. Since security is needed in the therapy data collection process, it makes BlockSurvey the go-to software.

Do I need to know to code?

No, you don't have to. BlockSurvey is a no-code tool. All forms can be created without requiring any coding knowledge. We have also created templates, so you do not need much survey creation knowledge.

How is BlockSurvey different from other online survey software?

BlockSurvey enables digital rights for the users. Meaning the account or identity ownership and data ownership is with the user and not with the platform provider. With BlockSurvey, all your data is encrypted end to end, and you have the keys for them. This prevents data breaches, leaks, harvesting, and trust issues. All your ideas and insights gathered from clients through data collection are valuable and must be protected. BlockSurvey enables that with a privacy-focused secure system using BlockStack's Blockchain.

Do you store any data about my usage or run analytics?

No, we take data privacy very seriously. There are no trackers, cookies, or fingerprinting done. And we store no application or client data.

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