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Why choose BlockSurvey?

BlockSurvey is an AI-driven survey tool. We help you save businesses time and money by taking the complexity out of creating surveys in a reliable and time-efficient manner.

Beat writer's block

Let’s face it: We've all been there. Creating surveys is not easy. The process of coming up with good questions for surveys is usually a long, frustrating process. We know it is frustrating. You can now get your survey questions in seconds. Our AI generates high-quality questions tailored to your survey topic – with no hassle. Just get it done! BlockSurvey is your next best friend; you’ll never have to write another question again!

Beat writer's block using AI surveys

Save hours

Writing questions for surveys can be time-consuming, frustrating, and dull. Wouldn’t it be great if anyone could rapidly and easily build survey questions? With AI Question Generator, anyone can generate survey questions - 100% automatically, in seconds or minutes. That means you’ll get the data you need to make decisions today faster… and your team will actually have more time to focus on serving your clients and customers instead of boring them with survey creation!

Save hours using AI surveys

Remove bias

Most companies, and indeed human beings, may feel uncomfortable asking certain questions. This can often get in the way of getting the right information to help with decision-making or market research. BlockSurvey helps here by leaving the generation of difficult questions to machines. All you have to do is specify what kind of questions you are looking for and generate the perfect questions for surveys without any bias.

Remove bias for creating surveys

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Frequently asked questions

What are surveys in AI?

An AI survey is one that uses the technology of artificial intelligence to enhance your survey in a better way. One common way AI is used in surveys is to improve the quality of survey creation and analyze them to produce quantifiable data.

How can AI be used to collect data ?

AI is a collection of technologies that excel at extracting insights and patterns from large sets of data. AI can use those insights and patterns to make predictions about what drives the outcome. It can even learn to improve its predictions over time. So it can reduce the efforts and time to a greater extent to produce a quality outcome.

How BlockSurvey uses AI to improve your survey?

Creating surveys is not easy at all, finding the right questions to get quality results from your survey is the biggest task. So BlockSurvey’s AI-driven survey tool helps you curate the questions for the survey in just a click. We use GPT3 from OpenAI to facilitate this.

Why is AI-driven data collection the best for business?

AI-driven survey tool creates surveys by analyzing huge amount of data available and curates the best questions to get the quality results from humans. AI is the science that aims at creating smart machines that mimic human intelligence. So it is going to reduce your effort and time in creating a quality survey.

What is the difference between AI and Big Data?

Big data refers to large volumes of diverse and dynamic data that can be mined for information. AI is a set of technologies that enables machines to simulate human intelligence. AI requires the volumes of big data to effectively learn and evolve. Big data relies on AI to more intelligently mine for information.

Is data analytics a part of AI?

AI is a branch of science that is concerned with creating smart machines that can be programmed to think and react like humans and mimic their actions. Data analytics is about finding patterns in the given data while AI aims to automate the process by giving machines human intelligence.

Is AI is the same as Predictive analytics?

The biggest difference between artificial intelligence and predictive analytics is that AI is completely autonomous while predictive analytics relies on human interaction to query data, identify trends, and test assumptions