The world’s most trusted survey platform for activism

A secure, privacy-focused, end-to-end encrypted survey platform for leaders in activism. The only trusted data collection platform for activism.

The world’s most trusted survey platform for activism
Collect data securely

Collect data securely

Collecting data securely is important for any activist initiative. This form and survey platform provides a way to securely and efficiently collect data. It doesn't matter what kind of activism you're into, we've got your data covered.

Communicate more easily

Forms and surveys are a great way to collect activism information from informants. With this form or survey platform, you can easily create and manage forms and surveys that are easy to use and understand.

Communicate more easily
Protects your respondents' identity

Protects your respondents' identity

If you want to protect your online identity, consider using this secure form or survey platform. This will allow you to create forms and surveys that are encrypted and secure so that your informant’s data is protected.

Activists love our survey platform for its security feature

The platform provides many features to keep your survey intact.

  1. Secure survey

    Create safe and privacy-focused surveys. Let informants be worry-free about sharing their data because everything is decentralized. How secure? If you lose your secret key, we can’t get it back.

  2. QR codes

    Give clients the option of filling out registration, interview, and feedback forms from respondents’ devices by scanning QR codes, helping you collect data faster.

  3. Conversational chatbots

    Conversational chatbots provide a more natural and engaging way for users to interact with surveys. This can help to increase response rates and improve the quality of data collected.

  4. Supports many languages

    We support English, Spanish, French, German, and more languages. We also support right-to-left languages like Urdu, Hebrew, and Arabic.

  5. Advanced analytics

    Activism industry leaders can obtain different perspectives on data with our advanced analytics.

  6. Accepts Signature

    The signature question type allows respondents to sign their responses electronically. This can be useful for forms that require a signature, such as contracts.

Frequently asked questions

How does BlockSurvey save time for activists?

BlockSurvey is a privacy-focused, secure data collection platform. Activists need not spend time finding a solution to secure their data since it is built in BlockSurvey. It is also wicked easy to get forms set up with our builder.

What features of BlockSurvey will help activists?

The payment options, right-to-left language support, consistent branding support, skip-logic, custom domain, email autoresponders, advanced analytics, password-protected surveys, and electronic signatures will help activists carry out their work in a professional manner.

What different activist industries can make use of this secure data collection feature?

BlockSurvey can help social activism, environmental activism, human rights activism, LGBTQ activism, and other activism industries benefit from its secure data features.

Do you run trackers or ads?

No. BlockSurvey is a privacy-first survey platform. We are not intrusive, and we do not run trackers or ads. You are totally secure. You own your data.

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