The secure forms & survey platform for the coaching industry

We understand the importance of forms & survey data security and privacy in the coaching industry. We are committed to providing the highest level of protection for your forms & survey data.

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Enhanced data quality

Enhanced data quality

You need not have coding knowledge to create surveys. Simpler and safer survey software built through decentralized, web3 technology.

Holistic data collection

This holistic data collection platform helps you collect data through secure forms and surveys. The platform enables you to analyze the data and provides insights that can help you improve coaching.

Holistic data collection
Complete data privacy

Complete data privacy

This form and survey platform is designed to provide complete data privacy for its users. All survey data is encrypted and stored securely.

How BlockSurvey can help with secure data collection for the coaching industry

End-to-end encrypted forms and surveys with the highest data protection for the coaching industry.

  1. Secure survey

    Have a secure, privacy-focused survey while coaching. Let your client be worry-free about sharing their data because everything is decentralized and thus absolutely secure. How secure, you ask? If you lose your password, even we can’t get it back for you.

  2. Select Themes

    The option of choosing background colors and images makes you imaginative and innovative. You can even include introduction videos or visuals to introduce yourself to the client.

  3. Data-driven Analytics

    You need not search for an analytics platform for your industry. BlockSurvey’s advanced analytics help you make data-driven actions. Coach 10X better with data-driven insights.

  4. Brand Consistency

    Do you have a brand name for coaching? Use your brand logo, color, and font to make your survey more credible. Take advantage of a custom domain name and elevate your coaching to the next level.

  5. QR codes

    Give clients the option of filling out registration, interview, and feedback forms from their devices by scanning QR codes, helping you collect data faster.

  6. Integration

    Connect seamlessly with automation apps like Zapier and Integromat (now Make), and send direct notifications to messaging platforms like Slack and Discord. You have the option of connecting to 500+ apps.

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

Join 500+ members who use BlockSurvey to protect their respondents' data and privacy

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Frequently asked questions

Why is BlockSurvey the best fit for the coaching industry?

Coaches receive sensitive information from their clients for coaching purposes. In such an industry, a secure survey and forms platform is necessary. BlockSurvey serves the need for a secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy-focused survey platform. This makes BlockSurvey the best fit for the coaching industry.

What kind of coaches can use BlockSurvey?

BlockSurvey will be of use to mindset coaches, relationship coaches, spiritual coaches, digital wellness coaches, dating coaches, psychedelic coaches, career coaches, and many more.

What are the benefits of using BlockSurvey?

With BlockSurvey, you can share answers, not identity. Respondents can be anonymous while answering. We also have full end-to-end encryption of data. Your data is safe and secure. Only you can unlock it to read it. BlockSurvey also offers intuitive features to make the survey design process enjoyable—as well as the survey-taking process itself. Advanced analytics helps you to gather insights in zero time.

Do you have premade forms for Coaches?

Experts from BlockSurvey have created templates related to coaching and teaching. The coaching registration form is a premade template that can help you with coaching registration data collection. Coaches can select a template and start using that to collect data, derive insights, and take action while coaching.

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

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