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Written by Wilson Bright
May 3, 2023 · 4 mins read

Meet Nelson Emilio, an International TEDx Speaker & Personal Branding and Leadership Coach.

Over the past ten years, Mr. Nelson has been an international speaker. He has spoken at various events (both private and public) and universities. He has also served and worked with highly driven professionals, including CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

BlockSurvey is glad to assist someone like Mr. Nelson. He has been using BlockSurvey since May 2020. When I interviewed him, I asked if he would share his experience as a personal branding coach and how BlockSurvey is helping him. Here are the excerpts.

How did you become a Personal Branding and Leadership Coach?

I attended a conference ten years ago where one of the speakers taught about personal branding. During that time, I was also studying personal branding in a book. The person was posing as a personal branding coach but was not one. He still isn't. In addition, I learned that the person followed the book's instructions incorrectly. (Emilio refused to reveal the person's name because he did not want to offend anyone).

"I felt disappointed. Because when you are a personal branding coach, you have a big responsibility. Whatever we do or say in our profession leaves a mark on people. People trust us, and we help them to generate business. That was the start of my journey of becoming a Personal Branding Coach and International Speaker." said Emilio

How do you use forms in your work?

I started using forms for various purposes. One of them was to get feedback from the audience during online training and onsite physical training. The other way I used it was before the training commences, I get to know the demography of my audience e.g., their profession, their goals, their expectations (what they want to learn), etc. Before the training, this data is quite helpful. By using it, I can quickly get in touch with my audience.

What form tools have you used in the past?

I used Gravity forms for my WordPress website and Typeform to collect data during training.

How did you choose BlockSurvey over others?

Out of all the features and advantages of any form tools, I value one characteristic the most: "Customization." Let me explain in brief what I mean by that. Whenever I intend to create a form or a survey, I want to have complete control over it, like 1. Layout Design 2. Branding 3. Logic Jumps 4. 3rd Party Integration, and finally, it's accessible for my audience to fill up the form.

Since BlockSurvey has all these features for customization, I just switched over to it.

What improvements do you see after using BlockSurvey?

The first thing is I can now create forms more quickly than ever before with branding.

It's only because I got the flexibility and complete control over making and designing the form.

Plus, with the 3rd Party integration, it's pretty easy for me now to get the data in one place.

Finally, what do you think about BlockSurvey?

I love the BlockSurvey Community and the support they provide. They are always around to help you. Whenever I need a feature, I just send them a request in the Discord Server. Also, there is live chat support on the website. I got a response from both places. Having my voice heard, I feel that BlockSurvey cares about all its customers and me. This is the reason I feel I should continue to use BlockSurvey and support them.


BlockSurvey has been serving many other people from various professions, spread throughout the entire world, including Personal Branding and Leadership Coaches.

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