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May 3, 2023 · 4 mins read

It's pretty amazing how the e-commerce industry has evolved and shaped our world the way it is today over the years. The E-commerce industry has produced plenty of entrepreneurs, providing millions of jobs, and of course, poured trillions of dollars into our economy. One hundred years ago, selling local products beyond the horizon with minimal investment was nothing more but a fantasy.

A quick Google search dates back to e-commerce to the 1960s. But it was only in 1994 when the first online retail transaction happened. Almost every internet user knows about e-commerce is because of Amazon. Can you imagine Amazon starting with selling only books? What is it now?

I understand that not everyone can become a giant corporation like Amazon, but that doesn't mean small businesses cannot thrive. There are plenty of niches that aren't available on Amazon.

A super exciting niche is being targeted by one of our beloved customers. Meet Duy Nguyen, Founder, and CEO of, a company that manufactures baby products such as muslin blankets, washcloths, sleeping bags, and so on, to ensure the comfort and security of babies.

Recently, Duy and I met over a call. I'm grateful that he took the time to talk with us. Here's an excerpt from our discussion.

Why did you start Nightingale Baby?

My wife and I started this business in 2018. We had been married just a couple of years, and our son was just a little over a year old. He was in good health. So it was a good time.

A little later, we weren't so blessed. Eczema (a skin infection) caused him to develop rashes all over his body. His condition was mild, and doctors said he would need to live with it. We tried a number of ways to improve it, but nothing worked. Our frustration grew. Up until we learned of the benefits of bamboo, which has immense benefits, we immediately switched to bamboo and started replacing mainstream baby products. With this change, we started to see his conditions improve. Today, we are pleased with the progress our son has made today.

Therefore, we wanted to pass on these benefits to others. So, we started our e-commerce business with a vision to help parents whose babies have eczema or other skin diseases.

Would you mind sharing how you utilize BlockSurvey for your e-commerce business?

Yeah, sure. Every e-commerce business owner needs to know whether their customers are satisfied or not. It's not only how good your product is; there are other factors you need to consider, like.

  • The price
  • Shipping cost
  • Delivery time
  • Payment Method

You can, of course, ask your customers one-on-one, especially when you can count them on your fingers. But when you scale up your business, including overseas, it makes no sense. It's humanly impossible to gather concise data from thousands of individuals. So instead, you need to use surveys to collect data. We use BlockSurvey to drive data collection for our business.

Apart from surveys, we use BlockSurvey forms for:

  • Wholesale order form (when someone wants to purchase in bulk)
  • Hiring form (while hiring a new employee)
  • Influencer Collaboration (To collab with an influencer to promote our products)

Did you use any other forms and surveys for your e-commerce?

The answer is yes, I did. I used Google Forms and Typeforms to do it.

You discontinued them in favor of BlockSurvey, so why did you do that?

Well, then. Google Forms are free, but they lack customization. There is only one type of interface available. I prefer to use a form and survey tool that matches our brand.

Typeform was good but expensive, and there have been reports of data leaks and data breaches. Therefore, we were looking for an alternative e-commerce form and survey tool that is secure, customizable, and affordable. BlockSurvey came to our rescue at just the right time.

With BlockSurvey, we were able to create whitelabel surveys or brandable surveys; this is something the big tech platforms never allow you do to that.

Finally, what do you think about BlockSurvey?

BlockSurvey has been a great experience for me. My favorite feature is the ability to customize the survey. A personalized feeling is created when a user fills out a form or survey. Moreover, BlockSurvey has always responded to my feature requests, and the team is always working on improving the product. This helps build my business using BlockSurvey, and I'm sure this would be helpful to other e-commerce players.


That was the end of our meeting with Duy. We wish him great success with Nightingale Baby. It was great chatting with him know about his purpose-driven business. We are glad we could be of help.

Like Nightingale Baby, BlockSurvey looks forward to serving more mission-driven businesses by helping them with brandable surveys with privacy and security.

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