Anonymous survey tool for HR Executives

HR executives can now easily create and share anonymous surveys. In an organization, BlockSurvey covers everything from an employee's entry to their exit.

Anonymous survey tool for HR Executives
Find out what employees really think

Find out what employees really think

Create a safe environment for your employees to share data by using BlockSurvey's anonymous survey. Employees feel more comfortable sharing honest feedback when they are anonymous.

Increased employee participation

Employees may feel more comfortable sharing honest feedback when they know their responses will remain anonymous.

Increased employee participation
Improved communication between employees and management

Improved communication between employees and management

Using BlockSurvey’s anonymous survey be always listenable to accept ideas, concerns, and feedback on a regular basis.

Many reasons to use BlockSurvey

So many great reasons for HR executives to use BlockSurvey.

  1. Easy Employee Relations

    Establish long-lasting relationships with your employees with our premade employee experience form.

  2. Save Time with Templates

    Why try creating surveys and forms from scratch every time? Our employee forms will save you time and effort.

  3. Make BlockSurvey your own

    Our branding feature allows HRs to use the company's logo, font, and color across all surveys. This makes BlockSurvey their own, so employees feel they are sharing data only with you.

Frequently asked questions

Why HR executives use BlockSurvey?

Collecting data on sensitive surveys like burn out, culture, diversity & inclusion, exit surveys are very important to any HR executives. Making these surveys anonymous create a safe environment for employees to share feedback without holding back. This makes BlockSurvey the go-to platform for HR executives to collect honest data.

Are there premade templates for HRs to use?

There are premade templates focused on employee experience and organizational forms. Don’t find your survey, we are here to help you out. Check out our concierge services.

Can HR create surveys in any language?

Human resource managers can create surveys in many languages like English, Spanish, French, and German. BlockSurvey supports right-to-left surveys for languages like Hebrew, Urdu and Arabic. This will be help HR executives to a great extent.

Does BlockSurvey track employees on surveys?

BlockSurvey is a privacy-first platform. It does not run any trackers, ads or analytics. The data is end to end encrypted and can be seen only by the HR executives who run the survey. BlockSurvey doesn’t pass any meta information to the data collectors like Geo location, IP addresses, browser data. BlockSurvey is totally a non-intrusive survey platform.

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