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You’re about to invest in some new product and you’d like to know what its users think about it. There are plenty of methods for gathering user feedback, but one of the most well-known is getting feedback from users on their way out. In this blog post, you will find out what an exit survey is, how you can use them, and why Blocksurvey is one of the best products for getting high-quality data.

What is an exit survey?

An exit survey is a kind of survey you show the audience or the users when they are about to exit your website. For instance, you can make your survey more attractive and catchy when visitors move their cursor towards their browser toolbar.

An exit survey is generally used by companies and businesses such as coffee shops to help gather feedback from their audience. The way a coffee shop might ask their customers, “How would you rate our coffee?” or “What was your favorite type of coffee?” provides the consumer with feedback that they can use to improve their products or services. Customers can then take the advice of the customer and make it their own. One other commonly used exit survey is when an employee leaves the organization. Talking to your employees on exit survey could be really helpful for the improvement of your company.

Why should one conduct an exit survey?

Exit surveys are very crucial because they tend to offer a much deeper look at the management solutions, day-to-day processes, and just the overall morale and atmosphere of your workplace. Sometimes, people consider exit surveys to be a bit negative, but you're missing out on the value they can bring to your company! 

e.g., Whenever you have a large group of people who have participated in an event, you will inevitably have a certain percentage of people who are dissatisfied with the event. Some people don’t like the venue, some people don’t like the speaker, some people don’t like the food, and some don’t like the price. If you have had many people attend your event, many you probably have many unhappy people. If you have many unhappy people, it’s probably because you have some dissatisfied customers who have left your event with a negative feeling about the experience they had. To reduce the likelihood of dissatisfied customers thinking bad things about your event, you should conduct an exit survey to solicit feedback from the attendees.

What are the different types of exit surveys?

There are four main types of exit surveys:  

Real-time exit surveys: Real-time exit surveys are typically performed in an attempt to gain insights as soon as possible following an event or campaign. These surveys are often meant to capture the feelings and opinions of attendees in real-time.  

Post-event surveys: Post-event surveys are conducted after an event is over for the purposes of capturing feedback on the event itself, the content, and the overall experience. If you’re looking to gauge the success of your event, post-event surveys are the way to go.  

Post-campaign surveys: Post-campaign surveys are periodically sent to your email list, blog subscribers, and other potential leads in an effort to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Post-campaign surveys are similar to post-event surveys in that they measure the success of your campaign.

Post-employee resignation surveys: Employee exit surveys give you an idea of why an employee is leaving. Using this data you can improve employee experiences within the organization. 

Employee exit survey questions

Employee exit survey questions are predetermined or arranged in an advance set of questionnaires that are generally used during the exit process of an employee who’s leaving the company. It’s either a set of verbal questions or often a survey. 

Another advantage of doing that is employees can answer these even after they have left the organization. Now, here are some main exit survey questions one might choose to ask.

  • What is the reason behind quitting this job or role? This employee exit interview survey question is fundamental in catching the basic detail of why an active representative (except if fired), chose to leave their present position. It is fundamental for an association to know the explanation, to comprehend if there is an example. This testing could prompt more and clear data about how the association can deal with improve representative maintenance.
  • How did your team member treat you, did you get along with them? Teamwork is a significant quality for any association to dominate. Response to this inquiry can prompt a definitive comprehension of the condition of cooperation culture in the association and if measures should be taken for development.
  • What did you most enjoy about your position? This is a decidedly significant question, by responses gathered through this inquiry association can come to understand what they are doing acceptable and what are the territories they need to develop.
  • What do you dislike the most about your work? Associations and other organizations should understand what the representatives didn't care for about their work profile or their work when all is said in done. This information can measure up to the gathered information to draw inductions in regards to work culture.
  • Do you have any worries and concerns about the association at large that you might want to share? Being available to useful input and constructive critism is one method of developing oneself. Same goes for an association, they need to realize what isn't going in their manner, so they can break down and improve.
  • Will you recommend our organization to your friends and family for potential work or employment openings? Last but not least, this is the critical point in time for any association! Resonses to this inquiry can be either sure or negative. The two responses are similarly significant for an association to know its qualities and shortcomings.

These are the 6 crucial questions one might ask for their exit survey, it will give you a clear idea about your company’s strengths and weakness both! And it will naturally help you for the betterment of your company and it’s future!

BlockSurvey: Employee Exit Survey Tool

Blocksurvey is a simple employee exit survey tool that makes it easier to record exit interview responses. It's a quick, easy, and less stressful way of collecting feedback from your staff. Our anonymous employee assessment software will ensure that you always have a pulse on how your business measures up.

Creating an employee exit survey is just a few minutes. You can use your templates to pick and choose the exit survey. Sample below. 

Key features includes: 

  • End to end encryption
  • Data privacy and security
  • Platform anonymity

For most employers, a departing employee is a big problem. Leaving employees out of the loop about what they’re leaving behind and happy with, means lost productivity and potentially lost. The answer is a quick survey, but the usual ‘rate your boss’ type questionnaires are pretty tedious. And a bad time to air workplace grievances. Whether it’s for one or many members of staff leaving in one go, from the office across town or in the next building over, Blocksurvey does all the hard work of designing an employee exit survey for you. saving you time and money, while ensuring your employees have an understanding of why they are moving on and what their real thoughts. 

BlockSurvey is perfect for collecting authentic and honest feedback from your employees. Create your first exit survey from our templates and give it a shot!