26 Inviting & Engaging Forms
for Employees

These employee forms are used by employers to collect information from employees. The form can be used to collect personal information, contact information, emergency contact information, work history, education information, performance, leave, skill, and other information. The form can be used to collect information from new employees or from current employees.

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An employee form is used by an employer to collect employee information. The form typically includes sections for personal information, contact information, education, and work history, and may also include questions about the employee’s job preferences, performance, and skills. An employee form is an important tool for employers, as it allows them to gather data about potential or current employees in a structured and efficient manner. The form can also be used to track employee performance over time, and to identify trends in employee behavior.

Employee forms can be created from scratch, else the existing employee form templates of BlockSurvey can be repurposed to meet the employer's needs. BlockSurvey forms are privacy-focused and protect the sensitive information shared by the employees. When creating an employee form, employers should consider the purpose of the form. The employee form should be designed to meet the specific needs of the employer. For example, an employer who is looking to hire new employees can use or repurpose the competency evaluation form of BlockSurvey.

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