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Typeform is one of the best survey tools on the Internet today. But can BlockSurvey be a safer alternative to Typeform? Both have their pros and cons, but BlockSurvey is developing faster than Typeform. The truth about Typeform is that you are putting your trust in a third party. It's like sending them an email with your sensitive data hoping they will protect it, but you cannot confirm this.

Typeform has been an excellent tool for gathering information for your online surveys. But you probably don't know that all this collected information is stored on Typeform servers, and there are some risks of having your data on someone's else servers unencrypted. In 2018, a security breach at Typeform exposed the sensitive data of thousands of customers. You can read more about the incident Typeform security breach. Most of us know how valuable this data is. We'll show you what a BlockSurvey as a Typeform alternative looks like in this post.

What is Typeform?

Typeform is a Barcelona-based online software (SaaS) business that helps to create online forms and surveys. Its central software makes dynamic forms based on user needs, yet there are downsides to this fantastic online form software, as maybe that's precisely the reason why you are looking for another alternative.

Why look for a Typeform alternative?

There are several reasons you might want to use an alternative to Typeform. Maybe you’re looking to try something new, maybe your company doesn’t have the budget for Typeform, or maybe it’s time you move on from Typeform. Whatever your reason, it’s important to weigh up what makes Typeform unique before looking for an alternative.

Let's look into the notable drawbacks of Typeform to understand why do you need a Typeform alternative in the first place! Let's see what once a devoted Typeform customer wants to say about it.

"Typeform has the potential to be great, but unfortunately, their persistent technical problems with almost weekly downtime affect our business in a very harmful way. We've gone all-in on their platform, so every time they're down, people can't use our product, and the expensive pricing is a constant issue."

Even though we at BlockSurvey have nothing against this brilliant online form survey software, we encourage people to use it! Yet they are a few reasons you need to check the other alternatives out. Check here for more Typeform Reviews to understand how customers are feeling today. Below are some of the drawbacks.

  • Pricing: Typeform, even though it used to be free once, sadly isn't anymore. You have to pay quite a sum of money for unlimited use. It has three main plans, essential, professionals, and premium. The price starts from $35 and ranges to $70.
  • Security: Typeform needs to up its game in the world of security asap. Typeform has suffered significant security breaches. A company specializing in online forms and surveys needs to make sure their client's security is their prime concern. Typeform has suffered a security breach that resulted in the data collected by its customers getting stolen.
  • Branding: Typeform branding, you have to pay $59 a month just to remove the Typeform branding. This becomes too expensive for people who are just coming up with their business ideas, students, or even fellow researchers. The prices will forever be a critical factor to consider.

What is BlockSurvey?

BlockSurvery is undoubtedly one of the most significant Typeform alternatives, and here's why we're so sure you are going to enjoy using BlockSurvey, just like early adopters do!

BlockSurvey allows and encourages digital rights for the users. Meaning, the account or identity ownership, and data ownership are with the customer or end-users and will never be with the platform provider. When you are using BlockSurvey, all your data's encrypted end to end, and you have the keys for them. This restricts and further prevents data breaches and trust issues. We strongly believe all your ideas and insights gathered from people through data collection are valuable, and we respect and value them very much, and hence it needs to be protected. BlockSurvey also permits that with a modern privacy-focused design method using Stack's Blockchain, which Bitcoin secures.

How BlockSurvey compares to Typeform regarding features

  • Security: No one digs security breaches, and that's a fact. We believe every one of us should enjoy digital rights. BlockSurvey takes security, privacy, and digital rights very seriously. This way, only the users are in control of their data and not anyone else. You have your keys, and foremost you get the key that helps you unlock the data.
  • Integration: Integration is one of the critical and crucial things required today. It's very relevant because integration helps you to move the data to specific systems in the organization. Use webhooks and integrate with Zapier, any middleware/integration platform which combines and connects to over 1000+ other platforms.
  • Customization: Customization is an integral part of online forms platforms. You may not like the default designs, and that's normal. So we let your creative side shine! When you choose BlockSurvey, you are entitled and allowed to build it in your style. Each and everything is customizable. You get to play with various colors, customize the settings, background fields, branding logos, fonts, and even URLs. It lets your creative side free! Also, it keeps your branding cohesive. Your audience will never know that you are using BlockSurvey. It is truly yours.

How BlockSurvey compares to Typeform regarding pricing

The major drawback of Typeform is that it's too expensive. It becomes a large and significant problem when an early-stage startup, nonprofit organization or a student, or a researcher might not be able to afford it. But that's alright, we are here now.

BlockSurvey understands and caters to everybody's needs. The price is not too high, nor too low. It is just priced right. We have the perfect plan for everyone! We have different plans. It is free for students, discounted for education, and nonprofits, and priced right for business! Check our pricing plans for more details.

Features BlockSurvey Typeform
Data encryption End-to-end encryption, high privacy Encrypted in transit and at rest
Decentralized storage Stacks blockchain, no central point of failure Centralized servers, potential single point of failure
Data immutability Tamper-proof data via blockchain Not applicable, data stored on central servers
Data ownership and control Complete user control, encrypted data Shared control, Typeform manages data
Token-based access control Cryptographic tokens, secure access Not applicable, centralized access control
Data retention and deletion Customizable policies, user-controlled Customizable policies, managed by Typeform
AI-driven Features AI-driven Survey designs and analysis Lacks AI-driven capabilities
Anonymity & Pseudonymity Supports anonymity, user-focused privacy Limited options, depends on user setup

Takeaway: BlockSurvey as a Typeform Alternative

Looking for the best Typeform alternative, look no further than – BlockSurvey is here to help. Blocksurvey can be your new survey tool if you want a secure, cloud-based, mobile-optimized, and more private and secure alternative to Typeform. You can get all of these features that Typeform with added security for less than half the price!

Why BlockSurvey a Secure alternative to Typeform FAQ

What is better than Typeform?

BlockSurvey is one of the best alternatives for Typeform, with BlockSurvey you can easily set up and create surveys that are 100% customizable, secured by Stacks blockchain. You can add a wide range of questions, images or videos to your survey. Make it more attractive and easily increase your response rates at a better price than Typeform.

Which is better: Google form or Typeform?

Typeform lets you make attractive conversational surveys, Google Forms is great for saving a buck, but with less features when compared to every other player on the ground. Google forms are extremely limited when it comes to customization or integrating payments. So obviously Typeform is better than Google form.

Typeform vs BlockSurvey: Which one is better?

Blocksurvey is the most secure survey tool with the highest data security for the survey creators and their respondents. It is a combination of beautiful attractive forms with the highest data security to all your surveys. Typeform has been an excellent tool for gathering information for your online surveys, but In 2018, a security breach at Typeform exposed the sensitive data of thousands of customers, this leads to a big question of your data privacy when using this platform.

What are the drawbacks of Typeform?

For starters, its free plan lacks essential features, and the paid plans are too expensive for most teams.And most importantly it lacks data security

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