Wufoo Alternative


When you have a great idea that will help your business boom, the last thing you want to do is wait for weeks to get it developed. It is frustrating, especially when there are online tools to make the development process faster. That’s why we wrote this article, and it is going to talk about Wufoo vs Blocksurvey.

What is Wufoo?

Wufoo is yet another web application that helps anybody build online forms. It enables you to make forms online so that you get to collect data, payments, RSVPs, etc., without even writing a single line of code. Wufoo is meant for anyone and everyone that needs to quickly build beautiful online forms, i.e., only if you're willing and able to pay $19.00 per month! But not all of us have the luxury to spend $19 per month on online forms, maybe because of our profession, financial conditions, etc. 

If you are stuck in this never-ending search to build the best online forms, we exactly know what you're looking for and need! Keep on reading to learn the best Wufoo alternative. 

Don't get us wrong though, we love and recommend Wufoo; we are not here to spread hate!

What is Wufoo by SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey has acquired Wufoo. The primary reason why SurveyMonkey and Wufoo teamed up is that Wufoo's popularity and focus have been concentrated in English speaking countries. Whereas with the help of SurveyMonkey's support and existing infrastructure in international forums, Wufoo will leverage their help to spread Wufoo internationally.

Why look for a Wufoo alternative?

Want to know why people are looking for an alternative? Check out the Wufoo reviews at software advice. These reviews are bound to give you a proper perspective of what customers are exactly looking for in an online form site and what they're lacking.

Here is a medical practitioners' feedback on Wufoo at G2. 

"Signed up for a trial and shortly realized this product did not work for us. I contacted customer support to cancel my subscription and they said they would get back to me. Zero response I get charged every month from Wufoo, have never used their product, and have even canceled my account. Yet, I still get charged every month. I have contacted their customer support, called in, and contacted their billing department. I recommend staying away from this company."

No one can argue that Wufoo indeed is an excellent tool. Still, there's no rose without a thorn.

Major drawbacks of Wufoo:

  1. Limited templates and design options.
  2. Data security, the security of the information stored, and the cost of storing that information online.
  3. Minimal complex functionality can be enjoyed while using Wufoo.
  4. For online form creation software, they have inadequate site navigation, which often causes delays.
  5. The integration plays a significant role in any online forum, and sadly, Wufoo is still pretty weak in that particular section.

What is BlockSurvey?

Like Wufoo and even SurveyMonkey, BlockSurvey is an online survey tool with a significant focus on data privacy and security. But unlike Wufoo's many limited features, BlockSurvey lets you enjoy and includes 'Branding,' 'Custom Domain", 'Widgets'; it gives you extreme data security at the same time. BlockSurvey acknowledges and realizes that, when everything is very much dependent on the internet, we deserve better privacy, data ownership, true anonymity, and security policies. BlockSurvey is a straightforward, scalable tool and useful for creating surveys for any work, be it educational, personal, or business.

But, why choose BlockSurvey?

Like we stated, if you want to this Wufoo, you have to pay $19 each month. This can be a bit tricky for people like me who are students, or even if you're trying to start a business and build up a startup, what do you do then? If you cannot afford to spend money. Here in BlockSurvey, we have the perfect solution for you! 

We look out for everyone; it doesn't matter if you are working for a non-profit organization or maybe part of event management or education. We have got your back!

  • Education/Non-Profit/Students: BlockSurvey is the first-ever online survey tool free for Students, so if you're part of the education world just like me, you are in for a treat! I urge you to check our pricing page to experience free access. BlockSurvey is exclusively built with focusing mainly on creating imaginative, appealing, and conversational style surveys. Which makes your dull school work and research a much more fun experience. Similarly, BlockSurvey offers discounts and free plans for educators and non-profits. Contact us for more details. 
  • Management: If you are a part of event management or any management world, your fundamental priority needs security. Here in BlockSurvey, we pride ourselves over the assured security one gets to enjoy while using BlockSurvey. We are a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable survey management software. Our primary focus is on improving and increasing productivity, security, privacy, and improving overall performance in your organization.

Why is BlockSurvey the best Wufoo alternative?

  • Secure Forms and Surveys: Unlike any other form site, we understand how crucial it is to have secure forms and surveys and not have your integrity leaked.
  • Share Answers, Not Identity: We provide end to end encryption and use advanced analytics.
  • Let's you get creative: You are allowed to build it in your style. Each and everything is customizable. You get to play with different colors, customize the backgrounds, fields, branding logos and URLs. etc. Let your creative side free!
  • Security: BlockSurvey uses marvelously powerful blockchain technology for providing data that assures you of amazing security and privacy. While using BlockSurvey, you truly own your data.
  • Zero Tracking: Surveys and forms here in BlockSurvey have absolutely zero trackers, zero cookies, as well as zero fingerprints. These respondents or data providers will always be anonymous by default unless they wish to reveal their own identity in the form voluntarily by filling it, but that's put to that particular person.
  • Widgets: Share forms on your website using beautiful embedded widgets to collect all feedback and subscriptions.
  • Branding: As I mentioned, BlockSurvey lets your inner creative genius free; you get to customize brandings as well!

BlockSurvey provides to everyone's needs and is very inclusive. We don't discriminate what you do or don't. We understand what you want in terms of custom branding, domains, and then the significant factors such as privacy, data ownership, and make sure your data is only limited to you and you! We take digital rights very seriously, as everyone should.

If you happen to be a fellow student, BlockSurvey makes it easier for us by offering a free student plan, which helps students out daily and is a fantastic deal! Now that we've established how you can get creative while making forms, I think it's only fair that you started making some beautiful customized form designs!

Oh hey – wait, you're already here. Why not start with BlockSurvey?

Head directly to our website and jump in to do the first secure survey! I'm sure you're going to enjoy using it, and you're going to be back for more! Every month, we ensure that we continue to grow and aspire to fulfill our customers' needs.