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Jul 11, 2023 · 3 mins read

Microsoft Forms is a great tool for teachers, students, or researchers to have. But if you are a small-sized or mid-sized organization investigating the best alternatives to Microsoft forms to solve your survey needs, then you are at the right place.

Though it comes as a part of Microsoft's Office 365 cloud solution, one of the biggest problems is that it lacks many advanced features that are so basic in the other alternative form builders. Most form builders today have a huge collection of templates, attractive user interfaces, and most importantly, privacy-focused survey solutions to protect the data on both sides.

Taking privacy as the prime concern, BlockSurvey is a secure and highly-customizable survey tool that uses blockchain technology to improve the data privacy of the survey creator as well as the respondent. Let us dive deep into why BlockSurvey proves to be the best alternative to Microsoft forms further in this article.

What is Microsoft Forms?

It is a very widely used online form software. Microsoft Forms is an online survey creator, and at the same time, it's a part of the Office 365 suite of products. Microsoft Forms happen to be a straightforward, lightweight tool that lets you instantly create a form from scratch, collect and manage all the responses in real-time, and view automatic charts to conceive and at the same time visualize your data.

But here's the sad part that Microsoft Forms is sadly not available for everyone – only the business and education users get to enjoy the free access to Microsoft Forms, and you can't purchase it separately. Other than it's incredibly beginner's friendly. So if you are still here, maybe you wonder if there are any other better options to it at all than Microsoft forms?

Don't get us wrong; we absolutely love and recommend Microsoft forms though, we are not here to spread hate!

Why look for Microsoft Forms Alternative?

Even though Microsoft forms are so widely used, we still miss out on several unique opportunities. There are quite a few limitations in Microsoft forms as well, and we will look into a few of them minutely.

Let's see what one of the Form Builder Expert, "Ari Denial," thinks about Microsoft Forms.

"Microsoft Forms is a very basic form builder that you can access as part of Business or Education Office 365 – but not if you have a personal subscription. It's super simple to use, but it lacks any features that would make it useful. Quite honestly, there are much better options."

Major drawbacks of Microsoft forms

  • Limited to only 100 questions- MS Forms has a limit of 100 questions on each form (at the time of writing). This could be problematic for research studies.
  • Minimal branding- Customization and branding are still not currently available. All the forms show Microsoft's branding and not yours. Building brand consistency is not possible.
  • Templates - Microsoft Forms only throws in 12 templates to help you get started, and that's it. They are unimpressive and limiting to design better.
  • Likert scales are only limited to just 20 questions- The Likert does not count as one, whereas it counts as one per "statement" in the Likert.
  • Integration - It's a fairly basic form builder that's easy to use, but it lacks essential advanced features such as integrations with third-party apps.
  • Custom Domain - When it comes to custom domains or just domains. Microsoft Forms lagging a lot behind, and the customers aren't happy with it. Check out here the problems they are facing.

Here are a few questions people ask about Microsoft Forms (which justifies why you exactly need a better alternative for Microsoft Forms)

  1. Are Microsoft Forms free?- No, it's only accessible and free for educational and business users others don't get to enjoy that. You cannot even purchase it separately either.
  2. Can you customize Microsoft Forms?- Sadly, the customization for branding is minimal. The user only gets to change the image.
  3. Microsoft forms can be tracked?- Yes, Microsoft forms can get tracked, which essentially is not exactly a good thing, forms being tracked.

What is BlockSurvey?

BlockSurvey, a game-changing survey platform that's perfect for those of us who care deeply about privacy and security. If you've been searching for a reliable and secure way to create and manage surveys, forms, and questionnaires, BlockSurvey is the answer you've been waiting for. What sets BlockSurvey apart from other survey platforms is its unwavering commitment to user privacy.

But that's not all! BlockSurvey comes packed with a host of powerful features designed to help you create visually appealing and engaging surveys. With customizable templates, advanced question types, and dynamic logic options, you can create highly personalized surveys tailored to your audience's needs. And the best part? You can do it all without compromising on privacy or security.

Why is BlockSurvey one of the best alternatives for Microsoft Forms?

Unrivaled Data Privacy

BlockSurvey puts a strong emphasis on user privacy and data protection. BlockSurvey enables digital rights for the users. Meaning, the account or identity ownership and data ownership is with the user and not with the platform provider. With BlockSurvey, all your data is encrypted end to end and you have the keys for them. This prevents data breaches, leaks, harvesting trust issues and that obviously increases response rates. Microsoft forms, on the other hand, doesn't offer the same level of data security.

1000+ Templates

Yes!! Blocksurvey got over a thousand free templates that you can use to create surveys on the go! Basically, you can easily create contact forms to online surveys using their pre-made templates without having to worry about coming up with your own questions. And the best part? It's all free! So if you need to quickly whip up a survey for anything, Blocksurvey is the way to go!

AI-Powered Surveys

Blocksurvey is the only online survey tool that uses AI to help create online surveys. You know that feeling when you need to make a survey, but can't seem to come up with the right questions? Well, Blocksurvey has got you covered! Their AI can suggest questions based on your topic, which is super helpful when you're stuck with writer's block. So don't stress out, let Blocksurvey do the work for you and create the perfect survey in no time!

Advanced Question Types and Logic

BlockSurvey offers a variety of question types and advanced logic options, enabling you to create highly tailored surveys. With features like skip logic, branching, and piping, you can create dynamic, personalized surveys that keep respondents engaged.

Superior Customer Support

BlockSurvey prides itself on offering top-notch customer support, ensuring that users get the assistance they need when they need it. From detailed documentation to prompt and friendly support staff, BlockSurvey is committed to helping you succeed. In comparison, Microsoft forms's customer support has room for improvement, making BlockSurvey the more reliable choice when it comes to addressing user concerns.

To wrap it up

In conclusion, while Microsoft Forms is a popular survey tool, there are several limitations and potential pitfalls that users should be aware of. For users who prioritize customization, integration, data analysis, and security, Blocksurvey is an excellent alternative that outperforms Microsoft Forms in several key areas. With its advanced security features, customizable branding, flexible pricing options, and AI-driven survey creation, Blocksurvey is a top choice for individuals and organizations looking to collect information and feedback with ease and confidence. So if you're looking for a powerful and secure survey tool, we highly recommend giving Blocksurvey a try.

Explore the best Microsoft Forms alternative: Why Blocksurvey is the Ultimate Survey Tool FAQ

Which is better Google forms or Microsoft forms?

Google Forms is great for saving a buck, but with less features when compared to every other player on the ground. Google forms are extremely limited when it comes to customization or integrating payments. So comparatively Microsoft forms is a better option with its premium features.

Is there a free version of Microsoft forms?

Microsoft forms has a free version of it with limited features but extended features like increasing the no. of respondents or using various built-in templates are only available with Office 365 subscription.

Is Microsoft forms free with Office 365?

Microsoft Forms is an online form builder that's part of the Office 365 platform – but it's not available for everyone – only Business and Education users get free access to Microsoft Forms, and you can't purchase it separately, either.

Is Microsoft forms safe to use?

Microsoft forms are not entirely safe to use as their forms are tracked. Data is stored on their own server, so you cannot entirely promise on the Data privacy.

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