Qualtrics Alternative

Qualtrics Alternatives

Oh and by the way, we at BlockSurvey love Qualtrics ❤️. Remember the one name that comes to mind when you're doing research, and the one tool that has created this industry of survey tools. That's Qualtrics. It could be big businesses running research or students doing academic research online. If it is online surveys, Qualtrics is the house name. That's how deep Qualtrics has gone to help in the market of business research and academic research. Also, they were the first to make academic study easier for students, and we have to admit that they are pioneers, and we respect what they did to the research industry.

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is the leading provider of online survey software. They are the incumbents in this space with over a decade of experience. Today, they are aligned towards providing tools for building experience management in the field of customer and brand experience.

What is BlockSurvey?

Similar to Qualtrics, BlockSurvey is a online survey tool with a focus on data privacy and security. It runs on a Blockchain called Stacks. BlockSurvey is focused on providing data ownership and security to students to protect their ideas and insights they collect through surveys.

Do you know BlockSurvey is free for students?

Why do students want use BlockSurvey as a online survey tool?

Today, Qualtrics is a decade old company with a heavy focus on enterprise for experience management. It offers end to end solution for building customer experience and brand experience management. Because of this focus, the UI and UX are not ready for today's students and young businesses. Forms are not fun, engaging, or conversational. Period.

Why use BlockSurvey as a online survey tool?

For Students: BlockSurvey is the first online survey tool to be free for Students. Check our pricing page to apply for free access. It's built with a focus on creating a fun, engaging and conversational style surveys. Which leads to better conversation rates and research more as a fun experience. You can mix all you want. Could be videos, images, emojis. Build as you want to create an experience for the respondent. It's easy to use and highly productive. More to the design, you truly own your data with BlockSurvey. No can see the data other than you. Not even BlockSurvey.

For Businesses: If you are searching for a secure online survey tool to grow your business, we are a reliable and affordable survey management software that focuses on increasing efficiency, security, privacy and improving overall performance in your organization. We also help you in setting up any business automation in the data collection space. You can also run customer experience(CX) surveys like NPS, CSAT, CES. BlockSurvey really wants to help organization to be efficient in data collection and in the same time by being cost effective.

Blocksurvey customer experience
Blocksurvey customer experience

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