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Oh, and by the way, we at BlockSurvey love Qualtrics❤️. But you are here looking for a Qualtrics alternative is completely understandable. Qualtrics is one of the best survey platforms available. It’s widely used for research purposes like running an employee pulse survey, student research surveys, and market research surveys.

That's how deep Qualtrics has gone to help in the market of business research and academic research. But still, user experience is the final verdict, whatever you claim to be the best if not useful to your customer then there needs to be a change.

The reasons why you should look for Qualtrics alternative

Qualtrics is more used as a research tool than a survey platform; it fits best if you use it for education or other academic purposes. One of the essential aspects of a research tool is the data analysis and reporting features. Not every survey platform can give justice when it comes to core research features.

Though Qualtrics seems to be one of the decent options to go with for your research, there are tools out there that can do your data analysis even more precisely and accurately at cheaper pricing plans. So looking for an alternative to Qualtrics is not such a bad idea.

Another setback with this tool, as mentioned by its users, is we can integrate only with a limited no. Of apps, this can restrict you from using the best data analysis tools, which can affect your research results.There is a chance of you losing the data because it doesn’t have an ‘Auto save’ option. Thanks to all these distractions, there is a high chance that the quality of their day-to-day service suffers.

There are a lot of competitors or alternatives available in the market for Qualtrics, here we are discussing the best 4 options available for you to take.

Top 4 Qualtrics alternative to use in 2023

1. BlockSurvey:

Why Blocksurvey?

BlockSurvey is the World’s most secured survey tool which completely provides data security to its creators and responders. BlockSurvey is a private and secure survey tool with plenty of rich features to create beautiful surveys and also protects your participant’s complete anonymity security. It's built with capabilities to focus on creating fun, engaging, and conversational style surveys. That increases the user experience and higher response rates( it directly affects your research results).

We are living in the “Crypto” era, where cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies are ruling the world. BlockSurvey is the very first online survey tool that uses Stacks Blockchain, which is secured by Bitcoin to power up the surveys. BlockSurvey strongly believes ‘You own your data, it’s your digital fundamental right. This maintains the anonymity of the survey builder as well as the responder.

Do you know BlockSurvey is free for students?

Today, Qualtrics is a decade-old company with a heavy focus on the enterprise for experience management. It offers end to end solution for building customer experience and brand experience management. Because of this focus, the UI and UX are not ready for today's students and young businesses. So an alternative with which you are getting the same features(even more with precise data analysis) and a fab UI for FREE why not give it a try, sign up and reach out to us from the 'help' or 'book a demo' to get your free access.

Build as you want to create an experience for the respondent, embed video content to your surveys to make them more lively. It's easy to use and highly productive. More to the design, you truly own your data with BlockSurvey. No one can see the data other than you. Not even BlockSurvey. And finally, their support team is the best, your queries are solved so fast. Among Qualtrics competitors, BlockSurvey is the most secure and you get to try the AI-infused surveys to handle your research needs.

In short: BlockSurvey is the best in terms of New-gen survey features, easy customization, and the most secured Data privacy survey. And you must try out, how the BlockSurvey AI helps you to figure out the best questions for your survey. When you get a whole lot of features in the basic plan itself, why not give it a try?

2. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is one of the decent available Qualtrics alternatives, it is very intuitive to use with more users liking its customization option and pricing policies. Zoho survey keeps it simple and user-friendly, which attracts many of its users.

Why Zoho Survey?

Customization is one of the best-loved features of Zoho Survey, pre-built templates, 100 question types, and more. Obviously, it has more features than Qualtrics and even Google forms. The integrations with apps like Hubspot, Marketo, etc are much easier when compared to others. Zoho survey is very easy to set up and it seamlessly works with your website. It gives an amazing dashboard, user-friendly analytics, reports, and a highly customizable survey tool.

Where does Zoho Survey fail to impress you?

Though it’s very easy to set up and user-friendly, the logic feature is so basic compared to the rest of the alternatives in the category. According to their customer feedback,, it is found that the survey interface is a bit boring and dull. So it may affect your survey completion rate to some extent. You can go for it if you want to run a simple survey.

3. SurveySparrow

If you are a customization lover, you may be sure to fall in love with SurveySparrow, it has many such popular features. This online survey software has various customization options like adding background images, buttons, CSS, etc. You can integrate easily with Hubspot, Salesforce, and other apps with their advanced features. This way you can create personalized surveys to impress your respondents.

Why SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow is a robust platform among the available Qualtrics alternatives, it has an engaging UI that gives a higher survey completion rate when compared to its competitors in the category. SurveySparrow provides two types of outputs, chat-like surveys, and conversational surveys. You can even use the platform to run quick polls for faster and more real-time data collection

Where does SurveySparrow fail to impress you?

Features they give for a premium plan are low when compared to other alternatives, their customer support is also not much satisfactory according to the reviews of its users. End of the day Customer experience is all matters.

4. Alchemy

SurveyGizmo, the now changed to Alchemer is one of the decent alternatives to Surveymonkey with simple, user-friendly, flexible features to it.

Why Alchemer?

Easy to integrate with Salesforce, Google sheets, Webhooks, and more. It has recently introduced many new features with unlimited surveys and exciting survey templates that are currently available with the other competitors in the market. They also have a free plan that allows you to take up to 3 surveys at once, collect 100 responses for each survey, and ask unlimited questions.

Where does Alchemer fail to impress you?

The pricing of Alchemer seems a little expensive for the features it gives in a particular package, so it doesn’t come under affordable price for many of its customers. Poor customer survey is also felt one of the reasons for switching from them as per the user’s reviews.


Now you got an overview of the Top 5 alternatives available for Qualtrics with all the details of the features they provide. BlockSurvey is one of the most secure survey platforms with Gen-next Blockchain technology, simple, easy to integrate, and attractive features, which makes your respondents all in love with your survey. Start your free trial now.

Qualtrics Alternative FAQ

Is Qualtrics better than SurveyMonkey?

Qualtrics simply shows you both at the same time, making your job easier. As a SurveyMonkey alternative, Qualtrics sure is costlier, but you also get a pretty great feature set for the price. The great feature-loaded design of the questionnaire certainly is one of the reasons why is Qualtrics better than SurveyMonkey.

Is Qualtrics HIPAA compliant?

Qualtrics has acknowledged that its offerings are HIPAA compliant by entering into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the University of Minnesota. This means that if your survey will involve Protected Health Information (PHI), Qualtrics will handle the PHI in a manner that is in compliance with the law.

How much Qualtrics cost?

Qualtrics pricing works on a subscription-based model requiring annual renewal. Plans start at $1,500 a year and go up to $5,000 a year. The pricing is based on what features you require, how many features you require, how many active team members will be utilizing the software, and the size of your business

Does Qualtrics track IP addresses?

Qualtrics estimates location based on a respondent's IP address. This data is called “GeoIP Location” in survey logic condition dropdown menus. So 'Yes' Qualtrics can track your IP address.

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