Maximizing your survey results using AI-powered analysis, in a very less time

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May 30, 2024 · 6 mins read

How much time have you genuinely spent or lost sifting through countless Excel spreadsheets filled with data from open-ended questions, attempting to cobble together fresh insights about your customers? 

Most times delayed insights don’t help the sole purpose of the data you have collected. Especially in an era where the market changes drastically every day, ‘Insights delayed is equal to opportunities lost’. So the survey analysis time is a crucial factor for the success of your data collection. Here comes AI for the rescue, AI-powered survey data analysis reduces your analysis time, with limited to almost zero of your resource utilization. In this blog, we will explore in detail how it can accelerate your time towards quality insights.

Why Manual Survey Analysis Demands More Hours Than You Think

Time and Resource Constraints

  • Analyzing open-ended responses is inherently time-consuming and resource-intensive. Each response must be read, interpreted, and categorized, often requiring a nuanced understanding of context and language. 
  • This process can be slow and costly, making it impractical for large datasets or when quick decision-making is required. 
  • If you are an organization with limited manpower or budget constraints you may find yourself unable to analyse the full value of the data collected, potentially missing out on critical insights that are hidden inside the honest response given by your customer.

Limitations of Human Analysis at Scale

  • Analysts can introduce bias consciously or unconsciously that may skew the data interpretation. There is also the risk of oversight, where important nuances or patterns are missed simply due to the volume of data. 

Missed Opportunities and Competitive Disadvantages

  • Manually analyzing open-ended responses can lead to significant lags in deriving actionable insights. In a fast-paced market environment, this delay can result in missed opportunities. 
  • And also if your competitor might leverage automated analysis tools to rapidly understand market needs and adjust their strategy accordingly, gaining a competitive edge. Definitely, you don't want to miss this opportunity.

AI-powered vs Manual analysis: How much time actually AI saves for you

Estimated time for manual survey analysis

Manual analysis of survey data, especially for a data set with 1000 responses, involves several time-consuming stages. Each stage is critical and requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the insights. Here's a breakdown of the time typically required for each 

Stage of Analysis


Time Required

Data Cleaning

Initial data cleaning involves removing or correcting erroneous data, handling missing or outlier values, and ensuring consistency across data types.

2-3 hours

Data Processing

This stage includes structuring the data in a format suitable for analysis, which may involve creating additional variables or summarizing data into manageable forms.

1-2 hours

Exploratory Data Analysis

Analysts explore the data to find patterns, trends, and anomalies. This includes generating basic statistics, creating visual plots, and testing initial hypotheses.

2-4 hours

In-depth Analysis

Deeper analysis to answer specific research questions or test more complex hypotheses. This may involve advanced statistical techniques or detailed cross-variable comparisons.

4-6 hours

Report Generation

Compiling the findings into a coherent report that includes charts, graphs, and detailed explanations of the insights derived from the data.

2-3 hours


Final review of the report to ensure accuracy, coherence, and that the insights align with the initial objectives of the survey.

1-2 hours

Total Estimate

12-20 hours

Estimated time for AI-powered survey analysis

AI survey data analysis utilizes LLM’s that can preprocess text data, which includes correcting spelling errors, standardizing terminology, and parsing text into usable data formats easily cleansing large amounts of data. Likewise, they do processing and analysis in no time, reducing your time and resource costs significantly. 

The total time needed for AI-powered survey data analysis for a data set of 1000 responses including report generation is less than an hour. 

Yes!! You are almost saving a huge time lag between your data collection and insight generation

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Why choose AI-powered survey analysis: The reasons why it is more efficient than you think

  • Parallel Computing in Data Analysis: Parallel computing significantly diminishes the overall duration required to derive insights from survey data when integrated with multiple data sets. This approach leverages concurrent processing, enabling the analysis of vast quantities of data simultaneously. 

  • Enhanced Data Refinement: Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in refining data, substantially enhancing the reliability and relevance of the insights obtained.

  • On-Demand AI Execution for New Datasets: AI models are designed to be flexible and can be executed on-demand to analyze new datasets as they become available. This capability allows businesses to obtain just-in-time insights, which is crucial for accelerating the pace of data-driven decision-making. 

  • Focus Shift to Deeper Data Exploration: With AI rapidly surfacing key insights from large volumes of data. This shift allows teams to concentrate on more complex analyses, strategic thinking, and innovation, ultimately leading to more informed decisions and competitive advantages in their respective markets.


AI has levelled the playing field, allowing even small teams to perform complex analyses without deep specialization. Blocksurvey provides AI-powered tools that facilitate sophisticated analytics on survey responses, enabling data-driven decision-making regardless of business size. Ultimately, by investing in these advanced technological solutions, businesses can significantly enhance their efficiency, agility, and competitiveness in today's data-driven landscape, making it an indispensable strategy for saving time and maximizing impact.

Maximizing your survey results using AI-powered analysis, in a very less time FAQ

Why should I consider switching to AI-powered survey analysis?

AI-powered tools can significantly reduce the time and labor costs associated with survey analysis, offer enhanced data accuracy, and improve decision-making efficiency, leading to a higher ROI.

Can the survey data collected from other survey tools be analyzed using Blocksurvey?

Yes, Blocksurvey can analyze data collected from other survey tools. You can import your existing survey data into Blocksurvey’s AI survey analysis tool to take advantage of our powerful analysis features and gain deeper insights.

Can AI improve the accuracy of survey results?

Yes, AI can reduce human error and bias in the analysis process, leading to more reliable results.

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