10 Free AI Content Generators for 2024

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Jan 3, 2024 · 4 mins read

Are you a freelance content writer? Do you want to write exceptional and lead-converting copy for your client’s business?

Are you a social media manager looking to post engaging content on your social media pages? Are you looking for captions tailored for your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube posts?

Do you experience writer’s block sometimes when you attempt to create blogs and articles? Do you fall short of time to meet tight content creation deadlines? Then, this writing is for you.

In this article, I will discuss 10 Free Content generator tools powered by Artificial Intelligence. I am writing this article after hours of research and comparison of content generator tools available on the internet. So, rest assured you have come to the right place to make the right decision for choosing your first or next AI content generator tool.

Most of the below tools to be discussed contain use-case-based content generation. Be it Instagram captions, Facebook Post Ideas, YouTube video Titles, Blog titles, or anything of that sort, most of these tools are context-based AI generators with built-in prompts.

I want to educate you on selecting the right generator tool. Read on.

How to select an AI Content Generator tool

There are umpteen AI content generator tools on the internet. How do you know which one to choose? I have discussed a few important factors to consider while choosing your AI generator.

Quality of the content: Give thought to the quality of the content generated. AI generators are based on large language models like GPT4 that are trained on huge data. The larger the trained data better the quality of the output.

Avoid spammy generators: Few AI content generators in the market produce spammy content no matter how detailed your prompts are. So, be on the watch-out for such spammy generators and totally avoid using them and save your time.

Data Regulations: Check the data regulation framework behind the AI content generator you are using. Your data should not be misused. A strong regulatory adherence guarantees the safe handling of your data and protection against data breaches.

Team Collaboration: If you are working as a team, then make sure the content generator you use has collaboration and sharing features. This will be especially helpful if you working for an organization and require working with colleagues.

I would also like to bring to your notice that the AI content generator tools listed here are in no particular order. Read on.


Copy.ai was founded by Mr. Paul Yacoubian in the year 2020. Although the free plan supports only English language, the Pro plan still supports 25+ languages. The free plan allows 90+ use cases, 8 tones, and 2000 words per month. Prompts for various use cases are built-in, helping in providing more accurate content based on the context. It generates use-case-based content like Facebook captions, Blog Titles, Email Drafts, Sale Copy, etc, faster and better.


  • It has proven history to be a Time-saving content-generation tool.
  • The quality of the output is better than most other content generation tools.


  • This is not a replacement for human creativity and often requires human oversight.
  • CopyAI lacks an interactive text generation feature.


  • Pro - 36$ per month
  • Team - 186$ per month


Simplified was founded by Mr. KD Deshpande in the year 2020. It supports 20+ languages and 12 tones. The free word limit is 3000 per month. This tool not only allows AI content generation but also assists with graphic designing, video editing, & social media management. The multi-purpose nature of this product makes it unique and helps to get more things done using this single application.


  • The ability to switch from a light theme to a dark theme reduces strain on the eyes.
  • This tool is very apt for marketing teams, given its multipurpose nature.


  • The long-form content produced by Simplified is pretty average.
  • Sometimes, it does not meet quality standards. Make sure generated content meets quality standards.


  • Pro - 12$ per month


Rytr was founded in April 2022 by Mr. Abhi Godara. It supports 35 different languages and 22 different writing tones. It offers 34 use cases belonging to categories like blogs, copywriting, business, eCommerce, and social media. This AI content generation tool is best for creating short-form content.


  • This has a very intuitive User Interface with a quick learning curve.
  • This tool is very apt for academicians.


  • The outputs generated by Rytr are sometimes incomplete.
  • You may require multiple regenerations to get the content right.


  • Saver - 9$ per month
  • Unlimited - 29$ per month


Frase was founded by Tomas Ratia in the year 2016. Frase supports the following 8 languages - English, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish. To be very precise, Frase is more of a content optimization platform rather than a content creation platform. Analyzes SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and helps produce content that is Search Engine Optimized suited for better ranking.


  • This is an SEO-focused content generation tool.
  • Reading and analyzing SERP is easier than before.


  • It may get too pricey for individual content creators or freelancers.
  • UI may be intimidating for beginners at first, but you will become familiar with practice.


  • Solo - 14.99$ per month
  • Basic - 44.99$ per month
  • Team - 114.99$ per month


WriteSonic was founded by Samanyou Garg in 2020. It offers multiple tones and supports 25+ languages. The free trial gives you 2500 free words. I would say the ability to generate elaborate content with minimal input is its defining feature.


  • The user interface and user experience are friendly, with a faster learning curve for beginners.
  • The Chrome extension comes in very handy.


  • The 2500 word limit on the free trial is available only for one-time use.
  • The user may feel feature-rich and get lost sometimes while using it.


  • Small - 15$ per month
  • Enterprise - 500$ per month
  • Freelancer - 16$ per month


JasperAI is another AI content generation tool founded by Dave Rogenmoser in January 2021. JasperAI serves 60+ use cases, including content for blogs, social media content, email, and sales copies. Producing original and refined content outputs is one of the key features of JasperAI.


  • This tool contains numerous AI templates for different use cases.
  • It is a very good collaboration tool.


  • The pricing plan of JasperAI may appear expensive for freelancers and individual content writers.
  • The user of this product may experience a slower learning curve.


  • Creator - 39$ per month
  • Team -99$ per month
  • Business - Talk with sales


Rohan Gupta, David Silin, and Anil Jason together founded QuillBot in the year 2017. This AI content generator does not create new text. Instead, it rewrites the existing content, i.e., paraphrasing. The ability to eliminate Plagiarism is the most celebrated feature of QuillBot.


  • It has 7 distinct modes that set the tone and purpose of the content modification.
  • It has a built-in Grammar checker and a Language translator, which is very useful.


  • Technical issues arise that cause the user to spend more time creating the required content.
  • This is apt only for rewriting, not for creating new content from scratch.


  • Premium - 9.95$ per month


We all know that HubSpot is a widely-used CRM and business operation tool. In 2023, they launched their AI content generation tool. The tool is in Beta, but you can still sign up and use the AI content generator. The key feature that I personally think is you can use this AI content generator along with other tools provided by HubSpot.


  • This helps in creating SEO-optimized content.
  • Helps you write better and faster with efficiency.


  • This is not a full-fledged AI content generator tool.
  • You will fall short of a complete AI content-generation experience.


  • HubSpot AI writer is in Beta and currently free.


Krittin Kalra was the founder of WriteCream, and the company was founded in 2021 in Delhi, India. WriteCream supports 75+ languages and has a free word count of 10,000 words per month. It not only helps you create new content, but it also helps in rewriting content. The ability to create new content and rewrite existing content at the same time remains the most adored feature of WriteCream as opposed to QuillBot, which does only rewriting.


  • WriteCream contains email and chat support. Rest assured. Your queries will be addressed.
  • WriteCream ART helps you convert thoughts into art.


  • It has a voice-over generation feature. 4 voice-overs in the free plan, which I think is very little.
  • The user may find using the product overwhelming.


  • Unlimited - 29$ per month
  • Standard - 49$ per month
  • Extended - 69$ per month


Jon Ricketts, Kyle Dayne, and Vinson Wany founded Writerly in 2022. It has a 10000 word count for the free plan. WriterlyGo integrates with Gmail to save time. This definitely is a key feature of Writerly.


  • Writerly offers a generative AI Chrome extension.
  • It is very handy to create AI content on the fly.


  • Writerly has lower word counts on the free and lower-priced plans.
  • The paid plans may be confusing and require some thought to gain clarity on plans.


  • Chat - 4$ per month
  • Studio - 14$ per month
  • Team - 34$ month

Wrapping Up

Having delved into the above 10 AI Content Generators, it is time for you to try these tools and spice up your content creation journey. Since the free versions have a monthly word limit, I suggest you use the word limit wisely and upgrade to a paid plan as you scale.

Creating content is not an easy job. It requires immense creativity, thought, and skill. There may be days when you face writer’s block, and you feel helpless. AI content generator tools come in handy at those moments. It gives you a fresh start.

I also want to remind you that AI content writer tools are not a replacement for human writing. So, make sure you give much thought while creating content using AI content generator tools.

If you have tried any of the above tools before, do share your experience by writing to us. We would be happy to hear from you. If you feel any important content tool is missing from the list, let us know. We can consider adding it to the list if it is a truly defining tool.

Until then, it's me signing off with this article. Hope to talk with you about other AI tools through BlockSurvey. Last but not least, try BlockSurvey, a secure survey tool, when you find some time.

Talk to you soon.

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