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Jan 3, 2024 · 5 mins read

It always feels great to write. However, at the same time, I am loaded with the responsibility to give you the right content. Content that helps me connect with you and, at the same time, makes you think and, to some extent, helps you make the correct judgment.

I started learning to code websites when I was in 10th grade, around the year 2003. Soon, I attended the university for a computer science degree. My Web Technology teacher at the university taught further more techniques for developing websites. Something to share here: co-founder of BlockSurvey Wilson Bright and I attended the same university and were taught by the same teachers. He had that entrepreneurial drive right from the university. Proud to be Wilson’s classmate.

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you started a shoe retail business? Do you want to sell your shoes online through an e-commerce website? Have you started a tax consultancy business? Do you want to exhibit your tax services through a website? Ok. I can sense you need a website. But can you code the website for yourself? Do you have the required knowledge to create a website? If not, Don’t worry. There are a lot of drag-and-drop editors that can help you create your website. In addition, in recent years, Artificial Intelligence joined the game with a lot of AI website builders online.

After reading through a few blogs on the AI website creator, I found a handful of AI website makers. I plan to write on that handful of 10 website builders that create AI-generated websites. It is a mix of popular platforms and not-so-popular AI website builder platforms.

I want to continue writing the blog with the following cautionary statement. “AI CANNOT REPLACE HUMAN”. In fact, I can generate blog content from ChatGPT and paste it here. Do you think it will help you or me? Definitely not. AI can be used as a reference or guide but not as an alternative to human thinking.

Now, let us dive on to find out what makes a good AI Website Maker.

What makes a Good AI Website Maker?

There are a few things you must think through before choosing your AI website maker.

User Friendly: The AI website maker should be user-friendly and easy to use. The AI website maker should support a faster learning curve. No matter how advanced the tool, if you face difficulty using the product, you are going to have a tough time. So watch out for a User-Friendly AI website creator.

Templates & Customization: Not only should the product provide a lot of templates to choose from, but it also should provide an option for customization. As our website grows, the tool should be able to scale up, supporting all advanced website implementations. So, watch for a builder that supports customization options.

Mobile Responsive: In modern SEO, it is very important for your website for mobile responsive. Being mobile responsive is an SEO ranking factor. Most editors support mobile responsiveness, but it is a good idea to check for mobile responsiveness before finalizing the AI website builder.

Faster Loading: When your website loads slowly, people are going to bounce out quickly. Your website should load from a server that has a faster loading capacity. Faster loading of websites is also an SEO ranking factor. So, make sure your website loads from a fast server.

Content Generation: Creating content for websites is a separate study in itself. Copywriting content to convert sales through our website is a high-demand skill. The website builder should have support for AI content generation. Also, the option to edit AI-generated content to make it more human.

Application Integration: The AI website builder should be integrated with other applications. This can help you do a lot with the website builder. Remember to check the applications that are integrated with the AI website builder.

Now, let’s move on to learn more about Hostinger’s AI Website Builder.


I have experience creating a WordPress site with Hostinger. I made a pretty good website, and I am happy with their services. While writing this blog, I tried their AI website builder. The AI website builder asked for the brand name and also for a detailed description of the product. It asked for the type of website like e-commerce, business, portfolio, etc. I tried creating a website for BlockSurvey. After giving all the required details, it took 1-2 minutes before it generated the first version of the website for me. You can find the screenshot of the AI-generated website below.


  • Simple drag-and-drop editor with AI capability.
  • For customer support, you can chat with real humans anytime, anywhere.


  • Limited storage on the server on the basic plans.
  • No dedicated IP for shared hosting plans.


  • Premium: 149$ per month
  • Business: 269$ per month
  • Cloud Startup: 699$ per month

It’s 10Web next.


I had not come across 10Web before until I researched content for this blog. Just like Hostinger, there were few prompts asking for questions like Brand name and description. The quality of the generated website is much better than Hostinger. It generates a Hero Section, Services Section, Testimonial Section, Team Section, and Newsletter Section. The quality of the content generated is better than Hostinger. The editor is very user-friendly, and they partner with Google Cloud Platform for hosting services. Overall, I am very much satisfied with 10 Web. I have included the screenshot of the AI-generated client testimonials section below.


  • It contains tools to enhance website visibility in search engines.
  • It contains plugins for everything from photo galleries to SEO.


  • Few advanced features have a steeper learning curve.
  • Plugin compatibility issues may arise. It uses the Google Cloud Platform for hosting.


  • AI Starter: 10$ per month
  • AI Premium: 15$ per month
  • AI Ultimate: 23$ per month

Moving onto Wix.


Wix is a widely known website generator. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) has the AI capabilities to create AI-generated websites. I personally tried my hands with the Wix AI Website creator. What I felt was it asked way too many questions. Also, the output could have been more professional. The website created by 10Web is far way better than Wix. One good thing about Wix is that they offer their own hosting, while 10Web is dependent on Google Cloud Platform for hosting services.


  • A widely known and widely used AI website maker.
  • It provides its own hosting service.


  • It asks way too many questions to create an AI-generated website.
  • The output generated could have been a lot better when compared to Web10 standards.


  • Core: 199 INR per month
  • Business: 399 INR
  • Business Elite: 799 INR per month

How about Jimdo next?


When I tried Jimdo AI, I was amazed at its capability. Jimdo recognizes the Google business listing of the given brand name and automatically uses that on the contact page. Jimdo also tries to fetch all images from the Brand’s social media pages. I have not seen this feature in any of the other builders. Just like 10Web, Jimdo provides quality output with the website. Jimdo is next to 10Web in the AI website builders have tried so far. Give it a try. You’ll love it.


  • Quickly creates websites based on business type and provided preferences.
  • The website automatically adjusts to any device.


  • Provides limited options for creative work.
  • E-commerce features could have been more advanced.


  • Start: 300 INR per month
  • Grow: 500 INR per month
  • Unlimited: 1250 INR per month

The very famous Godaddy now.


First of all, I had a difficult time locating the website builder from the GoDaddy website. However, once inside the GoDaddy website builder, the first thing I experienced was its robustness. After asking a few questions (2 or 3, I suppose), the website content is generated as per the preferences. With GoDaddy, Wix, and Hostinger widely used Website builders, I would say GoDaddy is definitely the best. Not only do I see robustness in it, but I also see a lot of options for customization.


  • The dark theme of the website builder is very pleasant to the eyes while using it.
  • Provides digital marketing guidance for effective online reach.


  • Some users might find transitioning between GoDaddy’s varied services slightly cumbersome.
  • It might behave restrictive for tech developers looking for intricate customization.


  • Basic: 329 INR per month
  • Standard: 699 INR per month
  • Premium: 999 INR per month
  • E-commerce: 1499 INR per month

Now, FramerAI.


When I tried creating a website with FramerAI, I felt the same as working with Figma. Yes, the user experience is more like Figma. The copywriting content on the AI-generated website is world-class. The color selection and the graphic selection are very modern. I would say that FramerAI stands out with its graphic content. The graphic designs and image selection are like the work of a seasoned graphic designer. FramerAI has challenged human thinking as far as modern design is concerned.


  • Creates original website designs.
  • Easily add interactive components like hover effects, sliders, and more


  • It is more tailored to prototyping than the entire AI website building.
  • Specific interactive components might appear differently in the final product.


  • Mini: 311 INR per month
  • Basic: 544 INR per month
  • Pro: 1088 INR per month

Let’s dive into DurableCo now.


When I tried DurableCo, I found it needed to prompt more questions at the beginning before generating an AI website. That is probably why the website content is too dragged away from the business's core offering. It has a good User Interface. The user trying it for the first time will have a faster learning curve. It asks only for business type and location; it does not ask for a description or detailed explanation of the business. I think the little information received cannot give you a full-fledged website, and I can see the same in the generated website.


  • Easy customization with no coding required.
  • Built-in SEO and AI content creation.


  • The generated website is too far away from the business's core offering.
  • The prompt asks for very generic information.


  • Starter: 12$ per month
  • Business: 20$ per month

Moving on to the e-commerce platform - Shopify.


When we think of Shopify, we think of e-commerce. Within a few clicks, I got my trial Shopify site created. Shopify’s foray into the AI space is highly commendable. AI helps predict shopping trends, analyze visitor behavior, and even automate routine tasks. Shopify’s AI-driven chatbots enhance customer interaction, guiding them through product selections and answering queries in real time. AI is redefining e-commerce, and Shopify stands proof.


  • Customize your online store without coding.
  • This platform accepts payments seamlessly.


  • Charges transaction fees unless using Shopify payments.
  • AI features might be overwhelming for new users.


  • Basic: 1,994 INR per month
  • Shopify: 7,447 INR per month
  • Advanced: 30,164 INR per month

Moving on to next. Read on.


Unbounce is primarily a landing page-generating AI builder. The most important element of the landing page is the copywriting. Unbounce has a top-notch AI copywriting assistant. AI website builder capabilities to analyze visitor behaviors, track conversion metrics, and suggest real-time improvements that are easy to implement with no coding or technical experience. As far as landing pages are concerned, Unbounce is the best AI builder to create your landing pages and convert sales effectively.


  • Best for creating landing pages.
  • AI-powered recommendations to improve conversion rates


  • First-time users may experience a steeper learning curve.
  • The pricing may sound expensive when compared to other AI website builders.


  • Launch: 99$ per month
  • Optimize: 145$ per month
  • Accelerate: 240$ per month
  • Concierge: 625$ per month

Leaning to the last on the list, DiviAI.

Divi AI

The Divi AI page builder is a famous WordPress builder that allows users to create beautiful sites with minimal effort. It contains a simple drag-and-drop interface. Imagine constantly having a copywriter, digital artist, and photographer at your disposal; that's what building with Divi AI feels like. Divi AI is like a website build assistant.


  • Generate AI content with one click while building your website.
  • Creates stunning on-brand images for your site using Divi AI’s AI image generator.


  • The beginner may experience a steeper learning curve.
  • It takes time to get accustomed to the user interface.


  • Pro: 25$ per month

Let's Wrap up.

Wrapping up

After trying the above AI website builders, I feel great about completing this blog. I covered 5 popular AI website builders and 5 not so popular website builders. I found the latter equally good as the former. Few not-so-popular were even better than popular AI website builders.

I encourage you to re-read the blog if you feel like. Get hands-on with the AI builders you like. Try the free version and go for a paid version as you scale. Few AI builders can be used only after providing credit card information. Feel free to ignore those if you want to.

Suppose you would like to share your experience with other AI website builders not discussed here. Do write to me [email protected].

Thanks for reading through. Talk to you soon.

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