How To Create Aesthetic Surveys?

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Jan 18, 2024 · 3 mins read

Surveys are created to gather data from respondents. The gathered data help you make important decisions. But do you know the aesthetics of your survey can increase response rates, drive engagement, and create memorable experiences? Also, do you know it actually makes people enjoy taking surveys?

This is where survey aesthetics play a very important role. Besides addressing survey engagement factors like Personalization, Mobile Optimization, Branding, and Question Phrasing, are you focusing on the minute aesthetics of surveys?

In this article, I will focus on aesthetic ideas to watch out while creating surveys. I will be discussing the following listed aesthetics.

  • Purpose Over Prettiness
  • Audience Awareness
  • Consistency In Design
  • Use of images
  • Color psychology
  • Typography
  • White Space

Continue reading further to receive more ideas on the above aesthetics.

1. Purpose Over Prettiness

You might be tempted to use vibrant colors for your surveys. Sometimes, on the contrary, you may also use a minimalistic design. Before working on the survey design, you must think of its purpose. In other words, you must think of the survey's purpose before working on its prettiness.

The purpose of your survey should guide its design.

Consider you are designing a corporate employee feedback survey for a large company. Do you think using vibrant and fancy colors for your corporate survey will be helpful? I don’t think so. A corporate feedback survey might benefit from a clean, minimalist, and professional design, which will cater to the needs of the professional respondents taking the feedback survey.

Contrary to the employee feedback survey, let us consider that you are now running a survey after a corporate celebration event filled with dance, drama, singing, and more. Do you think minimalist design will cater to celebration events? Think again. A survey about celebrations might need vibrant colors and dynamic elements.

BlockSurvey offers 3 different views: classic, one question at a time, and conversational. You can use classic views for serious surveys, one question at a time for a little laid-back one, and conversational for a fun-filled one.

This section should have given an idea of why it is important to prioritize purpose over prettiness. The idea is to select the design based on the tone of the survey. Now, let's learn more about Audience awareness while creating surveys.

2. Audience Awareness

Just like the purpose of the survey, the survey audience plays a vital role in the design of the survey. The audience may be younger or older. The audience may be technically adept or the general public. The audience may be native or foreign. The audience may be college students or working professionals. It is important to choose a survey style that suits your survey audience.

The music is nothing if the audience is deaf - Walter Lippmann

Knowing your survey audience is essential. Let’s consider your survey audience is young. Younger audiences tend to like surveys that are vibrant and colorful. So, it is appropriate to go for a vibrant design in this case.

On the contrary, how to handle when your survey’s audience is old. Older audiences prefer very neat and easy-to-understand surveys. In this case, having vibrant colors and dynamic elements may confuse the older audience. So, it is better to use a survey design style that is neat and easy to understand.

Thus, just like the purpose of the survey, the audience of the survey also plays a vital part in determining the survey design style. Now, let’s look into design consistency.

3. Consistency In Design

How often have you seen Social media business pages with inconsistent post designs? I have seen a few. Inconsistent design because of a lack of brand guidelines. The case is the same for surveys, too.

When you create a survey, your design must be consistent from beginning to end. Consider framing your brand guidelines. It helps with consistent logos, colors, and fonts. Consistent design results in loyalty. It improves the trust that the respondent has in your survey.

Random design changes can be distracting and appear unprofessional. To combat random design changes, it is important to have a brand guideline that clearly says what logos, colors, and fonts to use. Following the brand guidelines imparts a consistent design in your survey and ultimately paves the way for customer trust and loyalty.

Consider using the Brand Kit option from BlockSurvey.


In the next section, let’s learn more about using images in the survey.

4. Use Of Images

Images can bring life to a survey, but use them judiciously. They should complement the content, not overshadow it. For instance, a survey about travel can use scenic photographs, but they shouldn't distract from the questions.

Trust me, it takes a really long time to browse through image libraries to find images that suit an organization’s brand style. You also need to be sure you have the right to use an image to avoid copyright issues.

Be prepared upfront and save compliant images to the library to help you do your job more easily. Your organization’s logo, colors, and font can be added to the survey builder to save more time.

It’s about Color Psychology now.

5. Color Psychology

Colors evoke emotions. Understand the psychology behind colors to influence the mood of your respondents. Each color carries with it a psychological connotation, a subconscious message that can profoundly influence your respondents’ thoughts, moods, and decisions.

Researchers have a widespread consensus that colors are essential to fields such as marketing, market research, and branding.

For instance, blue can evoke feelings of trust; red can induce excitement; green evokes feelings of freshness; yellow stirs feelings of happiness, and so on. So, make sure you use the right color for your surveys and influence the mood of your respondents.

How about discussing Typography?

6. Typography

The font you choose speaks volumes. The first thing to remember while choosing fonts for your survey is readability. Readability ensures that your respondents can read your survey clearly and provide accurate responses.

Take some time to carefully choose the font to use so that your font matches the larger survey goals. Usually, the font you choose sets the tone for your survey. Even before reading the question, the respondent sees the shape of your font and judges the quality of the survey.

Are you building a fun quiz? Decorative or modern fonts can help reinforce the entertainment factor. Are you creating a corporate feedback quiz? Minimalist fonts can help convey the professionalism of the survey. While it's tempting to use fancy fonts, always prioritize readability. Stick to 2-3 fonts at most and ensure they're web-friendly.

ADD YOUR FONTS NOW. Settings→BrandKit→Fonts

Now let’s find out important of white space in surveys.

7. Use Of White Space

White space is a core element of design. This tenet holds true for surveys. Utilizing white space ensures your surveys don’t look overwhelming or heavy.

White space is not just empty space; it's breathing room for your content. Whitespace can help declutter your survey, making it more comfortable to read and navigate.

Try to shorten longer questions, use page breaks, add sections, and balance questions on the page to increase white space.

Test your knowledge on Creating Aesthetic Surveys

Final Thoughts

Congratulations if you have read till here. I hope the content is helpful to you. The minute aesthetics discussed in this article should be considered to create a more holistic survey. The purpose and the survey's audience are essential points to consider while designing your survey.

A consistent design and clever use of images can further help you accelerate the quality of your survey. The colors and fonts used in your survey speak volumes. Get some knowledge on color psychology, which can help you. Choose readable fonts that set the right tone for your survey. White Spaces help you declutter your survey and provide a breathing space. Thanks for reading through.

How To Create Aesthetic Surveys? FAQ

What is the importance of creating aesthetic surveys?

Aesthetic surveys enhance user experience, increasing engagement and response rates.

How can I design an aesthetically pleasing survey?

Use visually appealing themes, clear fonts, and intuitive layout to create an attractive survey.

Does the design of a survey impact the quality of responses?

Yes, a well-designed survey increases user motivation and encourages more thoughtful and accurate responses.

Are there any best practices for choosing colors and fonts for surveys?

Opt for harmonious color schemes and legible fonts that align with your target audience and survey goals.

Can I use images and media in my surveys?

Yes, incorporating images, videos, or audio can enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your survey.

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