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Let me start this module with a question.

How many of you have filled out forms before? Chances are high that everyone would have.

You must have filled out forms while providing feedback for a product, applying for higher studies, booking a hotel or flight, subscribing to a newsletter, and ordering your favorite food for delivery. The list is endless and goes on.

Here are a few Forms Usecases.

  • Registration Forms.
  • Order Forms.
  • Feedback Forms.
  • Data entry Forms.
  • Application Forms.
  • Subscription Forms.

In this module, I will discuss surveys belonging to each of the above use cases.

Let’s look into each use case in detail.

1. Registration Forms

You must watch out for a few things while creating a registration form.

  • Keep your registration forms simple.
  • Avoid unrelated content on the registration pages.
  • Have a clear call to action for registration.

1.1. Conducting a Marathon

Consider you are conducting a city marathon. You are announcing the annual city marathon for registration. You can use the marathon registration form to receive runner registrations.

Below are a few questions that can be asked in the marathon registration form.

  • Name, Email, Phone number
  • Gender, DOB, address
  • Do you suffer from a medical condition?
  • Are you bringing a companion?

The Marathon Registration Form template is available in BlockSurvey.

You can use the template and customize it as per your requirements.

1.2. Conducting a Conference

As more companies and startups are evolving, people feel the need to attend technical conferences to keep themselves updated. Many big tech companies conduct annual tech conferences to keep their users well-informed.

You can use the Conference registration form to receive the attendee's registration if you are conducting a conference.

Below are a few questions that can be asked in the conference registration form.

  • Demographic questions
  • Is this your first time attending the conference?
  • What events will you attend?
  • Provide your signature

The Conference Registration Form template is available in BlockSurvey.

The template will be helpful if you plan to create a registration form for the conference.

2. Order Forms

An order form is used to receive orders of specific products/services from the buyer.

An order form acts as a legally binding contract between buyer and seller.

These forms are widely used in e-commerce and service industries.

Usually, order forms are used to receive each of the details below.

  • How much each item is requested?
  • Finalize the payment terms.
  • Provide shipping details (if the vendor has to ship the product).

2.1. Food Delivery

Your buyer is very tired after a long day's work. The buyer is very hungry. He plans to take a sandwich. He is very tired and doesn’t want to visit a hotel; instead, he needs to have it delivered to his home.

A plan strikes - ordering sandwiches through a food delivery platform. He has to fill out your order form in this case.

Below are a few questions that can be included in a sandwich order form.

  • Demographic information
  • When do you need the order?
  • What type of bread and cheese would you like?
  • What type of meat and condiments would you like?
  • How many sandwiches would you like?

The Sandwich order form is available in BlockSurvey.

You can reuse the same to create ordering forms for any type of food.

2.2. Hotel Stay

Imagine you are the owner of a hotel. Your hotel has a residential facility for a tour stay. You want people to book and stay in your hotel. So how do they book a stay in your hotel? The solution is a Hotel Booking Form, which is the surest and fastest way to receive a booking for a stay in your hotel.

Below are a few questions that can be included in a hotel booking form.

  • Can you tell me the number of people who need accommodation?
  • What is your period of stay?
  • Do you need food delivery during your stay?
  • Do you need an air-conditioned room?

Thus, booking a hotel form is an important form under order use cases.

3. Feedback Forms

Feedback forms can give your business valuable insights that your existing customer data fails to provide.

Feedback Forms are also used on websites to enable visitors to leave feedback.

Feedback forms are very useful to gain insights into customers’ views. It also improves customer trust and helps to discover customer pain points. It increases customer retention.

Feedback forms also have a negative impact. For example, there may be a distraction from an unsatisfied customer who is an outlier. This type of feedback may skew the results.

3.1. Product Creation

Consider you have created and launched a software product. People have started using your software product. Now, you want feedback on the product. The feedback will help you receive insights into the product adoption in the market.

Below are a few questions that can be included in the Product Feedback form.

  • Do you feel our product is worth the cost?
  • What do you like most about our product?
  • What do you like the least about our product?
  • What feature can be added to the product to make your experience better?

The Product Feedback template is available in BlockSurvey.

You can use the same to launch your product feedback.

3.2. Providing Service

Let’s say you are providing a service for customers. The service may be a barber service, babysitting service, or any service for that matter. Now you want to receive feedback from your customers about the service you are providing. A customer service feedback form can be very helpful in this case.

Below are a few questions that can be included in the service feedback form.

  • Were you satisfied with the customer service we provided you?
  • Did you experience any problems with our service?
  • Was our service provided to you in an accessible manner?
  • Demographic questions may also be asked.

The Customer service feedback form is available in BlockSurvey.

This template can be very helpful to you in gathering service feedback.

4. Data Entry Forms

Data entry helps to receive reliable and structured data that are easy to process and analyze. Data entry forms are used in various sectors like Healthcare, Retail, and Finance. It helps create a comprehensive customer database.

Accurate data collection plays a crucial role in abiding by regulatory standards.

Structured data collected through data entry forms helps train new technologies like AI and machine learning.

4.1. Client information

Forms can also be used to collect structured data for processing and analyzing purposes. The client data is stored in a database for further processing. The client data can be used for marketing and sales purposes.

Below are a few questions to get client data.

  • What is the client’s name?
  • What is the client’s date of birth?
  • What is the client’s phone number?
  • What is the client’s gender?
  • Where is the client’s address?

For example, the date of birth in the above client data collection can be used to send birthday greetings to clients.

4.2. Inventory data

An inventory usually refers to the complete list of items in stock. The inventory details are very useful in places like supermarkets and factories. They help to track the items in stock. This improves the efficiency of the operations and increases the revenue by avoiding wastage.

Below are a few questions to get inventory data.

  • What is the item's name?
  • What is the item rate?
  • What is the item's color?
  • What is the item category?

Thus, the above-discussed forms are other defining forms under the data entry use case.

5. Application Forms

Forms are crucial in the application process where specific information is required.

A few use cases are job, loan, and educational applications.

5.1. Providing a job

Getting a new job is a dream for many people. Job application acts as a bridge between the job candidate and the employer. The job application helps the candidate to provide their educational and experience details. It also helps the employer get a holistic view of the candidate.

Below are a few questions included in the job application form.

  • Where do you currently work?
  • What is your work experience in years?
  • What are your skills?
  • Can you please upload your resume?

The employee job application form template is available in BlockSurvey.

You can dive in straightaway and use the template for your requirements.

5.2. Providing a loan

Getting a study loan, home loan, or car loan is a major happening in the life of any salaried employee or business professional. A loan application helps the loan provider assess the repaying ability of the loan applicant.

Below are a few questions included in the study loan application form.

  • What is the student's name?
  • What is the current program of study?
  • What is the total loan amount you are requesting?
  • What is the expected timeframe for repaying the loan?

BlockSurvey provides a Student Loan application form, and it is ready for modification for trying out in real scenarios.

6. Subscription Forms

Subscription forms are used to build a customer base. They are used for operations, marketing, and sales purposes. They are used for lead generation purposes too. They are used to track the identity of the subscriber so that the service is provided seamlessly without a halt.

6.1. Online Newsletter

Email newsletters have gained wide adoption in recent years. Most websites we visit contain newsletter subscriptions. They are used to send information to subscribers about company happenings. They are also effective in performing content marketing and lead generation.

Below are a few questions asked for an email newsletter subscription.

  • What is your email id?
  • What is your name?
  • When is your optimal day to receive this newsletter?

BlockSurvey contains templates on Newsletter Satisfaction and Newsletter Improvement.

6.2. Sending a Magazine

In contrast with newsletters, which are online, magazines are usually considered physical copies available offline. The magazine subscription form helps to get the name and mailing address of the subscriber to send the magazine periodically without fail.

Below are a few questions asked for a magazine subscription.

  • What is your mailing address?
  • What is your phone number?
  • How would you like to pay for the subscription?
  • How many magazines would you like to subscribe to?

The Magazine subscription template is very handy for creating your subscription form easily.

Let’s move on to test your knowledge of Forms Use cases.

Test your knowledge of Forms Use cases

Final Thoughts

We have discussed a good number of use cases for Forms. I have discussed a few use cases; however, many more have not been discussed. You can visit our 1000+ templates to find and search for still more use cases.

Now is the time to create your form. You can either create it from scratch or use the templates available.

Also, do remember to try out BlockSurvey’s AI-based form creation.

Happy Crafting of Forms!

Use Cases For Forms FAQ

What are use cases for forms?

Use cases for forms include collecting feedback, registering users, capturing leads, processing orders and much more.

How can forms be used to collect feedback?

Forms can be used to gather feedback by asking specific questions about a product, service, or experience, and allowing users to provide their opinions and suggestions.

What is a common use case for forms in marketing?

Forms are commonly used in marketing to capture leads. By requesting contact information from potential customers, businesses can follow up with targeted marketing campaigns.

What is the purpose of registration forms?

Registration forms are used to collect information from users who want to create accounts or sign up for events or services. They help businesses manage user accounts and provide personalized experiences.

How can forms be used to process orders?

Forms can be used as order forms, enabling customers to select products or services, provide shipping and payment details, and complete transactions.

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