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A brand is the face of your business. Good Branding builds trust and loyalty. Consistency is important in Branding because it calls for recognition and user experience.

BlockSurvey provides a Brand Kit to customize your brand assets. Using Brand Kit helps make your surveys look more professional.

In BlockSurvey, to open Brand Kit, go to Dash Board→ Settings→ Brand→ Brand Kit.

Brand assets could be any of the following bulleted items.

  • Logos & Images
  • Fonts
  • Themes
  • CSS Properties
  • Chart Color
  • Social Links
  • Custom Domain

Let’s look into each Brand asset in detail.

1. Logos & Images

1.1. Logo

A logo is a very important visual element that supports your company branding. BlockSurvey provides an option to upload your own company logo that can be used in surveys.

Make sure you upload a high-quality logo.

You can use the company logo in the welcome and thank you screen as part of your branding efforts. The logo can also be used in questions if required.

By default, BlockSurvey has a ‘Powered by’ label that displays the BlockSurvey logo, but when you upgrade to a paid plan, you receive the option to set your company logo instead.

1.2. Image

There can be many images that you use in your surveys. You may also use those images frequently. The image can be a company picture, a CEO picture, an employee picture, or any other image used for survey & marketing purposes.

You can upload (option shown in the screenshot below) these frequently used images for easier access so that you do not need to upload the same image multiple times.

Make sure the image you use is of high quality.

Let’s move on to discuss fonts.

2. Fonts

Fonts are a very essential element in Branding. The font may be formal, fun, or casual as per the Brand requirement. The font says a lot about the nature of the brand.

Branding usually includes 2 to 3 fonts. Even if it feels inadequate, 2 to 3 fonts are all you need to make an engaging visual. This is to bring consistency in the usage of fonts.

Consistent font usage speaks a lot and brings trust and loyalty to the brand.

For instance, the 3 BlockSurvey brand fonts in usage are listed below.

  • Space Grotesk | Regular
  • Space Grotesk | Medium
  • Inter | Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic

The headline font of BlockSurvey is Space Grotesk. The normal display font is Space Grotesk | Medium. The paragraph font is Inter.

It means that the font of the text you are reading is ‘Inter’, and the font of the heading of this section is Space Grotesk.

In the BlockSurvey builder, other than default, BlockSurvey has 40 fonts for you to choose from. If your brand font is unavailable, you can upload it and choose it for your convenience. Please find the option in the screenshot to upload your font.

Next is Themes.

3. Themes

The theme represents the colors used for different labels and buttons used in the survey. Color usually is a primary color, a secondary color, and an accent color.

Usually, the primary color is used in 60% of the design. The secondary color is used 30%, and the accent color (tertiary color) is used 10% in the design. This balance between colors evokes engaging design. However, this balance does not always need to be true.

It is important to reproduce the color as is without any modifications to ensure that BlockSurvey’s identity is consistent.

For instance, BlockSurvey has 4 main colors that we use for brand communication.

The 4 BlockSurvey colors are listed below.

  • Revolution Red (#FF2D17)
  • Block Black (#171717)
  • Web3 White (#FAFAFA)
  • Privacy Purple (#7F95D1)

Similarly, use your brand color in surveys. If you don’t have a brand color, you can choose a color of your liking that represents your brand’s identity. If you are unsure as to what color to choose, you can get help from a professional UI/UX designer.

As per the screenshot, you can add theme colors through the brand kit. You can set the color of the question, answer, background, button, and button text. You can also add a background image to the themes panel. There is a preview option before finalizing and saving the theme.

How about delving into CSS Properties now? Read on.

4. CSS Properties

CSS means Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is responsible for setting the look and feel of various HTML elements that you see on the webpage.

Properties like font size, font weight, button height, button width, and button radius of elements can be altered with CSS. That is, the corner radius of the button can be changed, the font size of the question label can be changed, the height of the button can be changed, and a lot more changes can be done.

Although the CSS change is not made directly in the code, a handy User Interface exists (see the screenshot below) to edit the CSS property.

To add CSS, go to settings→ Brand→ Brand Kit→ CSS Properties→ Add CSS.

CSS can be changed for 2 types of views separately, ‘one question at a time’ and ‘classic’ view. Similarly, CSS can be changed separately for both desktop & mobile views. The font sizes of the welcome screen, thank you screen and survey questions can be altered.

This customizable feature is very handy for changing the look and feel of the surveys.

Moving to Chart Color next.

5. Chart Color

In the analytics tab, the statistics for each survey are displayed as a chart. The chart is either a Bar chart or a Pie chart.

The color used in the analytics chart is customizable. You can set up to 10 colors.

These colors can be changed by visiting settings→Brand→Brand Kit→ Chart Color.

In the screenshot below, you can see the option of customizing colors for up to 10 options.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this question contains 3 options, so the first 3 colors of selection are applied to the bar chart options.

Let’s move on to Social Links.

6. Social Links

Brand Kit provides an option to edit your social links.

To add your social links to the brand kit, go to Settings→Brand→Brand Kit→Social Links

The links can be entered for the social websites listed below.

  • X (formerly Twitter)
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram.

All the links can be entered and saved under a specific social profile name. This social profile can be chosen at a later time for faster access.

These social websites' logos are default displayed on your ‘Thank You’ screen.

Finally, jumping into Custom Domain.

7. Custom Domain

You can choose a Custom domain instead of a BlockSurvey domain.

By default, any form or survey you create will be published on the URL, but you can change it to something like

Below are the steps to add your custom domain name.

  • Login to the domain provider
  • Go to DNS settings
  • Create CNAME record
  • Let CNAME point to
  • Wait for DNS propagation
  • Add your subdomain
  • Choose Custom URL from Share Screen

Know more about setting up a custom domain.

Custom domains are used to white-label your surveys.

To add a custom domain to your Brand Kit, go to Settings→Brand→Brand Kit→Custom domain.

Moving into assessing your knowledge now.

Test your knowledge of Survey Branding

Final Thoughts

Finally, consistent branding in today’s digital landscape is pivotal for creating a recognizable and trusted user experience.

BlockSurvey’s brand kit assures the following.

  • Allows consistent branding in surveys.
  • Allows you to present the brand elements in its best light.
  • Ensures that your survey is a seamless extension of your brand.
  • Centralizes all brand-related assets.

You should have grasped the whole idea behind this blog. With this knowledge, you are well on your way to creating the best in branding.

Happy Branding!

Branding Your Survey FAQ

What is branding in the context of surveys?

Branding in surveys refers to the process of incorporating your company's logo, colors, and design elements into the survey to create a consistent and recognizable brand image.

Why is branding important for surveys?

Branding is important for surveys as it helps to establish a professional and trustworthy image for your company, increasing response rates and maintaining a consistent brand identity across different touchpoints.

How can branding enhance the expertise of a survey?

By branding your survey, you showcase your company's expertise in the field, demonstrating that you are knowledgeable and experienced in conducting surveys, which can build credibility and trust among respondents.

Does branding impact the authority of a survey?

Yes, branding plays a significant role in establishing the authority of a survey. When your survey is branded with your company's logo and design, it reinforces your authority as a reputable source of information and increases the perceived value of the survey.

Can branding affect the trustworthiness of survey results?

Absolutely. Branding your survey enhances its trustworthiness by reassuring respondents that the survey is being conducted by a legitimate and trustworthy organization. It helps to create a sense of reliability and transparency, increasing the confidence respondents have in the survey results.

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