Should I stay in this relationship?

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In reality, you may fall in love with a person so easily, or even you can say quickly, but when you sail through it, nurturing your love life is so much complicated. When people are in love, they are driven off of the drug, the endorphins that make you feel good. If your partner is as exciting as you thought initially, otherwise you are used to each other, just go for the breakup if you don't want to be in a messy relationship. When holding on to misery does not get any better, we need to break up from our relationship to get cleared up and see what else is out there for us.

Love, Hate, or Ambivalent about your relationship:

When you watch a romantic movie, two people get to know each other, fall in love and fight to overcome the struggles and end with a “Happily ever after.” In reality, you may fall in love with a person so easily, or even you can say quickly, but when you sail through it, nurturing your love life is so much more complicated. When people are in love, they are driven off of the drug, the endorphins that make you feel good.

After some time, when you are deeply into a relationship and knowing in and out of the person you fall in love with, things may change. You start to find the differences in your values and their values. Your point of view on seeing things completely differs from their point of view. This is normal; this is the damn reality. You may ask, so now what “Should we break up” or “Should I stay in this relationship.” That’s the trickiest part that comes halfway through your “Happily ever after” dream. Still, you should definitely check on your relationship and the compatibility between you and your partner before proceeding with it.

How do you know if you should stay in a relationship or not?

If you or someone you love is standing at the crossroads of life, whether to be in a relationship or to leave, there are few perspectives that you need to think about.

1. Turn inside:

Before analyzing what is going on outside in your relationship or with your partner, you must clearly know what you feel inside. Focus more on the values you believe in, and check whether you are the same person you want to be when you are in that relationship.

2. Assess the relationship:

You should closely pay attention to how it feels when you are with your partner, or even what you feel when you look a the person. Do you feel attracted to him/her? When you share your feelings, see if he listens to it or doesn’t want to engage in that conversation. You must feel happy, joyful, and love not to fear, dreadful, or negative. If you feel that negativity, then you must think of leaving the toxic state you are in.

3. Trust is everything:

Every relationship grows strong only when you build it on with strong roots of trust. Trust is everything in love if you trust him/her completely and vice versa. The stronger the trust, the longer your relationship. If the trust is broken, everything else is just a pile of bricks on a fragile surface.

4. Listen to your intuition:

Whatever wisdom you get to know from the outside is always smaller than your own intuition. Keep listening to it; it will let you know when to end it. You will definitely feel relief after making the decision that told you that you made the right decision.

5. Focus on the future:

Think about your future, what you want to be in a period of time. Whether you want to live a life like this even after 5 years or spend your time with the person, you are now with. Try to envision your life in another 5 or 10 years with your partner.

6. Attend to the alarm:

There are various signs you may get on your relationships to show you how the person is different outside and inside. You can get an unbearable feeling of how he/she treats you.Going out with them feels like hell; you may want to just stay inside the home rather than doing that. So, attend to these alarming signs that you should take your decision before it’s late.

Alarming signals in a

When should one leave a relationship?

Now you know where to look for the issues to confirm you have arrived at a crossroads to take a decision on your relationships. Here we can discuss situations that will clearly tell you that “Go the hell out of the relationship.”

  • When there is an excessive feeling of jealousy when you talk to your friends or colleagues, then he/she can create a lot of stress in you in the name of possessiveness. I may not say all possessiveness is a signal, but when it reaches a point that creates havoc in your peace, you should definitely leave.
  • Gaslighting is another red signal that shows you should leave him/her immediately. However, there are various ways to handle the gaslighting person; it always pushes you to an unwanted stress level.
  • Realizing I wasn’t the authentic version of myself, and I couldn’t live a discount version of my life. When you are giving up on yourself, it is the worst thing that ever happens to you. So wake-up and come out of it ASAP.


Love is all you need in life, I agree, but if it is toxic, you feel like gasping for air inside a tight wardrobe, then leaving it and taking up space is nothing wrong. Your partner may not be a criminal or a psycho; he/she is just not compatible with you. So if you found your relationship is dragging you to mental pressure, then you must let it go. It is a good thing that you do for both. So be aware of what you are going through and take a way that leads to your inner harmony.

Try this template: Stay Or Not In Relationship

Should I stay in this relationship? FAQ

How do I know if I should stay in my relationship?

It depends on various factors like compatibility, communication, trust, respect, and more. You need to assess your relationship, consider the pros and cons, evaluate your feelings, and make a decision based on what's best for you.

What are some signs that I should end my relationship?

Some signs that you should end a relationship include consistent lack of respect, emotional or physical abuse, dishonesty or infidelity, no emotional or physical intimacy, and you're always unhappy, anxious or sad when you're together.

What are some common reasons people stay in unhealthy relationships?

Some common reasons people stay in unhealthy relationships include fear of being alone, hope that the other person will change, guilt, lack of self-worth, financial dependency, or because they feel they've invested too much time and energy.

Is it normal to have doubts about a relationship?

Yes, it's normal to have doubts and uncertainty in a relationship. However, if the doubts persist, it's important to explore them and determine if they are a sign that the relationship isn't working.

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