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Long-distance relationships are the new cool things happening in the world of relationships. Notably, more than 14 million couples in the United States are navigating the challenges and rewards of maintaining a long-distance connection. Even celebrities are now following them. This simply means that everyone wants to do it. However, they may not know whether they should carry on with it or not. You might have been staying away from your soul mate for long, and you feel that maybe there is no way to reunite with your ex again. If this is what you think, then it might be time for you to look at if I end my long-distance relationship quiz.

Should I end my long-distance relationship?

According to a 2019 study, up to 75% of college students have been in a long-distance relationship at some point, and 35% are in a long-distance relationship at any one time. In the era of social media, long-distance relationships are so normal, and they are perfect as satisfying as proximal relationships; you can video call at any time, you know where they are check-in right now, you can literally feel the closeness as though you are physically nearer to your partner. But still, do you wonder why most long-distance relationships don’t go for a longer period.

Having a long-distance relationship (LDR) is not easy. Both people need to be extremely patient, understanding, and committed to making a long-distance relationship work. Even if you retain signs that have an adventurous spirit, there are situations when you may feel that it is not working out anymore and you want to end it. The question is, how do you know if you should end your long-distance relationship? Certain signs indicate that it is time to end it, and some signs indicate that you should not end the relationship.

Signs your long-distance relationship is not working

1. The trust starts sinking: Any relationship is built based on trust, trust you know your partner completely, trust you both are having the same feelings on each other. Trust is the cement that holds on to a romantic relationship. But when you feel a sudden diminishing effect on the trust you keep in your partner, maybe because of their recent changes or activities. If it is evident, you can feel the loss of trust. Then you should definitely think of continuing your long-distance relationship.

2. The talks changing into arguments: An argument is not that much of a matter between two matured adults, that too when it comes to relationships, it is so normal. But what needs to be given attention is, a long-distance relationship always runs on a phone conversation or any form of digital conversation.

When you do so, the partner cannot exactly understand under what situation you are saying things. The mood of the communication cannot be delivered properly in any digital communication. Sometimes this leads to many miscommunications and leads to many such arguments. But you must think twice when most of your phone calls are changing into heated arguments, then there needs a check on your compatibility.

3. Your relationship feels one-sided: Long-distance relationships take a lot of work, and it’s very apparent when only one person is initiating texts, sending care packages, and thinking up new ways to surprise your partner. But the effort you put in must be reciprocated; it should not be one-sided. If it is, then continuing the relationship should be considered.

4. Your partner’s friends don’t know about you: Do you feel a little surprised by this sign, but it is true, in a healthy relationship a person will talk about his/her partner with their friends. It is so common to introduce to their friends in some situations. But if you feel your partner hides your relationship from his/her friends, you should definitely check on their commitment to the relationship.

When to let go of a long-distance relationship:

Once you get used to having someone in your life, it is tough to let them go. This is the main reason many couples are still continuing their relationship even if it is not working. But one thing you should be very clear about is, an unhealthy relationship brings in a lot of sufferings than a breakup. So if you are in a middle of a decision about your long-distance relationship, here we are to give you some insights. Take up the quiz to help you decide what is good for you and your partner.

A unilateral decision of breakup in a relationship always tends to affect the other partner. So if you want to save the damages on both sides, it is better to sit and discuss things that bother you with your partner.


Arguments are not always the end; it may not be true if I said all the long-distance relationships don’t go so far. But if the above-mentioned signs are so predominant in your long-distance relationship, then you must put a checkpoint before you go through a rough ride of emotions due to a breakup or get cheated, or simply missing the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life.

Try this template: Distance Relationship Assessment

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