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Are you someone who involves in romantic relationships only after knowing that person well or only after being emotionally connected to that person? If yes, there are chances of you being Demiromantic. And needless to worry we’ll help you get sorted by the end of this post.

It is important to know and understand the difference between your normal patterns of attraction and emotional connection, romantic attraction. Am I demiromantic quiz helps you in identifying that.

What is demiromantic?

Demiromanticism or a demiromantic person is someone who develops romantic feelings or sexual attraction only after having a strong emotional connection with the other person, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

On the other hand, a demisexual person will only experience sexual attraction after being deeply connected to a person.

Usually, demiromantic or demisexual people neither go on blind dates nor speed dates. And they take way too much time before trusting a person when it comes, especially to relationships.

What is am I demiromantic quiz about?

For some people involving in a relationship and getting attracted might be easy and feel like a cakewalk; for some, it might take years to feel that way. Am I demiromantic quiz helps you in finding a way.

You might be demiromantic and asexual, or you might be demisexual. Also, a person can both be demiromantic and demisexual. And hence it is important to find out where you actually belong to make things easier for you.

Am I a demiromantic quiz, or am I a demisexual test mostly consists of straightforward questions of about 10-15. The results will help you in understanding the basic spectrum of your orientation.

Who is this quiz for?

Even the slightest and basic understanding of your orientation can create a great difference in the relationships you’re involved in and in which you are yet to be involved. The demiromantic or demisexual test is for those who are not sure about their romantic spectrum and those who have trouble in relationships based on emotional connections and trust issues.

This test helps those who are confused to identify which subcategory of sexual orientation they belong to. These questions help you identify which subcategory you fall into and the one that fits best according to your feelings and desires in terms of a relationship.

Take the Demiromantic Quiz Questionnaire

This quiz might help you understand if you identify with demiromantic characteristics. However, it's important to note that this quiz is not a definitive tool for determining your romantic orientation. It's always best to seek professional advice or do more research if you're unsure.

1. Do you typically only develop romantic feelings for someone after forming a strong emotional bond with them?

a) Yes, always

b) Sometimes

c) No, not usually

2. Can you be attracted to someone without knowing them well?

a) No, I need to know them well first

b) Sometimes, it depends

c) Yes, I can be attracted to someone without knowing them well

3. How important is emotional intimacy to you in a relationship?

a) Very important, I can't have a relationship without it

b) Somewhat important, but not the most important thing

c) Not very important

4. Do you often feel romantic attraction towards people you've just met?

a) No, never

b) Sometimes

c) Yes, often

5. Do you find it difficult to relate to the concept of love at first sight?

a) Yes, I don't understand it at all

b) Somewhat, I can understand it but it doesn't apply to me

c) No, I can relate to it

6. Can you have a deep and meaningful friendship without feeling any romantic attraction?

a) Yes, always

b) Sometimes

c) No, I usually develop romantic feelings

7. Do you feel societal pressure to experience romantic attraction more frequently than you actually do?

a) Yes, often

b) Sometimes

c) No, never


Mostly As: You may identify with being demiromantic. You seem to require a strong emotional connection before developing romantic feelings.

Mostly Bs: You might be somewhere on the spectrum, possibly grey-romantic, where you sometimes experience romantic attraction after forming a strong emotional bond.

Mostly Cs: You may not identify with being demiromantic. You seem to experience romantic attraction without needing a strong emotional bond first.

Remember, this quiz is a simple tool and can't definitively determine your romantic orientation. If you're questioning, consider reaching out to a mental health professional or a trusted person in your life to discuss your feelings.


There are chances of a demiromantic person and a demisexual person to be asexual too, i.e. even after having romantic attraction after taking their own time they still refrain from sexual activities.

Some demiromantic people may misunderstand their orientation and place themselves under the categories of grey romantic and aromantic, while grey romantic is having romantic attraction very occasionally and aromantic is not having romantic attraction over anyone.

To avoid these confusions and misunderstandings this quiz can help you out. It creates a better understanding of your orientation and explains your sexual attraction behavior.

Am I Demiromantic? - Quiz FAQ

What is demiromanticism?

Demiromanticism is a sexual orientation in which someone experiences romantic attraction only after forming an emotional connection with someone else. This can be in the form of an intimate relationship, friendship, or a strong bond.

How do I know if I am demiromantic?

Demiromanticism is a very personal experience and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best way to determine if you are demiromantic is to pay attention to how you feel around different people and situations. Do you only feel romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection with someone? If so, then you may be demiromantic.

Are there different types of demiromanticism?

Yes, there are different types of demiromanticism. Some people may only experience romantic attraction after forming an emotional connection with a certain gender or group of people, while others might be attracted to anyone after developing an emotional connection.

What is the difference between demiromanticism and aromanticism?

Aromanticism is a lack of romantic attraction to any person, while demiromanticism is a specific type of romantic orientation in which someone only experiences romantic attraction after forming an emotional connection.

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