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Struggling to frame the avatar of your ideal partner to date? And are you not sure about their personality traits?

An Online attraction test helps you with that. Regardless of gender, the online attraction test helps you find your ideal partner, i.e., the traits of your ideal partner. I know you are so curious right now!

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So, what is this Online Attraction Test?

In this era of Ok cupid, tinder, and also with the pandemic, it is quite hard to interact in person, know about them, and then start with either courting or dating them. (Isn’t it such a long process?)

But, what if you were able to find your ideal type and make things easy, i.e., prevent yourself from,

  • Wasting your precious time
  • Breaking your head all alone after every misunderstanding
  • Spending money and months on healing and therapies

Sounds good and curious, right? If yes, the online attraction test makes it easier for you.

  1. The online attraction tests consist of around 50 questions based on your characters, traits, and values.
  2. And then, there are about 50 questions on the traits and characteristics you find attractive in the gender you’re willing to court or date with.
  3. As the next thing, the test has about 50-100 photographs based on gender.
  4. It is then asked to rate those photographs according to your interest.
  5. And by the end of the test, you’ll have an idea of your ideal type based on the results.
  6. And eventually, that will help you with the choices you will make based on appearance and traits in the future.

And in some online attraction tests, they either ask you to rate based on appearance or ask you to rate based on the behavioral traits. And in some attraction tests, they have both these options.

It is so easy and simple as it sounds! There is always that one specific type you always end up attracted to but pretty much unaware of. Money, charisma, and looks are certainly not the case; attraction is something beyond that and is also uncontrollable.

The key purpose of the attraction test

Have you ever wondered why we don’t involve relationships with every person we see in our daily lives? And why and how is it that we are so specific about individuals, be it love or friendship?

Among the several characteristics that researchers list men and women find attractive, physical attraction tops the list both in love and friendship.

The online test focuses on some features in both genders that researchers suggest (Singh, 1993), (Buss, 1989)

  • In women, they are- High cheekbones, narrow jawline, large eyes, lower waist to hip ratio.
  • And in men, they are- narrow waist, broad shoulders, and being tall.
  • Apart from these attractive physical traits, Social traits also play a vital role in attraction and attraction tests. Affection, warmth, and social skills are found attractive in women. And for men, the socially attractive traits include achievement, leadership qualities, and job skills.
  • Also, if an individual thinks they are unattractive, they are more likely to seek unattractive partners, both in behavior and physical appearance.

Remember getting lesser punishment for your baby face? That is the key purpose and role of attraction, and that starts so early in humans, not only in teens and adults!

Who can take this Online Attraction Test?

  • This test is mainly designed for those who need to assess what type of individual they are attracted to
    • The person should be at least 18 years old to take part in this attraction test.
    • Though there is no maximal limit for this test, it mainly focuses on the age group from young adults to mid-thirties.
    • It can also be useful for people who need a detailed account of themselves in terms of relationships.

And as per the results of research studies, both men and women are more specific to even the facial features of their partner-to-be. And so it is quite beneficial in terms of knowing about the factors of your expectations.

Interestingly, people with good-looking photographs in their online dating application account are more likely to be swiped right and rated high!


Although people hardly admit it and find it inappropriate, the fact is that they are strongly influenced by attraction. If not after involving in a relationship, they are encountered at least in the initial stages by their partners' physical attractiveness.

It isn’t a surprise that right from TV ads, Movies, and TV, they use attractive people to target the people in promoting their products, services and spend tons of money on making them look even more attractive.

Interpersonal attractions are normal and common among family members, friends. And the three basic factors for interpersonal attraction are,

  • Proximity
  • Similarity
  • Physical attractiveness

Though proximity and similarity play an important role in forming a relationship, it is quite impossible and hard for humans to get into a relationship with every person they can resonate with and feel similar to. And that’s where Attraction shares a vital role. Often it is the first and foremost step in many relationships. So, go ahead and take the test to find your ideal type and who you are attracted to!

Each person has different definitions of attraction and beauty; it is not true that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” If the attraction isn’t important, why are we going head over heels for that one celebrity and one crush in our school/college or workplace?

Also, not every friend of yours has the same celebrity crush, which eventually means the factor and point of attraction differs from person to person. And that’s where the online attraction helps you out!

Online Attraction Test FAQ

What is an online attraction test?

An online attraction test is a quiz or survey designed to measure your level of attraction to another person. The results of the test can help you determine whether or not you are attracted to that person, and if so, how strong that attraction is.

How accurate are online attraction tests?

The accuracy of an online attraction test depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of the questions, the answers provided, and the person taking the test. While online attraction tests can provide some insight into your level of attraction to someone, they should not be used as a definitive measure of your true feelings.

How long does an online attraction test take?

Generally, most online attraction tests can be completed in around 10 minutes or less. However, some tests may require more time to complete, depending on the complexity and number of questions.

Is there a cost to take an online attraction test?

Some online attraction tests are free, while others may require a small fee or subscription. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the test before taking it.

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