Should I get back with my Ex?

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Do you even remember what it was like to be with your EX? Wondering if you should get back together with their Ex? Don't worry, I have a quiz to help you decide if you should get back with them or not!

Life after a break-up:

Saying good-bye to a person who was once so close to you and deeply in love with you. We have heard people around us talking about break-ups, the pain it causes. But you cannot feel what it is until it really happens to you. It is real; the pain is devastating; you feel you are going through a funnel of deep depression where you only see a dead end of emotions. Relationship issues are among the top causes that lead to various mental health issues in a person.

Whatever the pain you go through, how deeply it affects you, one day it has to fade off. As it is said, time is the medicine. It has the power to cure heartbreaks, depression, and all the other problems. Life after a breakup can still be a relief to someone who was affected by an abusive relationship. So either way, break-up teaches you lessons for life. But what it comes to reconsider the person who you thought left your life once for all and rekindle the chemistry you had with them.

Is it worth spending your time and life in the process of rejuvenating this relationship?

After ending your relationship with a person, going through the breakup phase is the toughest of all. When you come out of it, you get a slightly fresh space, a new start, but most times, we understand a person's value only after feeling the gap they left behind. The void the relationship creates affects more than the break-up itself. In that phase, it is not a surprise when you are ready to get back with your ex. Whether or not you are ready to give them a space in your life again is totally your personal decision, but here we are to give you certain insights that will help clear out the way for your decisions.

5 factors that make a relationship last:

Every relationship is different; you and I cannot be the same; that’s universal. But you can observe few things in a relationship that are the positive signals that will tell you it is going on the right path towards a long-lasting way. So here we are to give you 5 factors that will be helpful to predict a long-distance relationship.

1. Trust

Trust is the base of a healthy relationship pyramid; it is the cornerstone of a strong relationship. If you have complete trust in your partner, you can resurrect your relationship even from the deepest disasters. Trust is the shield; if you believe the trust still alive in your ex-relationship, is you must give it a chance resurrect itself.

2. Keeping up with your physical intimacy

It probably goes without saying that being unhappy with your sex life can strain your relationship and could even cause a split. But physical intimacy comes in many forms, all of which are important. It may not be a perfect one every day, but a good-bye kiss or a soothing hug can establish a special vibe in you. If that vibe is so clear, and you are not getting that chemistry with anyone after that, you should definitely give it a chance.

3. Being yourself

When you are with a particular person, you feel yourself completely, you can straight away act from your heart, you can admit “yes! I am wrong” in front of that person. Then that relationship can surely last long enough.

4. You still like them even when you are angry

Anger is one such strong emotion; if you come across a situation like, a rage of anger flows through you, but you are still pulled down towards your love partner, and at the end, you feel pity for them, then you must definitely think of accepting them back to your life.

5. Respect is all you need

Everyone has a different way of expressing love, and everyone needs to experience love in different ways. If you know how your partner needs to feel your love and care without having to ask, that's the sign of a great and long-lasting partnership.

How do you know “ you still have a chance”?

A break-up is all you need in life to teach how to start everything from scratch if you lost all the hope in your life,

  1. Your ex still has some feelings for you: It may not be exactly love, but if they have some kind of emotional connection with you still now, then you can expect a chance of rejuvenating your relationship.
  2. Communicate with ease: Though the breakup has stopped the communications within the relationship, do you feel you can still talk with them and feel the ease of asking for help from them. Then you can think of getting back with your ex.
  3. Both should be out of damage control mode: When you are going through a breakup, first, most of us have been in what I call “damage-control” mode. This is when you’re reacting to everything that your ex does. It is when you start freaking out because your ex is always changing their mind. That is what happens when you’re in “damage-control” mode.
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Being with a person should make you feel stronger; you should feel high to be with them. It should not make you masked somewhere inside. And getting back with someone after a breakup should be a strong decision backed by your learnings from the past, so take a quiz to make yourself clear that you really want to get back with them.

Try this template: Back To Ex Or Not

Should I get back with my Ex? FAQ

Is it possible to rebuild a relationship with an ex?

Yes, it is possible to rebuild a relationship with an ex, but it takes effort and commitment from both parties. It's important to be open and honest about the issues that led to the breakup and to work together to address them.

How do I know if my ex wants to get back together?

Your ex may give signs that they are interested in getting back together, such as reaching out to you, initiating conversation, or expressing regret about the breakup. However, it's important to have a conversation to clarify their intentions and to make sure that both parties are on the same page.

How can I make sure that the same issues don't arise again?

It's important to identify the root causes of the issues that led to the breakup and to work together to address them. This may involve seeking the help of a couples therapist or counselor, learning new communication skills, and being willing to compromise and make changes in the relationship.

What if getting back together isn't an option?

If getting back together isn't an option, it's important to focus on healing and moving on. This may involve seeking support from friends or a therapist, practising self-care, and working on personal growth and development.

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