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Am I a good person or not? The answer can be found in a few seconds and with the help of this quiz. This is a serious question and comes with serious consequences once you know the answer. So, think carefully about what you answer to these questions.

What is the definition of a good person?

“A Good person” - the term we heard from our childhood, the term the morals want to teach us, the one goal that every parent wants to sow deeply inside a child’s heart, it comes as a word of appreciation for someone who truly touched us deep inside. The simple definition of a good person is more complicated. A good person is a combination of qualities and values they impart in their own lives and others.

Let's start exploring what a good person likes from ground level to a birds-eye view is. A good person is someone who doesn’t break laws or involve in criminal activities. In the next level, when you are truthful, kind towards your friends and family, they stay with you for the good traits you share with them. The more abstract way of defining goodness in a person is like, in the end, they leave a better place. The good things they did, the positive changes they laid in others' lives, the happiness they brought in the people with them, and more.

The 7 Qualities of a good person:

To be a good person is like what choices you make; when life throws you stones, you chose to build your own fort out of it, the choices one makes in his highs and lows define a person. There are few Traits observed in a few good people we cross in our lives in common.

1. Keeping up the trust

Any relationship that comes in the life of a good person, it may be parents or siblings or someone who you date with is the same as we all have, they expect that person to be like what they think or what they want to see in them, it puts a lot of stress. But a person has the quality of balancing the trust in the relationship because trust is the base for any strong bond. They don’t change themselves entirely for others but try to be the same person inside and outside without breaking the relationship's faith.

2. Temperance

This quality we see in a good person keeps them moderate, not being too extreme. They learn to stay calm in whatever situation you put them in. Controlling and tracking down the emotions, especially the darker ones like anger, frustration is the major quality that we observe in a good person.

3. Complementing others

A wonderful human being will involuntarily appreciate others and understands how much it motivates them. They don’t hesitate to compliment others when deserved or to criticize when needed.

4. Maintain mutual respect

Good people are polite, and also they respect others' feelings and give them their own space and esteem. They treat others in a way they want to be treated. You don’t have to be formal or walk on eggshells to be polite. It’s more a function of ensuring you act in a fitting way for your present location.

5. Stand for Justice

Despite being polite and respecting others, the one finest quality we observe in a good person is they stand and voice out for an injustice that happens in front of them.

6. Being kind

Kindness and being generous are second nature. Kindness is not to like everyone, but they treat everyone as another human who also needs a smile and shows them mutual respect. Generous doesn’t mean to give the shirt you are wearing to the needy, but to understand what is important in a society on the whole. A good person understands that the things we collect and the money we accumulate are not worth anything without sharing it with.

7. Courageous optimist

A good person is one who believes in equality; he stands for what he says. And exhibits a positive attitude in every situation they come across. They understand that what they’ve done in the past doesn’t ensure results in the future. They usually have a moral system they believe in and follow them religiously.

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How to become a better person inside and out?

Every human being in the world is unique; we all have our positives and negatives. You can’t be a 100% perfect industry-standard good human. But what we can try to be a better version of ourselves, responsible, polite, kind, and respect others.

  1. Know who you are inside- any change that comes from inside is the permanent one. Start exploring yourself inside, find out who you are, your passion in life, what you want to believe where you see yourselves in the future.
  2. Ask your family & friends- Your friends & family can be the best reflection of what a life you are living so far. So ask them about how they feel about you, what they see negatively in you. Consider changing that attribute of yours.
  3. Calm your emotions- Try to take a balance over your emotions. Don’t be on the extreme ends; learn to forgive and let go of the anger. Same for the guilt, ask for forgiveness and come out of it.
  4. Accept the responsibility- you are responsible for whatever happens in your life, so stop the blame game when things don’t turn the way you want. This allows taking your life completely into your hands.
  5. Learn to complement- Appreciate and motivate others where ever you can. That helps you maintain a cordial relationship professionally and personally.
  6. Listen & respect others- Be a good listener. Most of us forget to listen to others and miss out on their perspective in a situation, so observe and listen to others. Give respect and take respect. A lie is as simple as that.
  7. Live your life with full integrity- A life without a goal is a road without a destination. It takes you nowhere in your journey. So set your goals, work hard to reach them, and live your life full of integrity.

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Everyone is not born perfect; the things you take up and cross a self-learning path make them a good person. Aim high, aim to be a good person than a successful person. Success can give you monetary benefits, but being good can yield you peace and inner harmony.

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Am I a Good Person? - Quiz FAQ

Can someone change from being a bad person to a good person?

Yes, people have the ability to change and improve their behavior, attitudes, and beliefs. However, it takes self-reflection, hard work, and a commitment to positive change.

Can someone be a good person but still make mistakes?

Yes, everyone makes mistakes, even good people. However, what sets good people apart is their willingness to take responsibility for their actions and work to make things right.

What are some signs that I may not be a good person?

Signs that you may not be a good person include consistently treating others with disrespect, engaging in unethical behavior, lying, and causing harm to others.

Can being a good person have a positive impact on my mental health?

Yes, being a good person can boost your sense of self-worth, increase your feelings of empathy and compassion, and give you a sense of purpose and meaning in life, all of which can positively impact your mental health.

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