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BlockSurvey mental health

Why choose BlockSurvey?

Building trust is the key to success. BlockSurvey puts you in control of the sensitive data you collect by protecting your patients' privacy and security. BlockSurvey has no access to your data, and it is encrypted end to end with your keys.

Uncompromising Security

BlockSurvey offers the highest level of security for people looking to protect their survey data collection. End-to-end encryption provides you with the confidence to collect data from your clients and audience by establishing trust. To facilitate security, BlockSurvey uses the Stacks blockchain.

Uncompromising security for surveys

Share with Confidence

End-to-end encryption powered by the Stacks Blockchain ensures the security of your data. Nobody, including us, can read your responses or see your data. Privacy is not an optional mode; it is simply how BlockSurvey operates. Every piece of information and response you provide is kept between you and the data collector in confidence.

Share your survey with confidence

No ads, No trackers

In BlockSurvey, there are no ads, or creepy tracking. So, instead of worrying about the platform, now you can confidently collect your data from your audience and your respondents can share data to you confidently.

No ads no trackers in BlockSurvey