Cross-Tabulation Analysis: How to use it in your surveys?

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Jul 10, 2023 · 3 mins read

Are you struggling to find evident results for your research? Are you finding it hard to compare and analyze data? If yes, Cross-Tabulation analysis is the right suit for you!

Cross-Tabulation is also known as cross tabs or contingency tables. The Cross-Tabulation analysis helps in examining the difference and relationship between multiple sets of variables.

If you are keen to collect data for different categories simultaneously and find the connection between one group to the other group. Using cross-tabulation, you can create a minimum of 3 item surveys to the maximum numbers you require.

Advantages of Cross-Tabulation analysis:

  • With Cross-Tabulation analysis, you can easily compare data of different categories and interpret them without much trouble. Microsoft Excel is an excellent example of cross-tabulation. It is less complicated and provides deeper insights that pave the way for detailed research.
  • Reduces and prevents confusion for the users, as it has already been segregated into categories.
  • It helps widely as a market research tool.
  • Unlike other analyses, it has numerical values, making it measurable and convenient to track the insights.

Disadvantages of Cross-Tabulation analysis:

  • When there are a huge number of participants, it becomes quite hard to keep track and interpret the results.
  • Using many cells and involving many tables decreases the accuracy and interface. It may also reduce the accessibility of the users.

How to develop a Cross-Tabulation?

  1. Segregate the items based on groups based on independent variable values.
  2. Calculate the frequencies or percentages of each level of variables. Identify by how much percentage each group differs by.

The cross-tabulation analysis provides a huge chunk of information to the users by analyzing the relationship between two or more variables.

Areas cross-tabulation analysis is used:

  • In the workplace, to find employee satisfaction and employee engagement and get feedback on specific projects or job roles.
  • As a tool of market research and product research.
  • Feedback surveys.
  • Customer satisfaction.


Cross tabulation is a popular tool to analyze and collect data for a vast number of audiences. It comes with benefits such as deeper insights by comparing one category of data to the other. It is also known as the chi-square method and it fits any type of presentation. And when it comes to interpretation, it is so easy and convenient. Use this analysis to grow your customers, extend your services and improve your work.

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