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May 2, 2023 · 2 mins read

Regardless of the industry, your survey helps your business. Every perfectly curatedsurvey takes you one step ahead towards your ideal customers. Demographic survey questions are the key to knowing your customer, understanding their lifestyle, and drawing a clear picture of your target.Though it isn’t accurate, demographic survey questions help find the ideas. Still, by analyzing your survey responses, you can knowabout your service or product in a wide range, eventually boosting the conversion rate.

Demographic data is a dominant aspect of measuring your potential customers and finding what makes them buy your product or service. You can scan your potential client’s or audience’s needs, wants, and dislikes, too, with the help of a survey.

Purpose of demographic surveys:

In every type of survey, demographic questions are an essential part. However, if you aim your survey on specific survey respondents, demographic questions can provide improvised results.

  • Demographics help in identifying the characteristics of your target audience.
  • It also helps in differentiating your audience and your customer-to-be. It makes it easier to know where they are and who they are and access them.
  • As for market research, it helps in finding relevant and valuable information. In addition, it may help you plan the development plan of your business.
  • To make strategic business and marketing plans, use demographic questions in your survey.

Does the survey need quality?

You don’t conduct a survey without a proper intention. You are conducting a survey either for market research or to know more about your audience and build a good relationship with them.

If you want obvious results from your targeted audience, the survey needs quality. In a survey, demographic questions help in increasing clarity.

7 questions to include in demographic surveys:

Many demographic questions can be included in the survey, out of which these seven are essential and help increase the quality of the survey. You may even add more for clarity like marital status and languages known, but these seven are crucial and further add value for your result.

1. AGE

Age is the most important and common demographic question to find out if the person fits your target audience's criteria.This is because age helps in identifying the perspective of the people who attend the survey, while every question does; it helps in determining how a 40-year-old thinks and how a 17-year-old thinks on the same thing.

In a demographic survey, you can ask for age in two methods. Either you ask them straight away their age, or you ask them to fill them what age range they fall into, as some may get offended when you ask them for their age.

For example, ask them by giving categories like this 18-22, 20-30, and 40-50


Say you are looking for freelancers/self-employed, or you are looking for students to help them start with their side hustle; you just need to find out the respondent's current employment status.

It can be used if you are trying to find out a specific category among your target audience for your business, especially if you have a large audience.


You must find beforehand or at least know the probability of who will buy or product or service or afford your service. Despite their needs for your benefit, their personal or family incomeis the deciding authority for your service. Householdincome is also considered a demographic criterionin many market analysis surveys.

If the results in the majority state your product or service is unaffordable, it may be the right time for you to opt for low-cost services.

As it is both a sensitive and complicated topic, instead of asking them about their exact income level, you can ask them to select by providing them with different ranges of income levels of response options.


Cultural background plays a vital role in a person's value system and core features. And when you find entirely different answers among the participants, that may be even because of their cultural background/ethnicity.

Race refers to a population's physical characteristics, while ethnicity refers to groups that share a sense of identity, history, cultural roots, and, often, geography.

When you have customers worldwide, it is better to include various options like Asian, Native American, Latino, or Hispanic, etc.


If you have customers or an audience worldwide, you must ensure whether your service or product will reach them. If you have several international clients or customers, you must know their locality to customize your business. This way, you can scale up your business. It can achieve goals like finding the accessibility of our business and methods to improvise the accessibility by questioning them about their location.

Note that you must mention "Gender" and not "Sex" as it may be offensive for some people. You may wonder what role gender has to play in demographic surveys. It isn't about stereotyping but about knowing your audience better; say you are an online lactation counselor and you want to see the feedback of your ideal client or audience. New mothers and women will be your clients, and hence for that purpose, demographic question plays an important role.


Here comes the most crucial part: in demographic surveys, questions on education have to do more than anything else. Because if your ideal client is a person working in a healthcare brand, a high school student has nothing to do with your service or product, but somehow they are your audience, and they'll also never turn out into a buyer.

Demographic surveys have a vital role in filtering people from your target audience and increasing the sales and conversion rate.


Use these seven questions in your demographic survey to enhance equality. Getting the right and expected results may seem hard, but it is pretty uncomplicated if you try to understand your buyer well than just trying to sell.

You can also add as many questions as you want, but it should reach and reflect in the right way as it is a method to identify the purchasing behavior and helps make your marketing materials.

A demographic survey is a strategic tool for increasing and leveling up your business. You can also use demographic questions in the onboarding forms of your client, and these questions help keep your client for a more extended period.

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