8 Leading CRM Solutions for GDPR Compliance in 2024

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GDPR, which took effect on May 25, 2018, revolutionized data laws across Europe, setting a new benchmark for data protection and compliance worldwide.

For businesses leveraging Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, GDPR compliance is not just a necessity but a cornerstone of customer relationships. A GDPR-compliant CRM solution ensures that personal data is processed lawfully and safeguards individuals' privacy and rights.

Whether you're a small business owner, a marketing professional, or a data protection officer, understanding the nuances of GDPR-compliant CRM solutions is essential. To prepare for GDPR training, read the GDPR Compliance Training blog.

This blog post introduces you to GDPR-compliant CRM solutions that can help your business comply with GDPR regulations.

Join me as I navigate through 8 leading GDPR-compliant CRM solutions that build stronger customer relationships.


FreshSales is a GDPR-compliant CRM solution.

Besides offering features for GDPR compliance, they also regularly provide best practices for GDPR compliance.

It has free plans and paid plans. The free plan offers service for up to 3 users.

If the user requests that their data be deleted from the CRM, they can do so with a click of a button on the dashboard.

This CRM is also accessible through mobile, making the process truly seamless.

It has 3 paid plans: Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

Girish Mathrubootham and Shanmugam Krishnasamy created FreshSales, which is part of FreshWorks.


Nutshell is headquartered in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. This CRM company was founded in 2009. The company was founded by 4 people Guy Suter, Andy Fowler, Lindsay Snider, & Ian Berry.

Nutshell may not have all the features, but it understands that not all businesses need them. It has form collection, email marketing, reporting, analytics, team collaboration, and other features.

Businesses can choose between four plans: Foundation (16$), Pro (42$), Power AI (52$), and Enterprise (67$). They also offer a 14-day free trial period.

It is simple and intuitive to use.

It prioritizes the privacy & security of your data. It takes the required measures to keep customer data safe. Their tools allow you to fulfill data requests, abiding by GDPR requirements.


The Ontraport CRM website suggests a few GDPR strategies for compliance. A few are bulleted below.

  • Add a consent checkbox to your forms
  • Add Links to your privacy policy
  • Disable Geolocation feature
  • Show cookie notification

They offer Affiliate partner programs. It's a flexible and customizable platform.

Landon Ray, Pin Chen, and Steven Schneider founded Ontraport in 2006. After a career as a day trader CEO Ray later built Ontraport.

The company has 100+ employees. The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. It has an additional office in Sydney, Australia.

Ontraport CRM plans range from $24 to $249 per month when billed annually.


SalesCloud is a sales CRM solution from SalesForce.

Use Sales Cloud if you are looking for GDPR-compliant CRM with AI capability. Due to its longevity, it has a strong market presence. It has customizable dashboards and reports that help with GDPR compliance.

Sales Cloud accelerates GDPR readiness with the following adherence.

  • Data portability
  • Data consent
  • Data security
  • Data Transparency

SalesForce contains many learning resources relating to GDPR.

It has five paid plans: Starter, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, & Einstein 1 sales.

Mark Benioff & Parker Harris are the co-founders of SalesForce and are currently part of the executive management team.


Did you know that Hubspot offers a free software version capable of supporting 1 million contacts? This free version is a solid playground before going for robust paid versions.

It consists of Forms, Analytics, Custom reporting, and other features.

It provides a lot of learning resources to devise a GDPR strategy.

Hubspot’s GDPR-compliant checklist comes in very handy for beginners.

This CRM assists with the following GDPR requirements.

  • Lawful Data Processing
  • Manage User Consent
  • Facilitate Deletion Request
  • Protect Consumer Data

In 2006, fellow MIT graduate students Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah founded HubSpot.

In September 2021, HubSpot announced Yamini Rangan as their new CEO. It has 12 Global Offices, 7400+ employees & 194000+ clients.


Copper is one of the first CRMs built by Google. It integrates seamlessly with all aspects of G-suite.

It was formerly called ProsperWorks.

Most of its features can be directly used from Gmail.

It provides Custom Report, Data Export, Chat Support, and many other features.

This platform offers three plans: Basic ($23), Professional ($59), and Business ($99).

Copper, themselves, say how they align with GDPR. A few are listed below.

  • Follow Data Requirements
  • Sign Third-party contracts
  • Keep Customer Data Secure
  • Regular Auditing

Steve Holm heads the company currently.


Like Copper, the NetHunt CRM is fully integrated with Google Suite. This platform uses high-quality infrastructure, such as Google Search and YouTube.

Information security is one of NetHunt's pillars. It enables users to benefit from data protection capabilities built into Google Cloud.

It provides the following for GDPR compliance.

  • Privacy commitments to customers.
  • Third-party audits and certifications.
  • Easier confirmation of compliance.
  • Improved data export capabilities.

As a Google Cloud Partner, NetHunt sides with Google to express its commitment to GDPR.

NetHunt plan prices range from $24 to $96 per user per month when billed annually. You can also do a free 14-day trial for any of their available plans.

Andrei Petrik, the co-founder, currently heads the company.


Pipedrive is an easy-to-use and effective CRM tool built by the Sales People for the Sales People.

The company offers several additional sales and email products for businesses besides their CRM and commits to following the values and requirements of the GDPR.

It offers many features like Forms, Reporting, Forecasting, Collaboration, and more.

It has currently five plans: Essential (10$), Advanced (20$), Professional (40$), Power (50$), & Enterprise (60$).

They comply with GDPR in the following ways.

  • Adherence to standards
  • Up-to-date data
  • Limited data access
  • Request response

Pipedrive was founded on June 21, 2010, by Timo Rein, Urmas Purde, Ragnar Sass, Martin Tajur, and Martin Henk.

Let’s move to a few concluding thoughts.


As we've navigated the landscape of GDPR compliance within Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, it's clear that the journey towards compliance is a regulatory mandate. Besides, GDPR-compliant CRM solutions also offer a blueprint for businesses to handle customer data with the highest security standards.

Remember that GDPR compliance is an ongoing process, a commitment to continuously respecting and protecting customer data.

Embrace GDPR-compliant CRM solutions as your partner in this journey, and watch your business thrive in the era of data protection.

The future of customer relationship management is transparent, secure, and respectful. Is your business ready to lead the way?

8 Leading CRM Solutions for GDPR Compliance in 2024 FAQ

How do CRM solutions ensure GDPR compliance?

These CRM solutions offer features such as data encryption, consent management, and data access controls to ensure GDPR compliance.

Are these CRM solutions reliable and trustworthy for handling sensitive customer data?

Yes, these CRM solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide and have robust security measures in place to protect sensitive customer data.

Can these CRM solutions help businesses navigate the complexities of GDPR regulations?

Yes, these CRM solutions offer GDPR compliance tools and resources to help businesses stay compliant with the latest regulations.

Are these CRM solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, these CRM solutions offer scalable options for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-level organizations.

How do these CRM solutions stay up-to-date with changing GDPR regulations?

These CRM solutions have dedicated compliance teams that monitor and implement any changes to GDPR regulations to ensure ongoing compliance.

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