10 GDPR-Compliant Analytics Tools to Safeguard Client Data

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Apr 3, 2024 · 4 mins read

Businesses increasingly rely on data to drive decisions, and managing this data becomes an important responsibility.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union marked a significant shift towards prioritizing data protection. This regulation imposes strict guidelines on how companies collect, store, and process personal data of EU citizens, regardless of where the company is based.

For businesses, compliance with GDPR is not just about avoiding hefty fines but about building customer trust.

One critical area in which GDPR impacts is Analytics, where collecting user data is fundamental. The challenge is to leverage analytics tools that provide insightful data while fully complying with GDPR requirements.

This blog delves into the world of GDPR-compliant analytics tools. Whether you're a small business owner, a digital marketer, or a data protection officer, understanding the nuances of GDPR-compliant analytics tools is crucial to making informed decisions that align with this regulatory obligation.


Matomo means ‘Honesty’ in Japanese. Matomo was formerly called Piwik.

Matomo is an open-source web analytics tool that is GDPR compliant.

More than 1 million clients currently run Matomo. It supports multiple languages and is used in many countries.

According to G2 reviews, the graphical user interface may not be the best. The good thing about Matomo is its open-source nature.

Matthieu Aubry is the brain behind Matomo.

Its G2 rating is 4.2 out of 5.

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Woopra was founded by 2 engineers in 2012. Its commitment to data privacy and security makes it GDPR-compliant.

It has catered to clients like Amazon & Redhat.

It claims to provide analytics reports to answer literally any of the user's questions.

It is possible to integrate with 50+ applications. However, integration setup can get tricky sometimes, according to a reviewer from G2.

It has a strong community with regular meetups organized through its social handles.

Generative AI to derive insights into customer data makes them stand out sometimes.

Its G2 rating is 4.4 out of 5.

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Heap is another web analytics SaaS that is GDPR compliant.

In response to the GDPR policies, it has developed a dedicated data deletion module. The presence of a data protection officer shows their commitment to GDPR compliance.

It has customers like Amway & Bridgestone. It has more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

Its ability to track and record customer behavior and its data science capabilities truly stand out for customer conversions.

However, just like any software product, it has its own downsides. G2 has a few reviews vying for better customer support. It also seems to have a steep learning curve.

When writing this blog, I noticed it had not posted anything on its LinkedIn handle in the past six months.

Its G2 rating is 4.4 out of 5.

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Countly is a product, web, and desktop analytics tool.

Countly has developed a dedicated compliance plugin to manage user consent and other specifics related to legal compliances, such as GDPR.

Its main vision is to avoid multiple tooling and provide an all-in-one solution for the customers.

BMW, Coca Cola & SAP are a few of its trusted & privacy-conscious customers.

It also has other features like Surveys & A/B Testing.

Too many graphics components can sometimes slow down everything.

Its G2 rating is 4.1 out of 5.

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Amplitude was founded by 3 people, Spenser Skates, Jeffrey Wang & Curtis Liu.

It has 3 plans: Starter (Free), Plus (49$ per month) & Growth (Contact sales).

Leading brands like Dropbox, Ford, & Atlassian trust this product.

Single & Bulk user data deletion module for adhering to the GDPR requirements.

Supports upstream deletion among Integrations. The customer can monitor deletion requests using email.

This company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

In G2, one user expressed needing access to more training materials.

Its G2 rating is 4.2 out of 5.

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PostHog is an all-in-one open-source analytics platform.

With this, you can start collecting useful data.

This is especially helpful for product teams that want to understand how users use their products.

PostHog complies with the GDPR right-to-be-forgotten requirement.

It also has A/B Testing, Survey, and Data warehousing capabilities.

PostHog was founded by James Hawkins and Tim Glaser.

The UI can be a little bit cluttered.

Its G2 rating is 4.4 out of 5.

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Plausible is a privacy-friendly open-source web analytics software. It is an intuitive and lightweight tool.

It is a fully compliant GDPR tool with a European Owned Cloud Infrastructure. It has 12000 paying subscribers. It is run on 229000 website servers.

It has three plans: Growth ($9 per month), Business ($19 per month), and Enterprise (custom pricing).

Your website data is not shared with third parties or monetized. They are GDPR compliant.

January of 2024 marked their 5th anniversary.

The business plan comes with priority support. A more detailed documentation could have been better.

Its G2 rating is 5 out of 5, but only 2 reviews.

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SnowPlow serves more than thousands of organizations.

It is run across more than 2 million websites. They have more than 130 employees worldwide.

Snowplow helps adapt your data strategy to minimize the risk of any conflicts against data privacy laws like GDPR.

With Snowplow, organizations like Strava & Autotrader reach, engage, and win customers while retaining an industry-leading data governance posture with full GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Clients from different time zones are likely to face delays in support. The product is a little developer-centric.

The product may be a little pricey.

The founders are Alex Dean and Yali Sassoon.

Its G2 rating is 4.6 out of 5.

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Piwik Pro is a flexible analytics suite for marketers and analysts that respects user privacy.

The platform can be set up to respect strict data regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Warsaw Equity Group is a trusted investor in this product.

Piotr Korzeniowski heads the company as its CEO.

This product ensures transparency of your operations and gains the trust of customers and data protection authorities.

Piwik Pro helps customize consent forms and helps fulfill data requests on time as per GDPR requirements.

Integrations are not easy for a person with low programming know-how to handle.

Its G2 rating is 4.6 out of 5.

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Companies like IBM, GitHub, and Laravel are already using Fathom.

They have the best lawyers and legal minds worldwide to ensure their simple analytics software fully complies with GDPR & CCPA. It provides essential insights into traffic sources without compromising privacy.

They maintain the customer as the data controller, processing data on their behalf.

Once customers leave, they delete their personal data adhering to GDPR requirements. They are committed to promptly notifying you of a data breach.

Fathom is active on social handles.

A G2 reviewer feels the program's cost can be reduced so that more people can use the program.

Its G2 rating is 4.6 out of 5.

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In this era where data is king, respecting user privacy is paramount.

The GDPR has fundamentally changed how businesses approach data analytics, prioritizing protecting personal information above all.

As we've explored in this blog, a plethora of GDPR-compliant analytics tools offers unique features while ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations of the GDPR.

Choosing the right GDPR-compliant analytics tool requires a deep understanding of your business needs. It is crucial to select a tool that aligns with these needs.

Remember, in the age of data privacy, being GDPR-compliant is not just a legal necessity but also a competitive advantage. Let's embrace these tools to navigate the digital landscape ethically, with respect for the privacy and dignity of all users.

10 GDPR-Compliant Analytics Tools to Safeguard Client Data FAQ

What are GDPR-compliant analytics tools?

GDPR-compliant analytics tools are software programs that adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines to ensure the protection of client data.

Why is it important to use GDPR-compliant analytics tools?

Using GDPR-compliant analytics tools is important to safeguard client data and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

How do GDPR-compliant analytics tools protect client data?

GDPR-compliant analytics tools protect client data by implementing encryption, anonymization, and access controls to prevent unauthorized access.

What features should I look for in GDPR-compliant analytics tools?

Look for features such as data encryption, user consent management, and data retention policies in GDPR-compliant analytics tools.

How can I ensure the trustworthiness of GDPR-compliant analytics tools?

To ensure the trustworthiness of GDPR-compliant analytics tools, choose reputable vendors with a track record of compliance and data security.

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