How To Capture Leads For Game Engines, Cannabis, & Universal Basic Income using Surveys?

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Apr 26, 2024 · 4 mins read

Welcome to this Playbook, where we delve into the strategic use of surveys to capture valuable leads across three diverse and dynamic sectors listed below.

Each of these sectors presents unique challenges and opportunities.

Surveys are powerful tools that help businesses and policymakers understand their audiences better and gather feedback on products, services, or ideas.

In this Playbook, we will explore the generic steps involved in designing and deploying effective surveys tailored to each of these distinct fields.

Whether you're a Game Engine company looking for developers to use your product, a Cannabis entrepreneur aiming to navigate a rapidly evolving market or a UBI (Universal Basic Income) advocate seeking public opinion, mastering these steps can greatly enhance your lead generation efforts.

Join us as we break down these processes to help you harness the full potential of survey data in capturing leads and driving success.

Before that, let’s learn more about each of these sectors to get acquainted.

Game Engine Industry

Gaming engines are software frameworks designed to streamline the development of video games.

These engines provide a comprehensive suite of development tools that allow developers to build, edit, and develop games more efficiently.

Key features typically include rendering engines for 2D or 3D graphics, physics engines for handling collision and kinematics, and scripting tools for gameplay programming.

Popular engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and Godot support a wide variety of platforms ranging from PCs and consoles to mobile devices, facilitating cross-platform development.

These engines not only reduce the technical barrier to game creation but also empower developers to focus on innovation and design, helping in game development.

Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry encompasses the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of cannabis and its related products, including medicinal and recreational.

This sector has witnessed significant growth, especially after various regions worldwide began to legalize its use either for medical or recreational purposes.

Economic impacts include job creation, significant tax revenue generation, and the development of a range of ancillary businesses. However, the industry also faces unique challenges, such as regulatory disparities between regions and evolving public health concerns.

As the landscape continues to change, the industry is expected to evolve, presenting new opportunities and challenges for businesses and regulators alike.

Cannabis is known to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, relieve pain, & fight the side effects of aging.

Universal Basic Income Policy

Thomas Spence, an eighteenth-century English radical, was apparently the first to lay out in full what is now called a universal basic income.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a financial policy proposal where a government guarantees that every citizen receives a set amount of money regularly.

The UBI idea is rooted in the goal of reducing poverty, which helps meet basic needs.

Critics, however, worry about the overall affordability of such programs.

Despite these debates, several trials around the world are testing the practical implications and benefits of UBI, reflecting a growing interest in its potential to reshape social welfare.

The focus is not on customers in the traditional sense but rather on beneficiaries of the UBI Policy within the society.

Steps to Capture Leads In Game Engine, Cannabis & UBI

Let’s now focus on how to do the Survey Outreach and capture marketing-qualified leads in the Game Engine, Cannabis, and UBI sectors using an Inbound marketing strategy. The below steps detail all three industries.

STEP 1: Set your goal

Start your Outreach by setting a goal.

Can you Jot down your goal now, even while reading this playbook?

Below are a few sample goals that you can refer to.

  • I want to collect 500+ marketing-qualified leads using surveys from the Game Engine Industry.
  • I want to collect 1,000+ marketing-qualified leads using surveys from the Cannabis Industry.
  • I want to collect 2,000+ public feedback using surveys from the UBI Industry.

STEP 2: Choose a Survey Topic

Once you set your goal, the next step is to choose the Survey you are going to rollout.

Choose a survey topic that your target audience and ideal customer profile will be interested in participating in.

Below are sample surveys belonging to Game Engine, Cannabis & UBI respectively.

  • State of the Game Industry Survey - Know more
  • Cannabis Industry Marketing Challenges Survey - Know more
  • Covid-19 and UBI Survey - Know more

Choose a survey that aligns with your goal.

STEP 3: Identify the target Persona

It’s important to identify the target Persona who will be taking your survey.

Below are a few target persona

  • Includes programmers, artists, designers, and sound engineers who are directly involved in game creation.
  • This includes individuals looking for relief from various ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders and believe in the therapeutic effects of Cannabis.
  • People who faced significant income reductions during COVID-19 can provide insights on how UBI can serve them.

Don’t try to sell directly to the persona.

Instead, you should care about the larger problem that your Survey is trying to solve. Your persona should be the ideal audience to take your survey, and it should be the reason you are reaching out to them.

Your motivation should be to provide a solution (or present an already identified solution) to the target Persona.

STEP 4: Set incentives

You can increase your survey response rates by providing incentives to complete the survey.

Offer incentives to encourage participation in data collection efforts and attract a wider audience. Below are a few incentives you can offer.

  • Providing temporary or permanent licenses for popular game development tools.
  • Offer a free consultation session with a cannabis marketing expert.
  • For every survey completed, offer to donate to a charity, such as the Covid-19 relief fund.

Make sure to mention the incentive during the survey rollout email.

STEP 5: Set deadline

The Survey cannot go on forever without a deadline.

We need a deadline to close the survey and share the report.

Below are the ideal reference timelines for the Survey.

  • Survey Open: 4 weeks
  • Data Analysis: 2 weeks
  • Report Drafting: 2 weeks
  • Review and Finalization: 1 week

The deadline should also be mentioned in the survey rollout email.

STEP 6: Rollout

If you expect a 20% response rate, you should promote the surveys to 5000 companies and can expect to have 1000 completed surveys, which means attaining 1000+ marketing-qualified leads.

We can further segment the target sectors belonging to Game Engines, Cannabis, and UBI Industries.

Identifying and collecting the URLs of target companies in each industry is research in itself.

The following websites can fetch the target company URL for the industries discussed.

The URL can also be fetched using profiles from social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord, & Telegram.

You can successfully Rollout your survey by mail. An initial mail, a reminder mail, and a last call mail would be sufficient to reach the respondents. Consider using Apollo for email automation.

STEP 7: Create & Share Report

Once the email is rolled out and the closing deadline is reached, it's time to create and share the survey report.

Create report: The survey report should include the title of the survey report, the name of the organization conducting the survey, and the date of publication.

Describe how the survey was conducted, how participants were selected, and the duration of the survey.

Share report: Determine who needs to see the report. Choose the right medium to send your report. A well-designed PDF sent through mail could be more appropriate.

STEP 8: Nurture Leads

Even after sharing the survey report, continue to engage with your leads through targeted content & surveys. Segment your leads and personalize marketing efforts.

It’s time to introduce your product and signal them how it solves their problems.

Once again, remember not to sell your product directly. You have already built rapport with your leads, so the outreach is warm instead of cold. Leverage the advantage of this warm marketing platform.

Continue Nurturing the leads with valuable and personalized content.

Time To Act

We started by delving into Game Engines, Cannabis, and UBI Industries. This should have given you an understanding of each of these industries.

We discussed various steps involved in capturing leads through surveys in each of the discussed industries.

As you can see from this Playbook, the Survey is central to receiving leads.

It’s time to execute this playbook and reap the benefits.

BlockSurvey is a secure, & privacy-focused Survey platform.

Start using BlockSurvey. Start capturing leads with surveys.

How To Capture Leads For Game Engines, Cannabis, & Universal Basic Income using Surveys? FAQ

How can surveys help capture leads for game engines, cannabis, and universal basic income?

Surveys can gather valuable insights from potential customers interested in these industries, allowing for targeted marketing and lead generation efforts.

Why is it important to capture leads for game engines, cannabis, and universal basic income?

Capturing leads helps businesses in these industries identify potential customers, nurture relationships, and ultimately increase sales and growth.

What strategies can be used to effectively capture leads using surveys?

Utilize targeted survey questions, offer incentives for survey completion, and use data collected to personalize marketing efforts.

How can businesses ensure the privacy and security of survey respondents' information?

Implementing data protection measures such as encryption, secure storage, and obtaining consent for data usage can help maintain trust with survey respondents.

What are some best practices for leveraging survey data to generate leads in these industries?

Analyze survey responses to identify patterns and preferences, tailor marketing messages accordingly, and follow up with leads in a timely and personalized manner.

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