7 Best HIPAA-Compliant Note-Taking Apps

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Aug 24, 2023 · 2 mins read

In today's digital age, finding a secure way to document sensitive medical information is paramount. If you're a healthcare professional, navigating the sea of apps can be overwhelming, especially when seeking the ultimate HIPAA-compliant note-taking app. Whether you're a therapist hunting for the best note-taking app for therapists that guarantees confidentiality, or a budding medical scholar searching note-taking app for medical students tailored for intensive study sessions, you've come to the right place. Dive in to discover the top 7 apps that combine security, functionality, and ease, ensuring your notes are not only comprehensive but also compliant."

Top 7 secure Note-taking app


Evernote is an efficient digital notebook, that centralises your work seamlessly. Store notes, images, and documents sync across devices and improve organization for heightened productivity. 

Key Features:

  • Sync across devices.
  • Capture and attach images.
  • Document scanner integration.
  • Robust search capabilities.


OneNote, a Microsoft staple, is a dynamic note-taking canvas. Integrate multimedia elements, doodle freely, and collaborate in real-time with team members for comprehensive documentation. 

Key Features:

  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Multimedia integration.
  • Digital ink annotations.
  • Seamless Office integration.


Designed for healthcare, SimplePractice streamlines administrative tasks. Schedule appointments, manage client information, and handle billing, all within a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. 

Key Features:

  • Secure client portals.
  • Integrated billing solutions.
  • Customizable note templates.
  • Telehealth video sessions.


Notion stands out as an all-in-one workspace. From notes and databases to task management, it offers a modular environment to suit unique workflow demands. 

Key Features:

  • Flexible modular templates.
  • Integrated task management.
  • Collaborative workspaces.
  • Database and Kanban views.


Tailored for mental health professionals, CounSol offers an integrated space for managing client relationships. With its intuitive design, therapists can schedule sessions, document notes, and facilitate secure video sessions, all while ensuring confidentiality and compliance. 

Key Features:

  • Secure client portal.
  • Customized intake forms.
  • Teletherapy capabilities.
  • Integrated billing solutions.


DrChrono revolutionizes healthcare management by providing an intuitive Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Designed for modern practitioners, it seamlessly integrates patient care, billing, and scheduling into a unified platform, maximizing efficiency. Key Features:

  • Comprehensive EHR solution.
  • Mobile charting capabilities.
  • Integrated billing tools.
  • Customizable medical forms.


Specifically designed for mental health practitioners, Quenza digitizes therapeutic interactions. From crafting bespoke interventions to tracking client progress in real-time, it enhances the therapeutic relationship through digital touchpoints. Key Features:

  • Interactive client interventions.
  • Real-time progress tracking.
  • Customizable activity templates.
  • Secure client communication.

Pricing Comparison

Apps Basic Plan Premium Plan
Evernote Free $7.99/month
OneNote  $6.99/month $9.99/month
SimplePractice $29/month $69/month
Notion Free $10/month
CounSol $49/month $64/month
DrChrono Customized pricing plan Customized pricing plan
Quenza $49/month $89/month

To wrap it up

Ensuring confidentiality while maintaining efficiency is paramount. HIPAA-compliant note-taking apps bridge this gap, offering both security and productivity. Whether you're a seasoned therapist, a dedicated medical student, or a health professional, choosing the right app can streamline your workflow and safeguard sensitive data. Dive into our recommended apps and find the perfect tool that aligns with your needs, ensuring your notes are comprehensive, organized, and compliant.

7 Best HIPAA-Compliant Note-Taking Apps FAQ

Are these note-taking apps secure and compliant with HIPAA regulations?

Yes, all the mentioned apps have implemented necessary security measures and are compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Can I store sensitive patient information in these apps?

Absolutely! These apps are specifically designed to store and manage sensitive patient information securely.

Can I access these note-taking apps on multiple devices?

Yes, these apps offer cross-platform functionality, allowing you to access your notes seamlessly across multiple devices.

How can I ensure the privacy and security of my notes in these apps?

These apps provide various security features like encryption, passcode locks, and two-factor authentication to ensure the privacy and security of your notes.

Do these note-taking apps offer collaboration features?

Yes, most of these apps offer collaboration features, allowing multiple healthcare professionals to work together on patient notes securely.

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