Can Student Surveys be Used to Improve the Quality of Education?

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Written by Diane Sherron
May 9, 2023 · 5 mins read

Surveys are a tried and tested method to get feedback. In the very basic sense, a survey is a mechanism to take direct feedback from a target audience. A survey instrument can capture feedback on many different aspects of a certain situation. There are many benefits of using surveys. Typically, a survey is designed as a list of questions that capture specific data insights in them. The questions are designed keeping the survey participants in mind - the questions need to be relevant and engaging, or else participants lose interest in the survey!

Surveys are often conducted among students to take their feedback on various topics. Many student surveys are designed around the academic curriculum and question students on the quality and methodology of teaching. Some surveys can also take peer review into consideration. In this article, we shall see the design elements that make a survey engaging. We shall also see how surveys can improve the quality of education delivered to students.

Best Way To Design A Survey

In today’s technological day, people’s attention spans of people are reduced. As a result, the best surveys are the ones that don’t require a lot of time to fill out. Given below are a few points to do a great survey to take feedback on education:

  • Keep the survey language simple to understand.
  • Do not ask unnecessary questions.
  • Ensure your questions are objective.
  • Take personal information at the end of the survey.
  • Avoid asking open-ended questions.

Insights to Draw From a Survey

There are many insights one can draw from a survey. The major ways in which a student survey can improve the quality of education are listed below:

  1. Student surveys act as a platform to give honest feedback.Sometimes, students hesitate to express their opinions about their offline or online education directly to their teachers or educational institutes. In such cases, conducting a student survey and taking feedback will allow students to put their honest thoughts on paper. Service is also a way in which educational institutions can take raw feedback that is not influenced by anything. This way, an educational institution can understand exactly the thoughts that are there in a student's mind. A student survey will help an educational institution understand if there are any gaps in the quality of education that they currently provide and then work on improving it
  2. A curriculum designer can gather the student's perspectives on key things.A curriculum designer is a professional who makes programs and curriculums for students. Student service or one of the most important feedback mechanisms for program and curriculum designers. Surveys ensure that a student is able to understand the objective of a specific lesson. It is the designer’s way of evaluating if program outcomes are being met or not. Since the student will give their feedback without any external influence, the survey tool is a good platform for designers to keep a student's perspective in mind and check that information is relevant to the target student group.
  3. Surveys enable educational institutions to make informed decisions.Many times when an educational institution is trying to make a change in curriculum, they run beta tests of the curriculum among a few selected students. After course completion, they survey the participating students to gather feedback to improve the course. Many students are enthusiastic to take part in such survey processes. As a student who is passionate about improving the quality of education in your institute, you can pay for your essay and spend the time you will save on taking surveys. This way, you won't only take a break from some tedious academic tasks but get good grades while doing so.
  4. Understand students’ learning styles.Every student is unique. Each one will have a specific learning style. Some will prefer to learn through visual aids, while others will find listening or writing more efficient. Conducting a survey will help a teacher understand the learning landscape of a classroom and help them prepare a lesson plan that can effectively accommodate the different learning styles of students.

A Few Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many ways in which a student survey can improve the quality of a student’s education. Not only does a student survey provide a platform for students to voice their opinions, but it also gives teachers and curriculum designers a chance to understand the expectations of a student from a particular course. This helps them create an educational experience that meets the expectations of a student and keeps them satisfied.

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