Top 5 Anonymous Survey Tools: Unlock the Power of Candid Feedback Without Compromising Privacy

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Aug 7, 2023 · 4 mins read

In today's data-driven world, gathering valuable insights from targeted audiences is paramount for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. Surveys provide a powerful means to gather feedback, opinions, and preferences from respondents. However, to ensure honest and uninhibited responses, anonymity is often crucial. This is where anonymous survey tools play a pivotal role, offering a safe and secure environment for respondents to share their thoughts candidly.

In this comprehensive blog, we will explore the top 5 best anonymous survey tools available in the market. Whether you are a market researcher, a human resources professional, a non-profit organization, or anyone seeking unbiased feedback, these tools have proven to be reliable, user-friendly, and equipped with robust features to cater to various surveying needs.

When to Choose Anonymous Surveys

  1. Anonymous surveys are ideal for sensitive topics or issues where respondents may feel hesitant to share their opinions openly without fear of judgment or consequences.
  2. In workplace settings, anonymous surveys foster a safe environment for employees to provide honest feedback on their job satisfaction, workplace culture, and concerns.
  3. Customer satisfaction surveys benefit from anonymity as it encourages customers to share candid feedback about products or services without holding back.
  4. Academic researchers often use anonymous surveys to collect data from participants without revealing their identities, ensuring confidentiality and unbiased responses.
  5. Anonymous surveys are valuable in market research, social issues, healthcare, and public policy to obtain genuine and unfiltered opinions from respondents.

Let's dive in and discover the tools that will elevate your surveying efforts to new heights!


BlockSurvey is a privacy-focused anonymous survey tool that empowers users to collect feedback and insights while maintaining the confidentiality of respondents. With a strong emphasis on data security and anonymity, BlockSurvey offers several features that protect participants' identities and ensure honest responses.

One of BlockSurvey's key features is the ability to create surveys without requiring any personal information from respondents. Participants can answer questions without revealing their identities, promoting candid feedback. BlockSurvey employs blockchain technology to secure survey data, ensuring that responses are tamper-proof and immutable.

How BlockSurvey ensures absolute anonymity

  1. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Collected: BlockSurvey allows survey creators to design surveys without asking for any personally identifiable information from respondents. Participants can provide feedback without revealing their names, email addresses, or any other personal data, ensuring complete anonymity. No meta information gets collected like IP addresses, browser or machine information. 
  2. Blockchain based decentralized identity for accounts: BlockSurvey leverages blockchain technology for identity and account. This enables user owned data in the data collection space . The data in encrypted using the keys of the users at rest and can be decrypted only using their keys on browser. This decentralized, non custodial way of usinng identity enables BlockSurvey to be a web 3 survey tool and reimagining the future of surveys. 
  3. The Anonymity badge: BlockSurvey's anonymity badge provides robust evidence of completely anonymous surveys. This commitment to anonymity empowers researchers to gather reliable insights while respecting respondent privacy. With this proof of anonymity, participants can confidently share their opinions without fear of exposure, boosting data accuracy and integrity.
  4. Secure End-to-End Encryption: BlockSurvey enables end-to-end encryption to protect survey responses during transmission and storage. This encryption ensures that only the account onwer to access and decrypt the data, adding an additional layer of security to maintain anonymity from the platform. Users are in custody of the keys, and they truly own their data. BlockSurvey cannot recover the data, if the keys are lost. 
  5. Zero Knowledge platform: BlockSurvey stands apart as the exclusive zero-knowledge platform that has no knowledge on the data colleccted and stored on its platform. BlockSurvey doesn't even run any analytics to page visits, or collect browser, or machine information, or geo information on the pages being visited by your audience while they take the surveys. This unique approach ensures complete anonymity for users and their audiencce. No BIG tech analytics or data sharing. By adopting a privacy focused, zero-knowledge basd architecture, BlockSurvey empowers survey participants to respond without concern on sensitie surveys. As a result, it becomes the sole platform that guarantees absolute anonymity, enhancing trust and reliability in the survey process.

BlockSurvey provides a secure and trustworthy platform for collecting candid feedback without compromising the privacy and confidentiality of participants. Whether for sensitive workplace feedback, market research, or academic studies, BlockSurvey is an excellent choice for ensuring respondent anonymity while obtaining valuable insights.


Qualtrics is a powerful and feature-rich anonymous survey tool trusted by various organizations worldwide. With its robust anonymity features, Qualtrics ensures that respondents can provide honest and candid feedback without revealing their identities.

One of its notable features is the option to remove IP addresses from survey responses, which prevents any traceability to individual respondents. Additionally, Qualtrics allows users to enable "Response Randomization," which further enhances anonymity by shuffling the order of questions and responses for each participant.

Furthermore, Qualtrics offers secure data storage and encryption, safeguarding respondents' information from unauthorized access. The tool allows survey creators to customize their survey URLs, making it challenging for anyone to associate a specific respondent with their survey responses. Overall, Qualtrics' commitment to privacy and anonymity makes it an excellent choice for conducting sensitive surveys where anonymity is crucial.

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a user-friendly and cost-effective anonymous survey tool suitable for both individuals and businesses. Anonymity is a core focus of Zoho Survey, allowing survey creators to collect feedback without requiring respondents to disclose their identities. The platform offers an "Anonymous Responses" option, which ensures that survey responses are recorded without any personally identifiable information.

Moreover, Zoho Survey provides features like IP blocking and cookie control, preventing respondents from participating multiple times and ensuring the integrity of the data collected. The tool also enables password protection for surveys, enhancing security and restricting access to authorized participants only.

With Zoho Survey's anonymity features, users can gather honest opinions and feedback without fear of repercussions or bias. The platform's simplicity and affordability make it an attractive option for individuals and organizations seeking to conduct anonymous surveys with ease.


LimeSurvey is a popular open-source survey tool that puts a strong emphasis on data privacy and K-anonymity. The platform allows users to create surveys without requiring respondents to provide personal information. LimeSurvey offers the option to collect responses through unique tokens, ensuring that each participant receives a distinct identifier without revealing their identity.

Furthermore, LimeSurvey provides administrators with control over IP address anonymization, strengthening the protection of respondents' privacy. Survey creators can also enable CAPTCHA to prevent bots from interfering with the survey results.

LimeSurvey's commitment to anonymity, combined with its extensive customization options and open-source nature, makes it an excellent choice for researchers and organizations looking to gather anonymous feedback while maintaining full control over survey data.


Formstack is a versatile and intuitive survey tool that prioritizes anonymity in data collection. To ensure respondents' privacy, Formstack allows users to create anonymous surveys that do not require any personally identifiable information. This anonymity feature helps respondents feel more comfortable and encourages honest and unbiased feedback.

Additionally, Formstack offers SSL encryption and secure data storage, safeguarding survey responses from unauthorized access. The platform also supports HIPAA compliance, making it suitable for surveys involving sensitive medical or healthcare-related data.

With Formstack's easy-to-use interface and advanced form-building capabilities, survey creators can design anonymous surveys that align with their specific research goals. Whether it's customer satisfaction surveys or employee feedback, Formstack's focus on anonymity makes it a reliable option for gathering candid responses while protecting respondent identities.

To Conclude

Ultimately, the choice of the best anonymous survey tool will depend on the specific needs of your project, the level of customization required, and the emphasis on respondent anonymity. Regardless of the tool selected, embracing anonymity in surveys is essential to unlock candid insights and make informed decisions that drive positive change in organizations and society at large. With these top 5 anonymous survey tools at your disposal, you can embark on a journey to gather invaluable feedback while upholding the privacy and trust of your respondents.

Top 5 Anonymous Survey Tools: Unlock the Power of Candid Feedback Without Compromising Privacy FAQ

What are anonymous survey tools?

Anonymous survey tools are online platforms or software that allow users to create and conduct surveys while ensuring the privacy and anonymity of respondents.

Why should I use anonymous survey tools?

Anonymous survey tools provide a safe and secure environment for respondents to share their honest feedback without fear of being identified or judged.

How do anonymous survey tools protect respondent privacy?

These tools use various methods like encryption, IP masking, and data anonymization to ensure that respondents' identities are not revealed to the survey creator or any other participants.

Can I trust the information collected through anonymous survey tools?

Yes, anonymous survey tools are designed to prioritize privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that respondents feel comfortable sharing their opinions truthfully.

Are there any limitations to using anonymous survey tools?

While anonymous survey tools offer confidentiality, there may still be limitations in terms of respondent bias or inaccurate responses. It is important to design surveys effectively to minimize these limitations.

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