9 Practical Use Cases for Surveys in Token-Gated Community

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Apr 3, 2024 · 4 mins read

Communities play an essential role in an organization's success. Token-gated communities fuel faster growth. Surveys are deployed to members of Token-gated communities to improve the quality of collaboration and offerings.

Nine token-gated communities are listed here.

  • Financial Products
  • Education Courses
  • Networking Events
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Product Testing
  • Virtual Gaming
  • Content Creation
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Social Philanthropy

Each of the above communities engages in Surveys to improve its efficiency. I have listed surveys that can be asked in these token-gated communities and a few sample questions from the surveys.

You can customize the BlockSurvey templates by collecting crypto wallet addresses, which is required for Token-Gated Community Surveys.

Financial Products

Investment opportunities & financial advice are given to people who hold Tokens.

The community manager may choose to assess the financial well-being of these community members.

Below are a few questions that can be asked in a Financial Wellbeing Survey.

  • Can you handle major unexpected expenses?
  • Is your financial future secure?
  • Do you enjoy life because of the way you are managing money?
  • Does giving a gift put a strain on your finances for the month?
  • Do you have money left over at the end of the month?

You can make use of the Financial Wellbeing Scale available in BlockSurvey.

Education Courses

Educational platforms use Tokens to provide exclusive access to courses and mentoring programs.

Many surveys could be administered in this education community. Surveys could assess the impact on learning outcomes, student engagement, and the quality of educational content.

Below are a few questions that can be asked in a Course Evaluation Survey. This survey is to be completed by the community members.

  • How easily did you find the information about the course?
  • Did you find it easy to register for the course?
  • Did you find clarity in the course materials?
  • How interesting was the course?
  • How interactive was the course?

You can customize the Course Evaluation Form available in BlockSurvey.

Networking Events

Event Organizers use Crypto Tokens to provide exclusive access to networking forums & sessions.

A survey for the networking community might explore the exclusivity appeal, attendee satisfaction, and the impact on networking opportunities and event engagement.

You can choose to collect wallet addresses for token-gated communities. BlockSurvey provides a feature for this.

Below are a few questions that can be asked in an Event Registration Form.

  • How did you hear about this event?
  • Would you like to receive updates on future events?
  • Do you like to receive promotional emails?
  • Are you a first-time participant in this event?
  • Would you recommend this event to a friend?

You can use the Token Gated Event Registration Form available in BlockSurvey.

Creative Collaboration

Token-gated creative communities use Tokens to gate access to the co-creation of products, art, and other initiatives.

Surveys for Collaboration could explore the dynamics of collaborative creativity, ownership, and the success of co-created projects.

Below are a few questions that can be asked in a Collaboration survey.

  • Did you get a chance to learn from your team?
  • Do you have a good understanding of your team’s goal?
  • Do your teammates help each other with problems?
  • Are communications among the team transparent and honest?
  • What one thing would you change about your team’s process?

You can use the Team Work and Collaboration Survey template available in BlockSurvey.

Product Testing

Companies can use Tokens to gate access to beta versions of products, deploy testing, and provide feedback for improvement.

Surveys could investigate the quality of feedback, testing methodologies, and the impact on product development cycles.

Here are a few questions from a Beta tester application form.

  • What is your Telegram Handle?
  • What is your Discord ID?
  • What is your Twitter handle?
  • What is your specific skill set?
  • What is your wallet address?

Try using the Beta Tester Application Form Template.

Virtual Gaming

In the gaming industry, Tokens serve as a means to provide unique access to games.

Surveys could evaluate player engagement, the value of the game, and the impact of game community.

Here are a few questions from the Effect of Games on Wellbeing survey.

  • What type of video games do you play?
  • How often do you play video games in a day?
  • How do your favorite games make you feel?
  • Does your social circle consist of gamers?
  • How do you rate your well-being?

Use this Gaming survey template to assess your gaming community.

Content Creation

Token-gated content communities provide exclusive access to content.

A Survey in this community could explore how consumers value the content. It also provides insights into the engagement levels.

Below are a few questions that can be asked in a Token-gated Content engagement survey.

  • How often do you access the content?
  • How satisfied are you with the quality of the content?
  • What aspect of the content do you enjoy the most?
  • How likely are you to recommend our content to others?
  • Do you have suggestions for improvement?

You can use the Token gated content user engagement survey template available in BlockSurvey.

Loyalty Programs

Brands create Token-gated loyalty programs, where Tokens serve as a loyalty point system.

Surveys could investigate customer satisfaction, loyalty, and the effectiveness of token-based rewards compared to traditional programs.

Below are a few questions from the Brand Loyalty Survey.

  • How well do you trust our brand?
  • What can we improve to keep your trust?
  • How likely are you to recommend this brand to your friend?
  • Would you prefer our Brand over that of a competitor?
  • How reliable do you feel our brand is?

BlockSurvey has the Brand Loyalty Survey template. Feel free to use it.

Social Philanthropy

Non-profit organizations use Tokens to gate supporters, offering exclusive privileges in the decision-making process.

Surveys for the Philanthropy community could assess the impact on donor engagement, transparency, and the effectiveness of token-based incentives for philanthropy.

Find below a few questions from the Non-Profit Donation Survey.

  • How familiar are you with our mission?
  • Is our nonprofit objective done effectively?
  • How likely do you recommend our organization?
  • How easy or difficult was the process of donating to our organization?
  • How would you like your donation to be recognized?

Try using the Non-Profit Donation Survey for your Philanthropy community.

It’s a Wrap

We have discussed the Token-gated communities and surveys that help improve the efficiency of these Token-Gated Communities. This Survey feedback is precious.

The survey discussed could gather data on user experiences, preferences, challenges, and suggestions for improvement for each of these communities. This data could help developers, creators, and organizations understand the value and effectiveness of token-gated communities in engaging with their audience and achieving their goals.

For Feedback & Suggestions, write to [email protected]

9 Practical Use Cases for Surveys in Token-Gated Community FAQ

How can surveys help improve decision-making in a token-gated community?

Surveys can provide valuable insights and data that can inform strategic planning, resource allocation, and decision-making processes within the community.

What are some examples of survey topics that could be relevant in a token-gated community?

Examples include gathering feedback on community events, soliciting input on new initiatives or projects, and assessing member satisfaction with community services.

How can surveys be used to enhance community engagement in a token-gated community?

Surveys can help to promote dialogue, collaboration, and participation among community members, as well as demonstrate that their input is valued and taken into consideration.

How can survey results be effectively communicated to members of a token-gated community?

Survey results can be shared through newsletters, community meetings, or online platforms to ensure transparency and keep members informed of key findings and outcomes.

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