How to use POAP tokens to gate forms and surveys?

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Jul 8, 2024 · 5 mins read

POAPs are taking the Web3 world by storm, bringing people together and marking special moments. Did you launch your project and distribute POAPs to attendees or participants? Now, you're wondering how to leverage this engaged audience for valuable feedback. BlockSurvey introduces POAP token gating for surveys. This feature allows you to tap into the insights of your dedicated POAP holders. By requiring ownership of a specific POAP to participate in the survey, you can ensure responses from highly invested individuals who actively participated in your POAP event.

Whether it's a conference, workshop, or online gathering, gather crucial feedback from those who truly matter with POAP token gating. Before diving into the setup, let's explore what POAPs are.

What is POAP?

POAP, short for "Proof of Attendance Protocol," allows you to mint memories as digital mementos called "POAPs." These are unique NFTs that serve as proof that a person attended a specific event. By using POAPs, organizers can create verifiable records of attendance, providing participants with a digital badge that signifies their presence at the event.

How Does POAP Work?

The Tech Behind It:

  • Smart Contracts: POAPs are minted (created) on the Ethereum blockchain, specifically a sidechain called xDai, known for its faster speeds and lower transaction fees. Smart contracts, which are self-executing programs on the blockchain, handle the minting and distribution of POAPs.
  • Unique Tokens: Each POAP is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) with its own identifying information. This ensures that each badge is one-of-a-kind and can't be replicated.

The Process:

  1. Event Organizer Setup: Event organizers create their POAPs using the POAP website or compatible tools. They design the badge image and set relevant details like event name, date, and location.
  2. There are a few ways organizers distribute POAPs to attendees:
    • QR Codes: Attendees scan a QR code at the event which links to a minting page where they can claim their POAP using their crypto wallet.
    • Claim Links: Organizers can share unique claim links with attendees who can then use their wallets to mint their POAPs.
  3. Minting and Ownership: Once a user claims a POAP, the smart contract mints the unique NFT and sends it to their crypto wallet address. This creates a permanent record of their attendance on the blockchain.

How to Set Up POAP Token Gating in BlockSurvey?

Setting up POAP token gating in BlockSurvey is a straightforward process:

Step 1: Add the Gnosis Network to your survey or form.

Step 2: Under the Token Gating tab, choose the Non-Fungible token as the Gate by type and select the POAP as the Token Name. Then enter the unique Event id and the minimum holdings.

Finding the Event ID:

  • Click the information icon ("i") next to "Event ID."
  • Click "click here" to be directed to the POAP events page ( There, you'll find your Event ID.

Step 3: You can also set multiple gating conditions if needed. This flexibility allows you to cater to different groups of participants based on various criteria.

Step 4: Publish your survey and try submitting a sample response to ensure everything works correctly. And then share the URL with your intended audience.

Step 5: When respondents try to connect their wallet and sign a message on the survey-taking screen, BlockSurvey makes an API call using the wallet address to fetch the holdings.

No transactions are initiated from the wallet. It is safe. If the holdings are available for the token given, the user will be able to proceed by answering the BlockSurvey.

What are some use cases?

  • Exclusive Access: POAPs can act like digital VIP passes. Holders might gain access to exclusive online communities, discounts on products, or even real-world events based on the POAP they own.
  • Proof of Participation in Online Activities: POAPs aren't limited to physical events. Online communities or courses can use POAPs to verify participation and reward active members.
  • Follow-Up Surveys: Send follow-up surveys to POAP token holders after an event to gather feedback on their experiences and suggestions for improvement.
  • Exclusive Market Insights: Conduct market research with a select group of participants who have POAP tokens from relevant industry events, ensuring that insights come from knowledgeable sources. Track consumer trends and preferences over time by periodically surveying token holders who have attended past events or launches.


In conclusion, with POAP token gating in BlockSurvey, you can unlock a new level of engagement with your audience. POAPs provide a unique way to identify and connect with those who actively participated in your event, while BlockSurvey's gating functionality ensures you receive targeted feedback from the most relevant individuals. This allows for deeper insights, stronger connections, and ultimately, the chance to craft even more successful experiences in the future. So, if you're looking to elevate your engagement and feedback strategies, explore the potential of POAP token gating in BlockSurvey and take your events and communities to the next level.

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